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Nov 2020 Newsletter
SCDOT advocacy update:
Complete Streets policy
We received the Secretary of Transportation's draft Departmental Directive for Complete Streets, and we're reviewing it now with leadership from the advocacy arm of the SC Livable Communities Alliance. In addition, another group of local planners is reviewing it for local impact. We'll soon compile comments and send back to the Secretary for a discussion before it's finalized in 2020. Watch the video to hear Secretary Hall describe her policy in her own words.
SCDOT begins their Bike Ped Safety Action Plan
Kimley Horn was chosen to conduct this intensive, year long process of developing SCDOT's plan to comprehensively manage non-motorized safety in South Carolina, encompassing Enforcement, Education, and Engineering. Their kick off starts early December, and that's all we know right now. Stay tuned.

This process, as defined by the Secretary's draft Complete Streets Departmental Directive, will ultimately coral the data and drive conclusions and decisions on what will fix our state's systemic pedestrian and bike safety problem. We have yet to figure out whether that path will be a balanced mix of those 3 E's, or whether it will focus on some more than others.
SC Department of Public Safety grants available
SC Department of Public Safety's Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs has a new and expanded public safety grant program for Non-Motorized road users. Deadlines are fast approaching for FY2022 projects. Contact us today if you're interested in working with us or managing your own. Eligible entities are governments, schools, and 501c-3 nonprofit organizations. Contact us today with any questions, etc.
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PCC Internships Available
We currently have 4 internships available, including one that is paid. Contact us for more information after you review details here.
  1. Bike Friendly University initiative @ USC (paid)
  2. Communications
  3. Policy development
  4. Education program development
Bike Friendly America
deadlines approaching
COVID presents unique challenges to rides. Many scheduled abide by strict safety protocols, and others have been re-scheduled. The list below is admittedly, likely incomplete:

Mar 30, 2020
Nov 10-14, 2021

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