"Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand."
Henry David Thoreau 
A spring snow that sparkles in the sun is one of the most beautifully breath-taking and inspirational sights there is. Consider this picture. Each snowflake sparkles brilliantly. And the tenacity of the spring crocus, stubbornly displaying its stems and blooming flower lifts our hearts even if we are just paying a little attention. When you ponder this image for a few minutes, the inspiration it provides is undeniable.
We watch many of your journeys as you share your stories and as you travel down the path of Snowflakes Embryo Adoption and Donation with the same awe. Your story is an inspiration.
Keep Sparkling and Sharing your Story!
Dustin and I decided after our second wedding anniversary that we would begin trying to start our family. As many stories go, it didn’t happen right away… About a year later, we got a positive pregnancy test. We were so excited! Things progressed as normal until our 20-week appointment when we had our anatomy scan.

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When Laura Elm, the Director and Founder of Sacred Heart Guardians and Shelter, asked me to write something about embryo viability as it relates to the discarding of human embryos, I was at first reluctant. Perhaps that is because it is digging up an unpleasant memory, or it requires deep thought and reflection that is sometimes difficult to do.
For context, after training for 9 years to be a reproductive physiologist, I became an embryologist and laboratory director for a human assisted reproductive technology laboratory. I conducted all the modern technical procedures related to IVF and I discarded many “non-viable” embryos into the medical waste. I can remember always instinctively pausing each time my hand was over the biohazard disposal container, as if to double-check that I was, in fact, discarding the correct embryos. Maybe it was also something else that caused me to pause. 

Do you have a Snowflakes teenager?
In 2020, a closed Instagram group for Snowflakes children aged 14+ was formed by Snowflake #1, Hannah.

We would like to have more teenagers join the group where they can interact and discuss their experiences as embryo adopted kids.

We need parents to help us connect with your kids!

If your child would like to join the group, please email Karli Adams at Karli@nightlight.org and provide your child's first and last name along with their Instagram handle. Karli will email the name of the private group handle to you, and your teenager can request to join. Hannah approves requests!
Snowflakes Babies Sparkle!
This month we welcome 14 new Snowflakes babies.
A and J welcomed their daughter, Kathryn #880
L and C welcomed their daughter, Cora #881
A and A welcomed their daughter, Isabella #882
A and J welcomed their son, Lucas #883
L and L welcomed their daughter, Kaylee #884
D and J welcomed their daughter, Shiloh #885
J and A welcomed their daughter, Bria #886
L and R welcomed their son, Joshua #887
A and A welcomed their son, Elijah Joshua #888
J and M welcomed their daughter, Hannah #889
A and J welcomed their son, Titus #890
D and R welcomed their twins, a son, Shepard #891 and a daughter, River #892
M and M welcomed their daughter, Grace #894 
Kayley welcomes her Snowflakes baby sister Kathryn – her genetic sibling!
Cora's red-hearted Snowflake is the perfect combination of love and Snowflakes uniqueness!
Sweet Isabella is the picture of contentedness
Lucas is truly as snug as a bug in a rug!
We just want to kiss Kaylee's sweet cheeks!
Shiloh is ready for the world after being frozen for a very long time
We agree with Bria...she is very, very cool!
Elijah Joshua is indeed Daddy's sidekick!
Cuddled up in her floral blanket, Hannah has decided to catch a few Zzzzz's
With his jaunty newborn cap, Titus is already making big statements!
Like little cherubs floating on a cloud, Shepard and River, are picture perfect twins
This long awaited little darling, Grace, is such a blessing to her parents
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