June 16, 2021

Dear Aristoi Community,
Aristoi has been blessed with growth over the last 15 years. While it has been an honor to serve you as both Superintendent and Headmaster, the Board has approved the hire of a Headmaster to join me in district administration at the Katy campuses. 
We are pleased to announce the hire of Kathryn Locheed as Headmaster of Aristoi Classical Academy Katy K-12. Mrs. Locheed embodies the Mission of Aristoi Classical Academy. In word and deed, she models the mature achievement of classical education— clear thinking, cogent communication, magnanimity and humility in relationship, and integrity in leadership. She is active in communicating the Mission of the school to students, parents, faculty, and the wider community. Please learn more by viewing Mrs. Locheed's biography.
We are also pleased to announce the hire of Dr. Claudiu Cimpean who will take Mrs. Locheed's previous position as the Head of Upper School. Please view Dr. Cimpean's biography as an introduction to his qualifications and experience. Additionally, Mr. Mark Pertuso will join the Upper Campus as the Assistant Head of Upper School. You may also view Mr. Pertuso's biography. We look forward to Dr. Cimpean and Mr. Pertuso's classical education leadership on behalf of our 5-12 grade students.
My hope is that we will all model before our students the virtue of courage as we fearlessly prepare for our students' return in the fall. I’ve been pondering the quote by C.S. Lewis “Since it is so likely that children will encounter cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage.” I am confident that Aristoi Classical Academy will continue to offer a classical education that inspires our children to be examples of courage to our nation and the world. 

Brenda Davidson
Aristoi Classical Academy | 281-391-5003
5610 Morton Road
Katy, TX 77493