Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Third Time’s (not) A Charm
We have deep appreciation for our community of users. Our team has worked diligently to serve those in our community that need us most, particularly during a most restrictive operational dynamic. For this, I am most grateful to our team and I commend our supporters for staying physically active and for trusting us to deliver our activities in a safe and clean environment. 
Through this most trying time, our team has lived by the mantra “things we can and will do for our community”. Unfortunately, the latest government restrictions have significantly impaired our aspiration to fully support that mantra. Not completely, but significantly. We will continue to consider and support the things we can do for our community, whether it is providing parking lot space for drive-in faith services, or anticipating (not now, but in time) the opening of our complimentary outdoor BRECS Spray Park. 
Effective end of day Sunday, May 9, Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre (SLSFSC) will temporarily discontinue all indoor and outdoor SLSFSC activities indefinitely until further notice. Please note many of our tenants can/will maintain operations; therefore we strongly encourage your support of local business’ within SLSFSC including Cochrane Physiotherapy, Patsy’s Place (take out only), Jugo Juice (take out only), Kumon Child Learning, Inspiring Minds and Christopher Robins Childcare (Cochrane Arena).
We will continue to examine in the coming days what the heightened level of restrictions means for our organization longer term, including our capacity to serve our community forward looking from a number of different fronts. Our commitment is to keep our community informed. 


To all our Valued Members:
We will be pausing your membership effective May 10, 2021 – stopping all future payments until SLSFSC can reopen and you are ready to return.
In lieu of a partial refund for May membership fees paid, we will offer you a free calendar month upon your return. Payments will start on the next applicable month. 
Thank you for your continued support of our facility and we look forward to your return when SLSFSC reopens.

This journey has been extremely difficult on everyone, and we have arrived, yet again, at another significant fork in the road. We’ll take the road that allows us to drive toward our own story and own it. That way we get to decide on the destination. Albeit very challenging, we hope you do as well.
Blair Felesky
Please stay connected for important updates
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