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Hello All,

I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  We have a TON of news below!  Please watch/read as much as you can and please by all means, pass this news letter on! 

1) End of Year 501c3 Fund Raising
2) Smart EMF Lawsuits
3) Smart Meter Saga
4) Smart Stupidity
5) Smart/EMF Corruption
6) Cell Phone Warning Signals
7) Finally, A Way to Circumvent Public Input on Cell Tower Placement
8) Lambs for the Surveillance Slaughter
10) Cell Towers Losing Powers
11) New EMF Science
12) EHS
13) EMF Etc.
14) True Green
15) Reporters Gone Wild
16) Radiation Nation
17) Death by Health
18) Cancer Shmancer
19) "Seefood Vanish"
20) Food Glorious Food
21) Geoengineering - Another Hidden Problem On the Level of EMF Poisoning or Worse
22) America's Secrets Go Intergalactic
23) Just Plain Wrong
24) Some Inspiration  


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  • Obtained legal council and started investigation into LARICS and First Net  regarding misuse of federal funds and fraud.
  • Assisted multiple areas in blocking cell towers and advised hundreds of EHS sufferers (and privacy lovers) around the country on what to do about their smart meter, cell tower or WIFI in the school or workplace.
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2) Smart EMF Lawsuits

Video of attorney testimony...                                            
What I call, "lipstick on a pig"

5) Smart/EMF Corruption

Page 11...
Health Canada Admits Safety Code 6 is Based Only On Thermal Effects

How to get public tax dollars to fund private cell phone infrastructure and roll out a national cell tower surveillance system all in one...
In Connecting Public Safety, First Net Also Innovates on LTE and Eyes 5G

After cashing in, electricity companies admit reducing energy is not smart meter dependent...
Energy Company Looks at Smart Meters "Holistically"

7) Finally, A Way to Circumvent Public Input on Cell Tower Placement

Not sure how the street light will escape the earthquake but the cell tower won't...
8) Lambs for the Surveillance Slaughter

Audio, extremely informative...
Technocracy News Interview with Dr. Katherine Albreicht

New things may not work unless plugged into with "smart" chip...
Smart Meters Leading to This

Info Wars
It's all about the money - oh, and of course the surveillance (but that goes without saying ;)
4th Amendment Violations?  No problem - we can make money on that too!  :)

Project Loon Set to Circle the Planet with Internet Balloons in 2016

Parent's Success in Stopping WIFI Installation in Australian School

Of course this technology has the same health effects and surveillance as regular WIFI...
This article mentions Topanga and how we blocked a federal cell tower - he neglected to mention in blocking our tower, we helped block ALL of them scheduled for LA County...
11) New EMF Science
Reliable Disease Biomarkers Characterizing and Identifying Electrohypersensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity as Two Etiopathogenic Aspects

Increased Mercury Release from Dental Amalgam Restorations After Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields as a Potential Hazard for Hypersensitive People and Pregnant Women

13) EMF Etc.

US Navy to is moving forward with electromagnetic warfare testing in Olympic National Park despite public backlash and outcry. Please sign below petition to Undersecretary of Natural Resources and Environment as possibly the only way to stop this electromagnetic devastation...
Don't Move Warfare Range to Protected Public Lands

European Commission Reply to Mona Nilsson/IEMFA Letter

The Mysterious Hendricus Loos and His Nervous System Manipulation Devices

Toxic Mold and Electromagnetic Radiation

FCC Process Reform Act of 2015

A play abut EHS and EMFs has arrived!  What a creative way of getting the word out!

Company shields entire apartment building from EMFs.  These people really look like they know what they're doing...




FABULOUS outburst and moment of truth from reporter who's "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!" 
Apparently this is a true story... 

16) Radiation Nation

Scroll down for video - Arnie Gunderson...
A Million Cancer Deaths Expected from Fukushima, New Report Reveals  

"The US governments PAGs allow long-term public exposure to radiation in amounts as high as 2,000 millirems. This would, in effect,
increase a longstanding 1 in 10,000 person cancer rate to a rate of 1 in 23 persons
exposed over a 30-year period."
 "No compelling justification is offered for increasing the cancer deaths of Americans innocently exposed to corporate miscalculations several hundred-fold."
Scroll down for video...
Healthy People Who Were Vaccinated for the Flu Continue to Die

Important Video...
Vaccine Injury Compensation: Government's Broken Social Contract with Parents

Workers Fired for Refusing Mandatory Flu Shot

18) Cancer Shmancer

Video...A fascinating account about the invention of chemotherapy...
Chemotherapy - It's Good for Whom?

Vitamin C Used to Prevent and Cure Heart Disease and Cancer

Dr. Burzynksi Trial - Austin, Texas - Nov. 2015

Save Dr. Burzynski's Life Saving Cancer Treatment

Why Doctors Are Re-Thinking Breast Cancer Treatment

19) "Seefood" Vanish 

Suffocated fish die when algae depletes water of oxygen Millions of Salmon DIsapear Off West Coast
Also Video Explaining Agenda 21... 
Video...Incredible and important viewing and reading... 
Full film... 
Special Thanks for Articles From: Geoengineering Watch, Environmental Health News, The Common Sense Show, Dr. Mercola, Omega News, RT News, PEERS, Want to Know Info, Sky Visions Solutions, The Microwave Factor, Sebastian Sanzotta, Iris Atzmon, Pati Tomsits, Dave Ashton, Kate Kheel, Marcela Cruz-Gibbons, Robert Riedlinger, Patricia Burke, Robert Riedlinger, Warren Woodward, Marilynne Martin, Angela Cinader, Mary Steel, Peter Sour, Jeremy Johnson, Beau Binder, Toby and Ellen Cecil, David Lonier, Jonathan Mirin,