Notification Regarding Oil Filter Surplus Drawdown

Dear oil filter steward,


As you are aware, in October 2013, Stewardship Ontario began drawing down the accumulated oil filter surplus as a credit to offset quarterly fees. After the 2014 Q3 invoice (Q2 Report, Q1 Data), just under $1 million of the original $9 million surplus remains. This remaining surplus balance will be applied against Q4 invoices but will not cover all fees owed.


This means that the next invoice that will be issued on October 31 (Q4 invoice, Q3 report, Q2 data) to oil filter stewards, will require payment, but only for the remaining portion of the costs.


Whilst we are not able to provide further details of the amounts owed until steward bills have been calculated, we wanted to update you as early as possible on the overall status of the surplus, so you have time to prepare to return to normal payments.


Starting Q1, 2015, (i.e. Q1 Invoice), there will be no surplus amount remaining, meaning invoices will be issued as normal and full payments on the invoice will need to be made.  


If you have any questions, please feel free to call Steward Services on 1-888-980-9549 or email:


Kind regards,                       


Stewardship Ontario