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We want your used car dealers & garage service operations!
We can consider many unique classes with a variety of risk.
Coverages Available: 
- Dealer Liability
- Dealer Open Lot
- Service Liability
- Garage Keepers Liability
- Fire Legal Liability
- Property
- Physical Damage
- Med Pay
And we can work off competitors apps!

Send your submissions to or call your underwriter to discuss your specific accounts today! 800-241-9759
If you have a risk that your standard markets have declined, or is being non-renewed, please ask us to see if we can help!
Our companies are open to difficult situations, and we can usually offer a quote with some creative underwriting to address the particular situation or risk.    
Whether it is Loss Problems, Age of Dwelling, Dwelling in a Corp. Name, Credit Problems, Lower Values, or PC 9/10, we ask for the challenge of applying some creative underwriting to help you write this business!!    
Your standard markets may say "NO", but give us the opportunity to say "YES" to your difficult risks!
Send them to Marsha Peck,, Ext 236 for a quote today!
A Season of Giving...
CIU got in the spirit of giving this past month by collecting donations for a local food drive!  We are always looking for ways to be involved and help our community; and we challenge you to do the same!
A nd a Season of Thanks...
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Without your continued support none of this would be possible!!
New "Light" Brokerage Classes
Classes previously considered "heavy" brokerage that now have minimum premiums starting as low as $1,000!

Some of the classes included are:
* 51252 - Automobile, Bus or Truck Parts Manufacturing - Not Operating Parts
* 90791 - Cosmetics Manufacturing
52547 - Electroplating
97222 - Machinery or Equipment - Industrial - Installation, Servicing or Repair
97223 - Machinery or Equipment - Installation, Servicing or Repair
59306 - Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment Manufacturing

Sample exposures include:
Electroplating of Household Goods
Forklift Repair
Air Treatment Equipment Servicing
Portable Light Towers
Trash Compactors
Boat Lifts
* Portable Generators
Non-Operating Auto Parts Manufacturing
Fishing Gear, Lures, Poles, & Accessories
Golf Clubs Manufacturing
Surfboard or Paddle Board Manufacturing 

Send these risks to today! 
Send us your Lessors Risks!!
   Big or small, we want them all!  
And when you send a submission, please be sure to include our Lessors Risk Supp so that we know about the contract requirements, including:
-Who is responsible for property maintenance?
-Who is in charge of preventative steps for maintaining a safe premises during inclement weather?
-Is the tenant required to have their own GL coverage in place that lists the landlord as an additional insured?
-Are there any other contractual requirements you may need to make sure the tenant is aware of? (Hold harmless, certain limit or coverage requirements, etc.?)

These are all important things to think about when writing Lessors Risk AND tenant policies!  (And if you can obtain/send a copy of the rental agreement too, that's even better!) 

Send your submissions to or call 800-241-9759 to discuss your specific accounts with your underwriter today!
A Few "Fun Facts" about Jessica Edwards...  
1.  I was born and raised in St. Peters, MO (right outside St Louis), so obviously I'm a huge Cardinals fan!
2.  I have played softball since I was 5 (and I still play). 
I'm a "gamer" of all sorts (cards, board and video).
4.  I'm a lso a Band & Music nerd. (I played Bari Saxophone from Middle school through College in both Concert and Jazz Bands; I was in Drumline playing Marimba, Cymbals and Bass Drum through parts of HS and all of College; and my College Minor is in Music.)
5.  I have a house-full with a Husband of 6 years, Derek; a 3 year old son (Brady); and 2 large dogs (Jack and Sophie). 
6.  I secretly wish I was a movie star (and would love a role in one of Nicholas Sparks' movie novels). 

CIU will be closing at 1:00 pm on Wed, Nov 25th, and we will be closed all day Thurs, Nov 26th and Fri, Nov 27th. 

We wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Commercial Lines
Lessors Risk (tenant is a medical office) - 52,460 total square feet. $1mil/$2mil GL w/ $500 dedt. $5mil Prop TIV w/ $20k aop/2% (subject to $20k min) w/h dedts. Includes Equipment Breakdown. $27,670
Renovation Contractor - $1mil/$2mil GL. $1k dedt. $82k payroll; $800k cost to subs. $14,295
Lubricant, Oil, Grease Manufacturer - $1mil/$2mil GL w/ $2,500 dedt.; $1mil/$1mil Environmental Impairment Liability w/ $10k dedt./SIR; & $375k Prop TIV w/ $2,500 dedt.  $500k GR. $8,750
Gentleman's Club - $1mil/$2mil GL w/ $500 dedt. $274,000 GR. $10,580
Physical & Occupational Therapy and Athletic Training Services - $1mil/$3mil GL & $1mil/$3mil Prof. w/ $5k dedt. Includes $250k/$500k Sexual/Physical Abuse sub-limits. $7,930
Street and Road Contractor - $1mil/$2mil GL w/ $2,500 dedt.  $4mil Excess (over GL, AL & EL).  $4.2mil GR. $54,340
Conduit Construction for Cable Contractor - $1mil/$2mil GL w/ $5k dedt.; $2mil Excess (over GL and AL); & $272,500 IM w/ $1k dedt. $20,455
Funeral Home - Earthquake. $1,209,900 TIV w/ 10% dedt. $820
Used Auto Sales/Service - $100k Garage Liab; $25k GKLL.  $3,250
Pizza Delivery - $1mil Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liab. $305k delivery receipts. $4,500
Household Goods Mover - $750k CSL Auto Liab.  Unlimited radius. $10,980
Personal Lines
HO3 - Primary Dwelling, Log Const. PC 9. $850k TIV. $3,320
HO3 - Owner Occupied Seasonal Dwelling. $385k TIV. $2,070
Inland Marine - Equipment Floater.  $10k TIV w/ $1k dedt. $250
Inland Marine - Contents in a Mini-Storage. Named Perils + Burglary.  $85k TIV w/ $1k dedt. 6 month term. $425
Excess/Umbrella - $2mil over $5mil Primary. $245
HO6 - Secondary Condo in FL (owned by a Trust).  $262k TIV. $2,555