Dear GAOR Members:

On today’s member message I want to give you fresh updates on events this week plus a few more pointers for daily living during this public health crisis.

Remember: The first and best defense against the coronavirus is social distancing. The second best defense is to remain calm, help others in need, and support the community while we wait this out. I want to echo the statements of public officials which is please do not hoard groceries, cleaning or hygiene products. The supermarket supply chain got interrupted last week however officials are assuring that distribution should return to normal.

Schedule Update at GAOR

The two events this week that I discussed in yesterday’s email are cancelled.

  • Caravan for Wednesday, March 18 will take place online only. Later this afternoon we will send out a link where you can view the caravan presentation via Zoom. If you cannot attend the online caravan then we will send you a video recording shortly afterward.

  • CRMLS Presentation for Friday, March 20 has been postponed. It is tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 3 at GAOR. More details coming soon.

  • Future Caravans. Glendale City officials order the closure of bars and restaurants, while public health officials have recommended avoidance of groups more than 10-50 people. For this reason, GAOR’s Caravans will be livestream only until April 15 or until we can reopen public meetings. Stay tuned for future announcements attending Caravans.

Lastly, we occasionally hear from members who are not receiving our emails. If you or another GAOR member you know is not receiving emails from “”, then please do the following right away:

  • Call GAOR to confirm your correct email address and ensure there are no typos or spelling errors.

  • Check with your email provider to ensure that “” is not blocked, put in spam, or otherwise blacklisted. Many providers have a “whitelist” so please add our messages to your whitelist if you have one. GAOR staff cannot do this for you.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and cooperation. As a reminder, the GAOR building is closed to walk-in service until at least March 30. Please call for an appointment for Supra or signs. For all else, we are glad to provide you service over email or on the phone.

More to come!

David Kissinger
Chief Executive Officer

NOTE: So that you do not miss any important updates, please ensure that your address and email are up-to-date in our system and that your email provider knows our messages are not spam.