November Developments
With Gratitude....
volunteer removing debris from water damaged basement
Words alone never seem to be enough.
Simply saying “Thank you” seems insufficient to express Yachad’s collective gratitude to people and businesses that stepped up over these past challenging months to support our work and our families. At Yachad, we call this work a “mitzvah,” and these acts of loving kindness are the highest form of service we can do. A safe and functional home has never been more important than now. So for now, words will have to suffice.

Thank You to:

Team Rubicon, military veterans who provide disaster relief, worked tirelessly one Sunday this month, to remove life-threatening, mold-infested drywall and flooring from a family’s basement. The mold was causing the children to have serious asthma attacks.

TenleyTown Trash, which provides dumpsters and trash removal services for all of Yachad's projects including our latest work with Team Rubicon.

M & M Appliance which provides at no cost to Yachad, new ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers to families throughout DC and Prince George’s County. This holiday season Yachad families will be able to cook and store delicious meals.

Frank Zappala,"Let Frank Do It," a Yachad HandyMensch who lent a hand with several projects, including donating his time and materials to repair a handrail, so a homeowner with vertigo could safely go up and down her stairs.

Acker & Sons, a plumbing company which continues to provide critical plumbing services to our families when it is most needed.
Jeffrey Woods, Wood & Whitacre, who is forever giving Yachad's homeowners relief from leaking roofs and loose or damaged gutters.

A special thank you to our Healthy Housing Partners who introduced Yachad to a world of caring people and an unwavering commitment to families and children throughout our community. Thank you to: Dr. Janet Phoenix, DC Asthma Coalition, Derrick Faison, BreatheEasy, Abby Charles, Institute for Public Health Innovation, Dr. Edward Fox and Nikita Kacharoo, at Children’s National, and Kathy Zeisel at Children’s Law Center.

Be well and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Audrey Lyon
Executive Director
Team Rubicon in Action
photo credit: Ray Alvareztorres
A New Chapter Begins .....
Robin Renner, our Director of Construction, is leaving Yachad to join Fauquier Habitat for Humanity. Robin, has been an anchor in our organization, managing home repairs that have provided hundreds of families with healthier homes. She patiently supervised volunteers--too many to count--happily passing on her knowledge and helping others grow their skills.

We wish Robin all the best in her new work.
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