There is no school on Wednesday, November 6th thru Monday, November 11th.
November 6: Parent/Teacher Conferences - No School
November 7/8: Teacher Work Days - No School
November 11: Veterans Day - No School

Wednesday, November 6th is Parent/Teacher Conference Day! The teachers are looking forward to meeting with you. Each conference is scheduled to be 15 minutes long. Please arrive on time so that you can receive the full benefit of this time set apart for you and your child’s teacher. If you find that you need more time with the teacher, please request an additional meeting time for a future meet.Thank you for respecting the 15-minute time slot so that teachers can provide the same individual attention to each child’s parents. If you have any questions please contact Lita Timmerman at

MCS school pictures will be delivered tomorrow. If you opted to have your photos sent to the school, they will be sent home with your child tomorrow after school. If you chose to have them shipped to you, watch your mailbox. 
 Thank you, Kayla J Photography, for once again providing wonderful school photos!

TAPP will hold their next meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5th at 3:30 PM in the school library. MCS parents are highly encouraged to join. Child care and snacks are provided.

Thursday, November 21st is the Students' Thanksgiving Feast! Sara Peterson and crew will again plan and prepare a wonderful traditional meal. We ask that parents send $4.00 for each student, Kindergarten through 8th grade, to cover the cost. Please send the money to the office between now and feast time. Our thanks to Sultan Red Apple for supporting this great event.  

Saturday, November 30 th is TAPP's Annual Holiday Bazaar here at MCS from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We are still in need of Vendors. If you are interested and would like to be a part of this bazaar, please complete the attached application and return to the MCS office with a check by November 22 nd
Questions? Contact Kathlyn Hughes at

Wednesday, December 11th is our annual Christmas Program at 7:00 PM. It will be held at Cascade Community Church ( 14377 Fryelands Blvd, Monroe, WA 98272.) Kindergarten through 8th grade students will be performing Angels Aware!

Mark your calendar, our annual Knight's Auction is April 4, 2020! This year our theme is "Knight at the Carnival" If you would like to be part of the committee and didn't get the chance to sign up, no problem . Contact Becky Werkhoven or Lita Timmerman at the MCS office @ 360-794-8200 or email and we will be happy to add you to the list.
Additionally, do you love to shop? We would love to have you on the team as well! Use your love of shopping to help the school by visiting businesses and asking for donations for the auction! We are in need of volunteers to hit the streets and also complete online corporate donation forms. 
Attached is a digital copy of the Procurement Form . Be sure to attach a copy of the form to the donated item, and leave a copy with the donor as their tax receipt.
Thank you for helping to make this auction our best ever!

One of our social media followers recently raised an excellent question:
"We want to model completing chores with joyful enthusiasm, right? But then, sometimes when kids 'put back our energy,' they do so by doing chores for us. Are we not sending conflicting messages? Are chores fun - or are they a punishment?"
This is a great question and it gets right to the heart of Love and Logic. The answer is YES - we want kids to feel great about completing tasks and contributing to the home. Does that mean that chores are always pleasant? Of course not. Chores still require time and energy and human beings (especially grown-up ones) only have a limited supply of each.
We can almost think of "energy" like money. Spending money can be fun. But, if I am careless and break a window, I don't enjoy spending that money because I would rather spend it on something more fun. Spending time or energy (or money) to fix a mistake might feel good - but I could probably have found something else I would have preferred to spend them on.
An important thing to remember here is that the Energy Drain is about a restorative way to solve a problem (a problem the kid caused). We are not trying to punish kids or make them feel bad. For this reason, we don't panic when they end up enjoying the work they do to replace our energy. The goal wasn't to make them suffer, so we can feel good when they enjoy the process.
In the end, we want kids to feel good about working - whether their work is contribution or restitution. And if they don't feel so great about working to restore, the problem still got solved and we can move on.
Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible.

Jedd Hafer
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