Thank you all for your participation in
the 25th Annual Castleberry Faire.

We have had 2 great days with record crowds ...

But ... with a  Winter Weather Advisory in the Forecast

We will be closing the Faire today
at 2pm.
Quick Links
Good Morning ...

We have been watching the weather ... all night :)

AND even though the Weather will be clear
in Wilmington 
until about 3pm  ... 

I think we could all use a good head start.

We thank you again for your understanding & support.

See you soon,

Terry & Chris Mullen

Some More Links of Interest

Directions From Route 93 take Exit 39 onto Concord Street
GPS Location 99 Fordham Road, Wilmington, MA

Weather Always changing,  but we are indoor :)

Exhibitor List
 See who else is in the Show!

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