Berkeley Electric Explains Power Outage
Over the weekend, Berkeley Electric provided the Town with additional information to distribute to the community regarding the recent power outages. Read their letter here. 
January 5 Town Council Meetings Notice
11 a.m. Special Call Meeting with Berkeley Electric
Town Council will hold a virtual special call meeting at 11 a.m. to meet with Berkeley Electric officials to discuss the recent power outages. This meeting will be live-streamed on the Town's YouTube Channel

Residents can participate as attendees and submit questions throughout the meeting that will be addressed in the Citizen's Comment portion of the agenda. Attendees will not be present on the screen or audible during the meeting but can use the Q&A feature to submit their questions. To register to participate in the Q&A as an attendee, click here.

Please note: Residents can observe the meeting by watching the live-stream on the Town's YouTube Channel without registering as an attendee.
2 p.m. Town Council Meeting (Location Change)
Due to the influx in COVID numbers, Town Council will hold their regular 2 p.m. meeting virtually. Watch the meeting on the Town's YouTube channel. Residents may submit their questions in advance regarding agenda items (provided here) to Town Clerk Petra Reynolds at 
Municipal Court Judge Swearing-In
The Town has selected Sanford K. Ain, Esquire, to serve as the new Municipal Judge. Mr. Ain will train under Judge Strauch's direction until his term expires on March 1, 2021.

Town Council will appoint Mr. Ain at their January 5 meeting (2 p.m.), and he will be sworn in at 3 p.m. The live-stream will be available on the Town's YouTube channel.
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