VOL 2, No. 10
Hope for Healthcare:
SLO Noor Newsletter
#GivingTuesday: The Whats, Hows, and Whys?
As you may have heard, it’s Giving Tuesday! We’d like to share some SLO Noor highlights with you,  and meaningful reasons for you to make a donation to SLO Noor Foundation today! First of all, we've seen an incredible amount of growth in 2018—in fact... 

we saw more patients this October
than any other previous month

We anticipate this growth will continue in the coming year and your donation is needed more than ever!
We've been able to expand our reach, and impact the community need significantly, due to generous funding this year from foundation grants, public contributions, and many community members like you. With grants from Delta Dental and the George Hoag Family Foundation, we have been able to increase our dental staff members to support the efforts of our professional volunteers and see more patients for desperately-needed dental services that significantly improve their quality of life.
2019 is sure to be another record year for SLO Noor Free Clinics. Because the need is great, we will provide more services to more people than ever before, which is why we plan to open a new clinic in the Santa Maria/Lompoc area. Starting next year, we will also work in partnership with Cal Poly to hold mobile clinics for underserved mothers, expecting mothers, and babies in Guadalupe, and while these ambitions are great, they and much more are achievable with the continued support and contributions made from our community. At SLO Noor, every dollar counts, and we like to think every dollar donated is worth $100 of patient care, but before you think twice, let us explain!
At the SLO Noor Foundation, our medical, dental, and vision care providers are volunteers--local doctors, nurses, dentists who volunteer at our clinic, giving back their time to those who need it the most. With their invaluable support, we are able to focus our funds on medical materials and costly procedures necessary to providing quality care. And guess what? The value of that care we're able to provide with our community's support is 100 times worth what we spend.

That means your donations go directly to caring for our patients, ensuring that they not only get access to the care they need, but that care is the quality you'd expect from your own provider. And so, as we wind down to the end of 2018 (which came incredibly fast!), we ask you to join in as we continue

working together to raise
funds, awareness, and hope

for our locals without healthcare. Your donation, no matter the size, will make a difference, and for today only, Facebook and PayPal will match it. At SLO Noor, we believe that it is possible for everyone to have healthcare and we're proving it. With your donation, we'll be able to continue on our mission and spread the word as we all work towards a future that is better for all.
Hear the Silver Bells? Sleigh Bells? Jingle Bells?
Ready or not, the holidays are coming! We at SLO Noor are holding several seasonal events next month to help get into the holiday spirit while spreading some love to those in need!

If you're looking for an alternative gift or a local holiday fair, check out our Facebook events page and keep an ear out for any SLO Noor ring-a-ling this season!▲
Starting the Season Right with the George Hoag Family Foundation
We're off to a great start this season thanks to the George Hoag Foundation ! We're pleased to announce that they've generously awarded a $20,000 grant to the SLO Noor Foundation last month, which will be focused on clinic expansion and dental services.

Founding the Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, George Hoag, his wife Grace, and his son George II began overseeing a foundation dedicated to promoting general welfare and health.
Their passion for bettering the lives of others led George Hoag II to dedicate his life to the Hoag Hospital, working to ensure an exceptional quality of service and treatment of employees. Today, the George Hoag Family Foundation sustains the legacy and philanthropic mission of its founders, continuing to serve its community and beyond by "improving social conditions, promoting human welfare, and alleviating pain and suffering."

And so we extend greatest thanks to the George Hoag Family Foundation and to George Hoag III for their passion and dedication to the health and wellbeing of others. With their gift, we at SLO Noor will be able to provide more services and continue in the mission of healthcare for all.
SLO Noor Foundation