20th November 2019
Hello Friends,
It is easy to dismiss 'finding stillness' as something we don't have time for, especially in our media-rich, always-on society. In fact, the busier we are, the more we need it! In stillness we re-calibrate, gain perspective and connect with our true selves. In turn, this allows us to nourish those around us.

As we move deeper into the dark part of the year we also enter the time of many holidays, with feasting, family, friends and feelings. We will enjoy it more if we each take regular moments of stillness. Five minutes of conscious breath, relaxing the body and being present just in the moment will enrich us and all those around us!
Here's a taste of what's new in the store...
Luscious silk velvet blouses, jackets, ponchos and scarves. Perfect for everyday or special occasions; these beauties are touchably luxurious.
Mason jar candles made from non-GMO soy wax. Biodegradable & environmentally friendly, with cotton wicks for a soot free burn. And they smell A May Zing!
Manifestation tattoos with positive intentions, inspiring quotes and healing affirmations. These temporary, safe tattoos help solidify your conscious intentions.
Exquisite new shapes and designs of Raku boxes and dream-keepers. Fired in an outdoor kiln and placed red hot into a pit with wood shavings, the intense heat ignites a blaze, giving Raku its unique flashes of color.
Stillness is the key
This new book is both an inspiration and a 'how to' guide. It tells the stories and strategies of people, some well-known and others not so, who struggled, as we all do, amid the noise and responsibilities of life but managed to succeed in finding and harnessing stillness.

Here's an excerpt:
There's nothing to feel guilty about in being idle. It's not reckless. It's an investment. There is nourishment in pursuits that have no purpose - that is their purpose.

Leisure is also a reward for the work we do. When we think about the ideal "Renaissance man," we see someone who is active and busy, yes, but also fulfilled and balanced. Getting to know yourself is the luxury of the success you've had. Finding fulfillment and joy in the pursuit of higher things, you've earned it. It's there for you, take it.
Make the time. Build the discipline.
You deserve it. You need it.
Your stillness depends on it.
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