Oct/Nov, 2015 
  • Lee Cook will join our Journey to India, Feb 2016
  • India: The Spiritual Womb of our Earth
  • New Book to be released in November

  • What happened in Egypt?!
  • October Message:"Illuminate Your Life!" through Lee Cook
Lee Cook Joins the Journey to India!

Lee Cook, the reknown "Angel Lady" and one of the original cofounders of Adventurous Spirit Travel has decided, after a long break from traveling, to join our pilgrimage to India!

Lee feels compelled to join us on this particular journey for the following reasons:
"David Joseph, our guide in India, is an extraordinary man and an old friend, and has taken many pilgrimages to India. He has in-depth wisdom and knowledge to share with our privileged group of travelers. Together with my good friend Tina, they have prepared a feast of enriching experiences for us in this place that is known as "Mother India". India is the spiritual womb for our world and a place that every spiritual seeker needs to visit.
I know that this will be a positive, life-changing pilgrimage and I am so looking forward to it!"

If you would like to join Lee, Tina and David Joseph on this transformational journey, please contact me today! We have 3 spots left!  See complete Itinerary and Prices Here.
Tina Wood: 720-217-1829.

Spiritual Journey 
to Northern India
Feb 15 - 28, 2015

Join us next February, 2016 as we journey through the holy sites of Northern India, February 15 - 28, 2016.  
Optional extension to the Taj Mahal, Feb 13 - 15, 2016. 

In February of 2016, we will take a sacred pilgrimage to Northern India where we will  travel for 2 weeks through the truly potent places of ancient power that exist in Mother India. Accompanied by a practicing Hindu Teacher, David Joseph, who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to studying the oldest religion on Earth...we will learn, as we go, about the mythologies which set the stage for the rest of the world's religions. David, our guide, has been to these holy sites many times and they are his spiritual homes. We could not 

go with a more generous and knowledgable  teacher, who knows where to stay, and the most wonderful things to do at every place that we will visit.


Flying in and out of New Delhi, we will first travel to Vrindavan, which is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and filled with a myriad of potent, gorgeous temples and is teeming with devotees and pilgrims from around the world. Here, David will provide a rich background of Krishna's life and teachings. 


Next we will fly to Varanasi, where we will be staying in the most peaceful location. We will have quick and easy access to the Ganges River and all the magnificent temples and stairways, known as ghats, down the whole length of the river. We will attend the famous and beautiful evening puja/worship service dedicated to Mother Ganges. Varanasi is the oldest continually inhabited city in the world and is Lord Shiva's sacred city. There is much more that we will experience at this ancient place.


After a morning ceremonial boat ride down the Ganges, we will travel to Bohd Gaya, the most holy town in the Buddhist world. We will stay here for two days. The Mahabodhi Temple is magnificent and the Bodhi tree under which Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment is at the very center of this special and holy place. Bohd Gaya is filled with pilgrims and many fascinating temples, which represent the very best of all the Buddhist nations. We will spend quiet sessions directly under the Bodhi tree meditating and discussing the life and teachings of Lord Buddha.


From there, we travel to Rishikesh, the "Yoga capital of the world" situated on the Ganges river. The Ganges is just emerging here from the Himalaya foothills and is pristinely clean and filled with sanctity. For three days we will drink deeply from the beauty of this holy city. Rishikesh is the gate through which yogis, sadhus and saints have passed from time immemorial. The entire length of the Ganges is lined with Ashrams and the vibe is exquisite. We  will stay for 3 days taking side trips to Haridwar, and other special places.


Complete Itinerary and prices HERE

Call with questions: 720-217-1829




Our NEW Book Release
will be this Month of November!
Hidden Messages in Nature
by Kristina M Wood 
with Lee Cook
and Forward by Donna Eden, 
author of the best selling book, Energy Medicine
Donna Eden says,
"Reading this wonderful book makes me happy."

What Happened in Egypt?

We enjoyed a wonder-filled and transformational journey to Egypt October 11 - 25.  In fact, it was so awesome that we will be offering the journey again next October, 2016. Details to be announced soon.

Crotalo Sesamo, the world ambassador from Damanhur, the underground Temple City in Italy, guided us throughout the Temples and Pyramids with profound meditations and taught us many other mystical secrets about Egypt.

The peaceful boat ride down the River Nile, proved to be an exotic yet peaceful time filled with the wonder of the Nile life and landscape that was endlessly changing and fantastic.

Here is a link to one of our participant's Miracle story at the Temple of Isis. Written by  Maria Angelina Ataide, Founder of Piracanga, an amazing eco-village in Brazil:

This is what others had to say:
"I would strongly recommend this Egypt trip to anyone who has a desire to expand their knowledge of self and to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual history and energy of Egypt and the Egyptian culture. Kristina from Adventurous Spirit Travel pulled together a wonderful team of experts to lead us through this adventure. They were able to secure private access to several sacred sites. Our very knowledgeable Egyptian spiritual guide and Crotalo Sesamo from Damanhur, guided us through the Temples and Pyramids with powerful meditations, each contributing to a beautiful unfolding that resulted in this being a wonderful adventure for me.  The Afandina boat, which we sailed down the Nile River, was amazing and added a relaxing touch to our busy schedule. 
- Lynda Davis, President of Strategic Crossroads, Idaho.

"This trip is not only about going to Egypt... it is about getting to know your inner self again. Powerful, transformational experience.
Priscila Mendes, Banker, Brazil

"Beyond all expectations! Magical! This trip captured the heart of spiritual seekers."
Alessandra Morassetti, Doctor of Homeopathy, Canada

"What I loved most about this trip was the "family" atmosphere and easy beingness of the group. It provided a very supportive and loving way to evolve and grow. I felt much love and appreciation for everyone on this trip." E.T., Colorado

Angel Message: 
Illuminate your Life!
Through Lee Cook


Within each breath, there is a spark of pure light and potential.
This spark offers you the opportunity to create your life as you wish it to be.

Just as you are made from the same materials in your physical body as the stars and the Earth, so is the essence of life all around you a compilation of every bit of goodness from the Universe. When you take a moment to connect with the quality of this holy essence, you are able to know the Creator. The ocean and mountains, green forests and desert landscapes, laughter of children, sigh of lovers, movement of the wind in the trees, can also be found in that moment.

With care and love for yourself you can feel the spark within you illuminating your path, illuminating your relationships, illuminating your world.


Thank You, Until Next Time

    "If Light is in your Heart, 
     You will find your way Home."

          - Rumi

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