Volume 13, November-December 2018
Grassroots Connection
Welcome! Iowa Heartland RC&D is excited to bring to you our new and informative monthly e-Newsletter, Grassroots Connection , for important and engaging events you will not want to miss. We will feature programs and projects of interest in your area and Central Iowa including snapshots of articles about people making a positive impact. We'll keep you informed so you can stay connected!
It's that time of year when we give thanks for so many wonderful things in our lives. November has become the official month that begins the Holiday celebration, remembrance and giving season.

During this time of year Iowa Heartland RC&D reflects upon our past accomplishments in meeting the needs of families, communities, businesses and organizations in our Central Iowa area. This also gives us the opportunity to create and build new projects and programs in the coming year through continued and new collaborations and partnerships.

By being good listeners, stewards and story tellers we hope to create programs and projects designed to enhance healthy, vibrant communities, sustainable and renewable environmental initiatives, economic development opportunities, arts and culture endeavors and so much more. We look forward every year with great enthusiasm to serving Central Iowa.

Your support and donation to Iowa Heartland RC&D helps us create programs that you care about allowing us to continue greater enhancement and outreach for area growth and opportunity. To learn more about what we do and can do for you visit our website!

In the News from IHRC&D

Iowa Heartland RC&D is pleased to announce its partnership beginning in 2019 with the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation (IALF) on a Cultural Heritage Project Grant from the Iowa Arts Council, a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs.

Grant funds will support increasing the educational material available to teach about fruit tree production (apples) in Iowa by disseminating the next book in a series – My Family’s Apple Farm. The book will be accompanied by educational standards-aligned lesson plans and instructional materials to provide teachers involved in educating students the resources they need to link apple production to science, social studies, and language arts curricula. artistic expressions and values.

The primary goal of this project is to debut the book at one of Iowa's 45 apple orchards creating an event that enriches the cultural experience for readers and participants. The event would include activities connected to the history of apple production and the value that modern apple farms provide to Iowa in the form of local products and agritourism. This event will be open to the public and attendees will receive a copy of the book and the chance to tour the orchard to learn about
apple production in Iowa. The event will be organized in partnership with the Iowa Heartland Resource Conservation & Development.

The book will target 3rd grade learners and highlight apple production in Iowa. Books will be distributed to schools, libraries, apple growers, and others interested in teaching about apple production. The book will feature Jesse Hiatt and Iowa's history in developing the Red Delicious Apple as well as connect to modern apple production. The book will be debuted at an apple farm through an event that will connect Iowans to this unique cultural heritage.

“Iowa has a history of apple production including Hiatt’s Hawkeye variety, the Lane apple tree stock farm, and many more,” said Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation executive director, Will Fett. “This event will help connect Iowans with that history and help them understand how apples are still produced in Iowa today.”

The My Family’s Apple Farm books will be provided to 1,700 elementary classrooms throughout Iowa. They will be made available to libraries, apple orchards, and other educators interested in teaching about apple production. A digital version of the book will also be made available on the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation’s website at www.Iowaagliteracy.org

  Water, Soil Quality, Regenerative Agriculture and Health- Its Everyone's Business

There has been a lot of discussion recently in the media about Iowa's water, soil quality, rural and urban health, Regenerative Agriculture and environmental sustainability. You can learn more about these important discussion topics, viewpoints and more by visiting the following short list of websites:

For more Arts, Food and Culture activities visit:
Here's More Exciting News from IHRC&D
Over the past year Iowa Heartland RC&D has been busy reaching out to communities, organizations, educational institutions and businesses to learn more about programs and collaborative partnership opportunities that would benefit our area and fulfill our mission and goals to the communities and families we serve. This year Iowa Heartland RC&D is celebrating 25 years of service to our six county Central Iowa region. 

Highlights included our collaboration with IDALS (Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship) and their Iowa Farm to School program. This program celebrated Iowa's local foods in schools aiding food service directors in making local procurement, engage more growers in growing and selling produce to schools, expanding Farm to School activities, helping growers ramp up sales by working with Summer Food Service programs. For more information on any of these areas please contact tammy.stotts@iowaagriculture.gov 

Earlier this year we were awarded a grant from the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs for their 2018 ArtsLab project. This was a peer learning program designed to ensure cultural leaders in Iowa have the skills, ideas, and mindsets of adaptability and resilience needed to thrive in a world of continuous change.

IHRC&D participated in Iowa Healthiest State Initiative's 2018 Walking College. https://@iowahealthieststate.com The project culminated in October with state-wide walks in numerous Iowa communities encouraging people to get out and walk for better health.

Organizations and projects in our Central Iowa area worth knowing about include:       

Iowa Heartland RC&D has been instrumental over the years in helping to connect, promote and expand our wonderful scenic trail system in Central Iowa. A Master Trail Plan is in the works to expand and further grow this program.

Here is a list of websites to check out for your outdoor activity trail and water fun schedule: www.centraliowatrails.com

Join Our Vision!
Iowa Heartland RC&D is excited to inform our readership about new programs and projects we are currently involved in for planning and implementation. This includes breaking new ground, so to speak, in areas of rural health and vitality, community enhancement, economic development and the resurgence of pre-existing, trail blazing programs.

If you would like to join our vision and bring your own ideas to our table, we would like to hear from you. We have opportunities on our Board of Directors, committee assignments, volunteering with event planning and project development. We can not do it without your help!

Be sure to visit websites in our six county region directly for more calendar events and programs. that you might want to get involved with. Please see the list below for direct website information.

Education, Learning, Events & More!
The following is a list of professional activities, events, education and learning opportunities supportive of the nonprofit, community outreach and learning sectors.

Ongoing events:
Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation-school  & classroom programs
Iowa Arts Council-Department of Cultural Affairs
Lunch and Learn series, University of Iowa
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