November/December 2021
Expand Your Horse's Trust in You

Tom Seay

Executive Producer & Host
Best of America by Horseback

I got into a little hot water a few years ago with many of the major horse trainers.  It seemed to me every video I saw on TV or watched trainers at the equine expos, spent countless hours in the round pen. I simply made the comment, that "sooner or later you have to ride outside of the round pen". Apparently that hurt some DVD sales of many trainers. I wondered how many DVDs I should watch on putting the halter on a horse! 

I have a round pen and use it for initial training and refreshing, but the object is to ride your horse outside the round pen for pleasure regardless if it is for trail
riding, mounted shooting, barrel racing, or perhaps, working with cattle. Working with your horse should not be all work. Trust from your horse can be developed to a higher scale and this raises the pleasure of riding.

An example of this occurred several years ago when we were riding in Mississippi. It was a large ride in the low country with plenty of water crossings. Our group approached an old rusty metal bridge with drain holes in the metal planks. It look as if it had been there for many years. No one said anything but everyone had some doubts about the crossing, particularly with no siding or rails, including if it is going to fall when we rode across it.  My horse was leading the ride and he came to an abrupt stop. There was no way he was going to attempt this. I simply got off and walked across the bridge to the other side and then returned back across to my horse. I then took the reins and led him across. 

The comments and heckling began, particularly from a "trainer" and another from a movie horse wrangler that was riding with us. Most of the comments were, "I can make my horse do anything." Some said they can force their horse to do this or that. Someone else said, " that is what spurs and a riding whip are for". Sure, there was peer pressure as the large group watched to force the crossing, but we continued the ride which was a loop ride. On our return loop, my horse did not hesitate to cross that same old rusty bridge. All the insults stopped. My point is this: the horse had enough sense to stop and wonder about the safety of that bridge. He was actually protecting me as well as himself. Whips and harsh treatment only makes him associate a bridge with a beating. I do not want to ride a horse that would walk off a cliff or walk into a river that was not safe to cross. I want a horse I can trust and, more importantly, can trust me.

I see the same thing at our cattle drives here in Virginia at our home and farm. Folks show up and voice their concern about if they "can make their horse do this". Almost every time that someone is certain their horse will not work with cattle, they are the most successful and happiest riders. 
One key secret to this for riders or horses that have never worked with cattle is the fact we use some very basic thinking. Horses are quick to run away from danger and especially if their rider is scared. They can sense it and know if the rider is not happy, it may be time to head home (with our without the rider). To overcome this concern, we ride in a large field a good distance from the cattle. The horses can see the cattle but not close enough to be fearful. We then ride a wide distance around the cattle to get behind them. As the cattle see us, they will move away toward the barn. Horses are not afraid since the "threat' or danger is going away from them. Now fear is replaced by curiosity. Without realizing it, we move closer to the cows. There is a new level of bonding and trust from the horse as they begin to enjoy being dominate over the cattle. Many become playful and the riders enjoy this new level of trust.  

On our cattle drives, the rider also gets to experience the pleasure of riding a horse outside of the round pen or arena. The level of trust between the rider and horse always fascinates me and I take great pleasure in seeing the smiling faces.

We have an incredible repeat customer average to our events at around 70%.
I am proud of this, but the truth is simply the fact that cattle work is very satisfying to both the horse and rider.

This is not meant to be a commercial, but you might want to bring your horse to Virginia and enjoy a new level of pleasure experiencing something different with your equine. We do not charge for parking, electric hook-up, the stalls or the meals. All meals are at the dinning room table (no hot dogs and beans). We serve you as you deserve to be served. We take all the time you wish on making sure your comfort level is absolute and you have the time of your life. We treat you as family. Come ride with us and increase the bond between you and your horse.

For a free sample DVD of what we do or for more information, call our office at 540-829-9555. No whips, spurs or first aid kits are needed.

BOABH Member Spotlight
Vern Fahnholz
I am now 74 years old. I have been around horses since I was one year old. My grandfather worked at a stable in Melia, Oregon.  He had to babysit me therefore I was in the barn with him. When I got to where I could sit up, I spent my time on the back of a horse while he did his chores. If I fell asleep I was put on the hay.  
  In 1965 I joined the navy, SEA BEES. I was in the Vietnam War. When I was stationed in Porta Rico I had my own horses and both my daughters rode gymkhana speed events. I trained their horses. 
  I worked at the King Ranch in Kingsville, Texas from 1992 to 2014. I have ridden in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Arizona, Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma. Nevada, Kansas, New Zealand, and Iceland and in Mexico. And, I am still riding today even though the Dr told me to take a break. LOL!
I have ridden with Best of America by Horseback on 11 different rides around the country.  They are the greatest hosts ever. Tom and Pat Seay and Del Shields...Feel like family.  Thank you!
Letter from Del Shields

A Blessed but
Rocky Trail
by Del Shields

Dear Friends,
It's time once again, to say
"Merry Christmas"!
At this time of season, we hope you are getting ready to join family and loved ones for a happy and healthy celebration. Whether you are a lover of Christmas, or the Grentch, remember how blessed we are and how much we have to be thankful for.
As we have just experienced a tough couple of years, and most recently, the devastation from the storms in the mid-west that took so much from so many, we realize that we are in this journey together, and we all need one another.
In the words of the old song, "what the world needs now, is love sweet love."

As we, the Best Of America By Horseback Family travel around this country, we seek the good stories, the positive people, the happy endings. Sometimes, we encounter those who have suffered beyond words, lost beyond telling and hurting to the point of
giving up. But something about coming together in the spirit of unification, seems to add balm to the wounds.

While, we are not a church, as in the church, we watch this family lift up and edify each other in ways that leave us feeling amazed. Horse people are a compassionate people. We are a people always ready to lend a helping hand.

We may be living in a time, when this spirit was never needed more in our lifetime than right now. I am personally grateful for you, our Best Of America Family, who travel with us and encourage us and represent what is good, in these difficult and challenging times.
Equine are Therapy
We often talk about the fact that our equine are our therapy. There is actually more truth to this than many people realize. Studies show that our interaction with horses can lower your blood pressure, slow your heart rate, relieve stress and calm anxieties. It can even reduce symptoms of mental illness. It seems that Winston Churchill knew
a little something on the subject when he made that great declaration, "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.
In these stressful times, perhaps a little more barn time and less news coverage, may be beneficial to our health and sanity. I have recently come to appreciate the art of "Time Blocking" in my scheduling. I have been encouraged to block off more time than in the past, for simple recreational riding and recharging. It is too easy to become consumed with duties and not utilize the outlets we have for stress relief. Since we already own these magnificent creatures that God has entrusted to us, let me encourage you to use them to better your life. And this time you spend at home with them now, will be a benefit to you both, when you are out on the trails.
I look forward to riding with you soon. If I can assist you in any way, feel free to contact me personally. My email is [email protected]  I would love to hear about your new pursuits, Job advancements, new grandbabies and your challenges. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and may 2022 be a year of renewed blessings for

Until we meet, God bless you. Keep safe and.....ALWAYS RIDE THE HIGH TRAIL

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Valentine's Rides in Sunny Florida!
Valentine's Cowboy Ball
"Back in the Saddle Again" Ride with Tom!
Del and I are excited to announce the addition of several new televised trail rides to our 2022 ride schedule.

I am especially pleased about a ride in Alabama which I am calling the
“Back in the Saddle Again” Trail Ride. Many of us have had health issues, family situations, economic impacts from Covid-19 and maybe some of us are just getting older, all of which may have impacted our riding. I personally have recently not been able to ride, so I am looking forward to getting back in the saddle again. 

I want to personally invite you to ride with me again at Camp McClellan Horse Trails on September 30-October 2, 2022, in Anniston, Alabama as we return to ride their beautiful trails and see the additions they have made to this new equestrian facility since we were there last.

Del Shields would like to invite you to join him in warm and sunny Florida in February to celebrate Valentine's at two different Florida riding locations, the Florida Horse Park and Spirit of Suwannee Music Park and what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your sweetheart than at an old fashioned Cowboy Ball!

Del and I have lots of great trail riding locations and fun events planned for you in 2022. Please consider joining on an upcoming ride.

All of us at Best of America by Horseback wish you a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year!

Tom Seay
Florida Horse Park
Ocala, Florida
February 11-13, 2022
Join Host Del Shields and the BOABH crew for a weekend of trail riding, games and fun events at the Florida Horse Park in Ocala. The Florida Horse Park is a beautiful 500 acre facility in the middle of central Florida's premier equestrian venues. Escape the cold and join us in Florida!
Valentine's Cowboy Ball!
Florida Horse Park
Saturday, February 12th
What better way to celebrate Valentine's with your sweetheart than a good old fashioned cowboy ball! Grab your partner and join us for an evening of live music and dancing!
The Spirit of Suwannee
Music Park
Live Oak, Florida
February 14-15, 2022
Join Del Shields and crew and ride the sandy shores of the Suwannee River at this great riding venue and great winter get-away for trail riders.
"Back in the Saddle Again"
Ride with Tom Seay
Camp McClellan Horse Trails
Anniston, Alabama
September 30 - October 2, 2022
Join Tom Seay as he returns to see all of the additions and new planned amenities a this great horse camp.
2022 Cattle Drives at Andora Farm in VA
Join Tom Seay on his cattle farm in Virginia to drive and work cattle with your horse. This is a perfect adventure for riders and horses of any experience level, whether you've worked cattle before or not.

Guests will learn a variety of skills from horseback, including gathering and moving cattle and team penning. Riders and horses new to cattle will have time to slowly acclimate to moving cattle on Friday afternoon.

All of our guests are treated to delicious hot meals throughout the weekend, cooked right here at the farm and served to you family-style around the long dining table. Guests are also invited to take part in leisurely guided trail rides around the property.

Cattle drives include all meals, a trailer parking spot with 30 amp electric hookup and a horse stall. If you live too far away to trailer your horse, we do have a limited number of rental horses and hotels are just 5 miles from the farm. You do not need any experience working cattle by horseback, but we do ask that only experience riders book the rental horses.

All you have to do to book is call our office at 540-829-9555. A $25 deposit will hold your dates. Space is limited, so book early!

Best of America by Horseback's
Family Cookbook
A great gift idea for birthdays,
holidays or special occasions.
It is the time of year we enjoy having family and friends over to share a meal and memories. Tom grew up helping cook in his family's small country restaurant. Most of our events include sharing a meal with our guests, especially the cattle drives we host at our farm in Virginia. When we ask our guests what they enjoyed most about the weekend, the family style meals are always on the top of the list. Tom gets many comments that he should write a cookbook, so he did! Tom's recipes he serves at the cattle drives are in the book along with recipes submitted by members of our Best of America by Horseback family. It also makes a unique gift for the holidays. Click on the video below to see the details.
Click on video to the right
to see the details!

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A Poem by Del Sheilds

"In Stride"
By Del Shields

The clip-clop, clip-clop, of hooves landing with each stride.
The copper sky of sunset, framed her image, by my side.

Her golden hair lifted softly, as evening breeze came sweeping by.
Once, she caught me staring her way. A sparkle, came to her eye.

Very few words were spoken. But, the night birds began their song.
The creaking of our saddle leather, kept time as we swayed along.

Some coyote pups, played on the meadow. Some geese, honked overhead.
We turned and headed back to the ranch, to get all the horses fed.

The darkness over-took us, by the time that we rode in.
We unsaddled, by the light of a silver moon. The air was growing thin.

Yes, the night air was chilling. She shivered a bit, and said, " It won't be long, till winter is here."
I said, "The barn's full of hay. The cows are all fat. And, I've got you here with me, my dear."

Once again, I caught that gleam in her eye. For, I knew what she was talking about.
For, winter means cuddling, with quilts on our laps, watching movies, by the fire, on our couch.

We put the day to rest. Another memory, we can share. Words spoken here in silence, through her looks.
Not a one I take for granted, for I cherish what I have. Another day recorded, in the books.

If interested in acquiring any of my work, I can be contacted at: [email protected] or text or phone 620-433-1819.

Look for one of Del's poems in our next issue!

2022 Rides & Events

February 11-13 Florida Horse Park - Ocala, FL
February 12 Valentine's Cowboy Ball - Ocala, FL 
February 14-15 Spirit of Suwanne Music Park - FL
April 22-23 Andora Farm Cattle Drive - VA
April 29-May 1 True West Campground - TN
May 6-9 Clover Hill Ranch - KS
May 13-15 Mammoth Cave Horse Camp - KY
May 13-14 Andora Farm Cattle Drive - VA
May 20-22 Historic Fort Robinson - NE
May 20-21  Andora Farm Cattle Drive - VA
Sept 30-Oct 2 Camp McClellan Horse Trails - AL

New Rides are added to the schedule on the
Home page on

For more information or to make a ride reservation, please call

Are You Sure Your Horse is
Ready for Retirement?
By Carole Herder
Boot Up to Get your Older Horse Back

Are you sure your horse is ready for retirement? Ageing equines often suffer from arthritis in their joints as well as age-related metabolic disorders that can affect their bones, joints, and hooves. Cavallo Hoof Boots offer older equines enhanced comfort as they move. The soles absorb shock, re-distribute weight and pressure, and help encourage blood circulation—all essential ingredients for health and longevity. While some older horses can be ridden lightly, others are retired earlier than their owners would like. With extra support, these horses may have a chance to move freely again.
Bodies feel better when they move. Yes, this goes for horses too. Movement lubricates joints, increases blood circulation and aids in the distribution of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The more horses move, the greater the opportunity to extend their working active lives. Older horses are more willing when movement doesn’t cause them pain.
Cavallo Boots, combined with our Hoof Boot Pads, offer support for horses’ hooves as well as their joints. Our boots are also easy on ageing riders’ hands. If arthritis or bending down is an issue for you, you’ll be happy to find out how simply, quickly and securely our boots fasten. Read on to find out how boots helped three ageing equines move easily and get back on the trails:

Ricky Rejects Retirement

Riding with Trek boots helps older horses—and any horse—feel cushioned support while riding on any trail terrain.
Marie Reimer rides with the Back Country Horsemen of British Columbia. Having Trek Boots helped her rekindle her riding relationship with her 26-year-old Quarter Horse, Ricky.
“I ended up taking Ricky on a four-day camping trip,” she says. “My five-year-old horse wouldn’t load, so Ricky was pressed into service.”
Reimer says Ricky stepped out nicely and moved better than he has in recent days while wearing his Trek Boots.
“I’m going to take him out more, based on this trip,” she says. “We did some steep terrain at one point, and he had no trouble with grip. I am really impressed. Plus, we did trot some, went into the lake for him to drink and I didn’t worry about them coming off.”
Still Enjoying the Trails

Kim Fish rides the California trails with her 25-year-old horse, Josie. Fish credits Cavallo Hoof Boots with keeping her horse soundly on the trail for summer treks.
“We rode a small bit of the Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail in the lower foothills of Calaveras County, California,” Fish says. “Josie is breaking in her Trek Boots that I will be using from here on out on our adventures. Josie will be 25 years old in April and with her boots she is still going strong and loves to get out on the trail!”

Minis on the Move 
Ageing miniature horses also walk out with more confidence and drive when wearing their CLB Hoof Boots for miniature horses and very small equines.
A 19-year-old Shetland Pony named Tigger has chronically tender hooves. Watch his fast-paced walk with his new boots in place HERE! 
“He normally has to be so cautious,” his owner reports on her Moses Carriage Driving Diary Instagram account, @mosesdrives. “I haven’t seen him move out on the road like this for some time. He normally pulls to be on the grass. He’s normally so tentative and worried about ouchies. This is lovely. These are amazing. I was so skeptical and worried that boots wouldn’t make a significant difference but I’m over the moon to have been proven wrong!” 

Share Your Aging Equine Story
Tell us about your older horse and how Cavallo Boots have revitalized his movements or work life. Send us a message on Facebook or through our Contact Us web page!
Thanks for reading and I hope you have many happy trails on your horses of all ages,

Sign up here for Cavallo’s free newsletter and special community discounts:
Cavallo Boot Giveaway!
Wendy Pengal
Chesterland, Ohio
is the winner
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Cavallo Hoof Boots
Enter to win the next pair of Cavallo Boots by emailing "[email protected]" with the subject line:
"Enter Me to Win"
Include your contact information and state.
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Spurr’s Big Fix “Hoof Fix” and Spurr’s Big Fix Antiseptic Spray are both excellent for Horse Hoof Care and maintenance. We all know the old saying “no hoof no horse” and our Spurr’s Big Fix Antiseptic Spray is no less than miraculous when it comes to conditioning dry, brittle or cracked hooves! And try “Hoof Fix” – it’s an awesome Hoof Conditioner!
Farriers love Spurr’s Big Fix Antiseptic Spray because they can simply spray it on the foot, wait a moment and trim a much more pliable hoof.
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