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November 11, 2021 Edition
Dec. 14


If this email is speaking to you, then click on the link and listen to the audio lesson below. 20 Hard Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting The Selling Process

Ask yourself these 20 questions. Be completely honest. It's a quick score and an easy way to see how a Buyer will perceive your company. 

Eric Gilboord,
Creater and Presenter of
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My Story by Eric Gilboord

Having worked with hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses just like you, I’ve had thousands of conversations with Owners about their personal and business challenges and needs. I got to be really good at getting inside their head. Understanding their pain.

It became clear, over the years, that as an Owner you typically have little or no experience with selling a business. This causes you a lot of worry and frustration. You built a successful company, usually from scratch, and enjoyed the ups and downs over 2, 3 or 4 decades. Never thinking much about the end of the journey. Age crept up on you and our conversations turned from growing the company to selling it.

You had no experience with selling a business and fear of the unknown is paralyzing. Or you think it will be so easy to sell you can just jump off the running a business path and onto the selling a business path. FYI Not even remotely true.

Getting good help to sell is not easy and this fuels your frustration even more. There are very few real resources to turn to. Business Brokers might make some superficial suggestions to get ready for sale but are only interested in the actual transaction.

I evolved my company, for you, from marketing and management consulting to WarrenBDC a business that specializes in preparing both you the Owner and the business for sale and then selling it for you.

My conversations with, writing for and public speaking to Owners evolved into a business transition focus. After several years of working with hundreds of Owners and speaking with thousands more (a steep learning curve to say the least) the idea of the courses came about.

I combined my years of experience with business selling, writing a book and hundreds of blog posts on selling a business, deep understanding of the business Owner mindset and clear objective to help you sell your business for as much as possible and with the least amount of pressure on you.

If your goal is to sell your company for as much money as possible and on your terms we are on the same page.

I would be pleased to have an introductory call with you. Just click the button below and let's talk. You have questions, I have answers.

Eric Gilboord