Community Update
Nov. 30, 2018

Dear Friends,
It's been dark now when I leave campus recently. As Autumn marches on toward winter, and the outer light fades ever earlier, I now notice ever more the lights burning from within our classrooms as I depart or inside the houses along the roads that take me home. T
The Advent Spiral in its glory
he outer, natural world is beginning to settle down. Birds are tucked in earlier; the insects have gone back to the earth; even the squirrels - ever the busy creatures - are seen only occasionally as they bury an acorn here or there. For those above the snowline, things will become even more still when that winter blanket is lain. For many of us, however, this is a time when inwardly we grow even more active: Our minds bustle as we think of the many approaching holiday festivals and the preparations that must be undertaken; baking and slow-cooking become a more focused activity; seasonal parties will kick off. Certainly nature has become quieter, but how do we slow down?

Next week some teachers here will be begin the celebration of Advent. Advent is a word that means "coming" or "arrival." While historically and traditionally celebrated as part of the Christian faith in anticipation for the coming of their Messiah, the kindling of lights to mark this time of the year as we move toward the Winter Solstice reaches broadly across cultures and times. As Waldorf classes and families move through the season of Advent, they honor each of the Kingdoms of nature - the mineral, plant, animal and, finally, humankind. A candle is lit for each week, and a simple verse said in recognition for the strength and beauty in all four kingdoms of the natural world. The mood during this activity, as it is brought in the classroom, is reverent, an opportunity to become still and reflect on the gifts each of these kingdoms offers and the "divine light" that burns within each one. 

A week from tomorrow, we will present our Advent Spiral Festival. For those who've attended in the past, you already know how magical this simple festival is. There is a beautiful puppetry offering from the early childhood teachers in the Seventh Grade classroom, and then children and families have the opportunity to walk the large spiral of greens and crystals that adorn the lower White Feather classrooms. If you haven't been, it is not to be missed, as it offers a sort of balm from the hectic energy that can sometimes infiltrate our minds and souls during this time of year. Think of it as a much-needed and contented deep breath out, a sort of "spiritual sigh." I hope you will consider attending.

As we head off into the weekend, I offer this simple verse. It's one my former class and I would say together when they were younger. It's a lovely symbol of for recognizing and honoring that spark of light each of us possesses, remembering that it is always brightest when it is shared:

The gift of light we thankfully take, 
But nothing may be Just alone for our sake. 
The more we give light the one to the other
 It shines and spreads life Growing still further, 
Till every spark is set aflame. 
Till every heart, Joy shall proclaim!

In spirited community,

Nicole Deutsch 
Director of Community Development

Annual Giving Ends Tonight! 
Can We Count on You? 
Thank you to everyone who has so generously supported our Parent Pledge and Annual Giving campaigns! Thanks to your open-heartedness and involvement, 
as of this afternoon we are just $1,500 shy of our $40,000 fundraising goal. 

That is an amazing accomplishment, and it's all because of YOU! 

Let's get to that goal, CSWS community! We're so very close! It takes just a "click" to make your pledge, but your gift pays dividends to our students for the entire year. Can we count on your pledge of support today?


Thank YOU!

A Grateful Class of 2019
Caught Being Good ... 
The CSWS Parent Guild!
PG reps at their monthly meeting
This issue's 'Caught Being Good' column is dedicated to the wonderful and devoted community members and parents who comprise Cedar Springs' Parent Guild. From leading efforts that beautify our campus to organizing class event volunteers, from supporting seasonal festivals to warming our tummies and souls with nourishing food at the All Community Meeting (not to mention a thousand other things in between), they deserve a standing ovation and our deep gratitude! For all your good will and dedication, thank you to:
Shannon Pogue, Carrie Gamble, Laura Hauge, Kathy Caringi, Luli Velasco, Jane Widroe, Becky Crosswhite, Shauna Jared, Chelsea Fredlund, Sarah Mayhew, Becky Mingle, Alisa Mingle, Krista Grassi, Heather Odabashian, Lisa Mason-Mellberg, Donna Soldano, Roxane Bybee, Amy Doyon, Berry Crawford, Jowella Chico, Meghan Krick, Rachelle and David Firestone, Alyssa Summers, Keri Cavin (faculty rep) and Kate Barba (Festival and Events manager)
Come and Experience Eurythmy at CSWS 
Free each Thursday through Dec. 13
All parents are warmly invited to attend free introductory Eurythmy classes for the next two Thursdays offered by our visiting Eurythmy teacher, Shannon Wieler. Ms. Wieler has been joining our First and Second Grades this month to introduce them to this unique form of movement, and now parents have an opportunity to experience it as well. This beginners class, held from 1-1:55 p.m. in the Lily Kindergarten room, will focus on the movements and gestures in our language. Come and experience first-hand what this new art of movement is! To get a little better glimpse into this art, check out this informational video:  Waldorf School Eurythmy 
Pumpkin Path 2018
Thank you, everyone, for helping to create such a magical festival! More photos available at:  Pumpkin Path Pictures

Be a Part of a Very Special and Reverent Event

Today is the Final Day to Get Your Yearbook Discount!

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Help Needed! 
Our school is much in need of an early childhood extended care assistant. We are  seeking a warm, responsible individual to help supervise this program. Experience with young children and knowledge of Waldorf pedagogy is preferred, but not required. The extended care position hours are Monday through Friday, 12 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. To meet state licensing requirements, applicants must have 12 ECE units, and be willing to comply with current CPR and First Aid training, clear a Livescan background check, a TB test, and a health screening and comply with current California vaccination requirements.  Please send inquiries to: Veronica Gunasekara at  

The College of Teachers is seeking individuals who can act as substitute teachers. With our pedagogical chair position now vacant, we no longer have a go-to for when our teachers are ill or need to be away for the day for personal or family needs. With the cold and flu season approaching, the College would like to begin compiling a list of people, especially those with a teaching credential or experience working with children, who can support our faculty in this way. Please contact Amy Roehl at if you would be able to help with this. 
Upcoming School Calendar Dates

Dec. 6 - St. Nicholas Day
Dec. 8 - Advent Spiral
Dec. 10-14, 17-20 - Advent Singing on the Knoll, 8:15 a.m.
Dec. 13 - Santa Lucia
Dec. 13 - Board of Trustees Meeting, 6:30 p.m.
Dec. 14 - Children's Store
Dec. 20 - Alumni Panel, 8:45-10:45 a.m.
Dec. 20 - All School Assembly, 11:30 - Early Dismissal at 12:30 p.m.
Dec. 21-Jan. 6 - Winter Break, no school
Jan. 7 - Classes resume

Inspiring our students to reach their highest potential as free-thinking, creative human beings who have a life-long love of learning, Cedar Springs offers Waldorf education to families and their children, infants through Eighth grade. - CSWS Mission Statement

This form is made available to guide parent questions & concerns in support of our school's communication model. Please download and complete with Parent Mentors, Faculty, and Staff.