Important Day of Action Nov. 14
Act on Abortion, Climate Change, Waste Reduction
Action efforts in three key areas are planned for Thursday, Nov. 14, at the State House. If you are going in to Boston to participate in any of these events, when you meet with your legislators, please mention your and the League's support of legislation in all three areas. Triple your impact!
Lobby Day in Support of the ROE Act to expand abortion access:
The ROE Act coalition will hold a lobby day at the State House Thursday in support of H3320 / S1209  An Act to remove obstacles and expand abortion access, known as the ROE Act. G ather at 11 a.m. at 32BJ SEIU Meeting Hall, 26 West Street, across the Common from the State House, to hear from advocates and for a short advocacy training. Then move to the State House to meet with lawmakers. If you prefer not to change locations, there will be a room at the State House where you can watch a live stream of the speaking program and training. 

Register for the lobby day here . You will receive information on the State House viewing room and options to participate later in the day.
If you cannot attend the lobby day, please call or email your legislators on Thursday to register your support and the League's support for this bill. The opposition continues to flood the State House with misleading and hateful information about this bill; legislators need to know there is support for it.
Mass. Climate Action Day:
Our allies at Mass Power Forward and 350 Mass are holding a climate lobby day on Thursday, starting at 10 a.m. in Room 437 at the State House.
After a brief introduction to the day's events, those attending will move to the formal Senate session to pack the gallery in support of Sen. Marc Pacheco when he urges the legislature to pass bold action to combat the climate crisis by the end of this year. Following Sen. Pacheco's speech, advocates will return to Room 437 and then go to speak with their own legislators on climate crisis bills. You can particularly emphasize the League priority climate bills: H2849 / S1940 , the FUTURE bill to convert natural gas lines to convey geothermal energy; H2810 and S1924 to implement carbon pricing in the state; and H832 to create a roadmap establishing requirements for changing our current energy system.
RSVP for this event and find more information here .
Reduce Waste Event:
Join our partners at MassPIRG for a short event stressing the "reduce" part of the "reduce, reuse, recycle" approach to waste management.  Meet at 10:30 a.m. on the steps in front of the State House for a short program to publicize the need to reduce the amount of packaging and other solid waste. Massachusetts alone burns or buries 6 billion tons of waste a year. Legislation to curb single-use plastics is a start.
And finally, save the date Monday, Dec. 2, at 10 a.m. to come to the State House and pack the hearing in Gardner Auditorium to support the Safe Communities Act and the immigrant community.

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