Many of us look forward to this time of year, when family and friends gather to celebrate and enjoy the delicious bounty of the season. The holidays are also the busiest time of the year for plumbers, because amidst all the merrymaking we forget to be mindful of keeping fats, oils, and grease (FOG) out of our pipes. And nothing interrupts a wonderful holiday gathering like having to call the plumber.

Why is FOG so Harmful to Plumbing?
Sewer overflows happen when the pipes that run from your home to the street become clogged. FOG buildup and debris cause the majority of sewer overflows in the Bay Area. To stay in the flow this holiday, keep FOG, hair, wipes, and other things that can cause backups out of your pipes. Remember only toilet paper and human waste should ever be flushed down the drain.

How to Dispose of Grease
To dispose of small amounts of FOG, wipe the pan with a paper towel or pour grease in a container and let it cool and solidify, then place it in the trash. Large quantities of FOG from frying turkeys or other foods should be taken to a collection event or grease disposal site. Here are some places that accept FOG:

San Mateo County Transfer Stations
Some Restaurants and Grocers -- Ask yours.

We wish you happy, plumber-free holidays this season! Read more tips here.