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Let's toast to the upcoming holiday's... and write some  Liquor Liability coverage while we're at it!!

We want to "concoct" the "perfect mix" for your customers who need this important coverage! 

We can offer Liquor Liability as a package (with GL, Property, etc.), or we can write it monoline (if desired).

Targeted classes include:
- Distributors & Manufacturing - including wineries
- Packaged Grocery & Liquor Stores
- Convenience Stores
- Special Events
- Restaurants (w/ < 50% liquor sales)

- Bars/Taverns (w/ > 50% liquor sales)

We can consider u p to $1mil/$2mil primary limits, including full Assault and/or Battery Coverage (on eligible risks); a nd we can always look at Excess if they need even more than $1mil/$2mil coverage!

We're "serving" it up; so what are you waiting for?  

Pop some champagne and s end your Liquor Liability submissions to today!
Don't get "All Shook Up"...
...about where to place your monoline Personal Lines Earthquake risks!     

We can write Homeowners, Tenant Occupied Dwellings, Seasonals and Vacants with a minimum dwelling value of $100,000 on a RC or ACV basis.    

The minimum premium for these risks is $500 plus fees and tax.

We can cover the Dwelling, Adjacent Structures and Personal Property with a 10% deductible in most EQ Zones.  (There are some counties in Zone 2 that are excluded.)    

So "Shake," "Rattle" and "Roll" those Earthquake submissions to for a quote today!  

***And don't forget we can consider monoline Earthquake on the Commercial side too!!***
We want your Garage business, 
so we are having a "Garage Sale!"

With expanded appetites and discounted rates, we hope you'll give us a chance to help on all things garage!

This includes everything from "basic" PPT auto sales and service/repair operations to work with/for classic autos, and even  heavy truck sales, service and repair! 

W e can also consider sales and service work on Motorcycles and ATV's;  Salvage Yards, and more!    

So what are you waiting for?  Send all of your Garage submissions to for a quote today!

November is a month for giving 
thanks and giving back!
Over the past few weeks the associates of CIU worked together to donate two large barrels of food to the Ozarks Food Harvest (our local food bank).

The local schools were having a contest to see who could gather the most food, to help families in need.  Our partner in this contest was Campbell Elementary School, a local grade school that CIU has worked with for many years. 

We are happy that we could be a part of the food drive and help the Ozarks Food Harvest. who is "Transforming Hunger Into Hope." 
We want to hear from you!  How can we earn more of your business?
Service is our primary goal, and we want to hear from you on how we can be even better (and hopefully earn even more of your E&S business in the process)! 

Please send us your feedback by replying to this e-mail (containing your newsletter); or feel free to reach out to anyone you wish to contact at CIU.

We are always striving to be better for you; so  thanks in advance for your feedback/participation!
Some of o ur top P&C "Program" Classes:
-Artisan Contractors 
  (incl remodeling)
  Homeowner Assoc's
-General Contractors
-Lessor's Risk
-Office Buildings
-Vacant Buildings

If you have any of the above, please send them our way!

And as always, if you have any question as to whether or not we can consider a specific account, please ask!

We want to be your "one stop shop" for all things E&S!!
Fri, Nov. 11th ~ we will be closed all day (Thank you for your service, Veterans!!)
Wed, Nov. 23rd ~ we will be closing at 1:00
Thurs, Nov. 24th ~ we will be closed all day
 (Happy Thanksgiving!!) 
Fri, Nov. 25th ~ we will be closed all day
Commercial Lines:  
Renovation Contractor- $1mil/$2mil GL. $100,000 annual payroll; $900,000 annual cost to subcontractors. $1k dedt. $14,360
General Commodities Hauler- $1mil CSL AL (incl H&NO Auto); $100k UM/UIM; $130k Phys Dmg; $100k MTC. 8 total power units & 42 trailers. Local to intermediate radius. $36,975
Lubricant, Oil & Grease Manufacturer- $1mil/$1mil Environmental Impairment Liability (w/ $10k dedt); $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $2,500 dedt); $375,500 Prop TIV (w/ $2,500 dedt) $24,160
Physical & Occupational Therapy and Athletic Training Service- $1mil/$3mil GL (incl H&NO Auto); $1mil/$3mil Prof; $250k Pollution sublimit; $250k Data Breach sublimit; $1mil Employee Benefits Liability; & $250k/$750k Sexual/Physical Abuse sublimits (all w/ a $5k dedt.) $6,405
Subcontractor for the US Government (specializing in clerical support)- $1mil/$2mil GL incl H&NO Auto (w/ $2,500 dedt); $1mil Excess (over GL/H&NO Auto). $49,500
Conduit Construction for Cable Contractor- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $5k dedt); $2mil Excess (over GL and AL); $273k Inland Marine (w/ $1k aop/$2,500 wind, fire, theft &/or VMM dedts). $23,860
Long Haul Trucker (hauling frozen food and dry goods)- $1mil CSL AL (incl H&NO Auto); $500k UM/UIM; $168k Phys Dmg; $100k MTC (w/ refer). 1 power unit & 3 trailers. $24,160
Comm Bldg Owner (Lessors Risk, including one restaurant tenant)- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ no dedt); $1.73mil Prop TIV (w/ $5k aop/$10k w/h dedts).  36,500 square feet (incl parking). $15,150
Apt Bldg on Historical Registry (w/ mercantile on first floor)- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $1k dedt); $675k Prop TIV based on "first loss"/no coinsurance (w/ $2,500 aop/$5k w/h dedts). 50 units & 22,750 commercial square feet (including parking). $13,730
Personal Lines:  
DP3- Tenant Occupied Duplex. $287,000 TIV. Previous fire loss. $2,970
HO6- Seasonal Condo in FL. $102,500 TIV. $1,560
HO3- Owner Occupied Primary.  $1.1mil TIV (incl large jewelry schedule).  Excluding water damage (due to several prior water losses).  $3,450
HO3- Owner Occupied Primary. $3.5mil TIV. $6,915
DP1- Four Family Tenant Occupied Dwelling w/ renovations. $227k TIV. $2,095