Hamilton Area YMCA


Nottingham Insurance has challenged our members with a generous $25,000 Matching Grant to the Hamilton Area YMCA! We are urging our members to please DONATE NOW, as your donation will be doubled in a dollar-for-dollar match. Nottingham Insurance hopes that their gift will inspire the membership and the community to recognize the importance of donating to charities like the Hamilton Area YMCA during this critical time of need.

"The Hamilton YMCA has been a far-reaching non-profit that has always been there to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for our community and its members. Due to the pandemic, we now need to provide them with the financial support to get through this challenging time so they can continue to be there for the Hamilton community-like they have been for over 70 years," said Jack Blair, one of the partners of Nottingham Insurance and Hamilton Area YMCA Board Member.

Learn more about why Jack supports the Y and hear his Y story by watching the video below.

Jack Blair's Y story

Click here to make your donation and help us to reach our goal!