Message from XANADU Proprietress,
Dr. Sheron Mariah Steele


Because I've known for the last couple of years that I'd want to sell XANADU, I've continued to reserve the best pup from each litter as a future breeding dog, rather than sell him/her for a Litter Pick pup at a much higher price. I'm all about quality in XANADU'S Breeding Program and the hoped-for continuation of development of The World's Best Family Dog--The XANADU Dog. I do realize, of course, that once sold, XANADU is not mine to influence with my dreams; another's dream will direct XANADU'S future.

What XANADU of the Rockies is besides
1. The ownership of over 80 excellent-quality contracted breeding dogs:
The BUSINESS of Breed Development, Pup Sales, and Inventory
2. Employee--Tenacious Keeper of array of Spreadsheets and Records, so we know which pup is available or sold in each litter, who each pup's owner is with contact information for purchasers, pricing records, Guardian pups' info., mucho de etc.
3. Employee--Webmaster for  website and Facebook pages who publishes our  Pup Alert Newsletters  
4. Employee--Bookkeeper who gets everything ready for the tax man and tries to keep me honest
5. Resource--Mac-Guru who shares my tekkie headaches and fixes things
6. Resource--Tax Man (whom I'll visit shortly to discuss 2019 mgt. of taxes; serious inquirers will be privy to all financial information)
7. Contact for about 1,000  Pup Alert Newsletter  subscribers who have inquired about the ownership of a XANADU pup
8. Employee--Records-Keeper for Dog Breeder Pro Software (complete breeding records for each of over 80 XANADU Breeding Dogs)
9. Resources--Breeder Network for Outside Breeding Dogs
10. Resources--GREAT lawyers and advisors
11. XANADU Contracts and contract models and Bi-yearly (sometimes yearly) Updates and Photos from Guardians of each current breeding dog and for new Guardian pups. Publications regarding all business matters. Resource relationships with, as well as, recommendations for about 100 veterinarians, trainers, etc.
12. Resources--Puppy / Dog Transporters -- to new owners or to CSU Vet Teaching Hospital or transport for breeding, etc. These are contract workers w/ other jobs.
13. All inventory
14. (Expensive and valuable) Frozen Semen from numerous stud dogs at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Ft. Collins, CO.
15. We've got all stats for sales & Profit/Loss for the last few years -- All up-to-date for serious inquirers. Finalization of XANADU'S Sale would hopefully occur before the first litter of, 2019.
16. I am happy to serve as a telephone consultant for a new owner for a reasonable consulting fee and reasonable number of monthly hours / or on-call retainer for as long as two years, because I want this transition to work for every person, dog, and puppy concerned.

Besides this notification to you (Guardians and possibly-interested parties who may want to form a partnership), and aside from follow-up of any leads from you--and if the business sells through your lead, you would receive a percentage-- I'll advertise XANADU to the about 1,000 subscribers to our  Pup Alert Newsletter, advertise in a reliable, responsible major magazine for dogs, and then, if necessary, through a Business Broker.

Please respond with thoughts, inquiries, and questions:
970 708-8030 (cell)
970 626-9747 (home)
I don't text, so your calls are ALWAYS WELCOME.

And if XANADU is just too elite to sell after a thorough investigation of avenues, I'll cancel MANY Breeding Contracts and continue with a skeleton crew of (perfect) breeding dogs that I shall continue to work with -- or just walk away, having made a pretty incredible contribution to dog-dom and feeling very good about that.

Thank you for your interest in XANADU of the Rockies and in our Mission--the World's Best Family Dog,
Dr. Sheron Mariah Steele, XANADU Proprietress
(011) 970 708-803
Xanadu's Mission:
A Sampling of Our Many Perfect Breeding Dogs:
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