The Great CSP Giveaway Winners 
so far. One more drawing to go!

Keep local businesses going during COVID-19 restrictions. 
Here are the winners:
  • Gift certificate for beef jerky (The Daily Jerky) ($20) Joseph Tracy
  • Gift certificate (Cervantes Restaurant) ($25) Richard Valdez
  • Gift certificate (Cervantes Restaurant) ($25) Andrea Rutan
  • Gift certificate (Cervantes Restaurant) ($25) Tom Wieland
  • One free haircut (Norma's Beauty Expressions) ($25) Matt Wieland
  • CSP Dance Studios jacket ($50) James Leach
  • 2 hrs of professional organizing (Placed With Grace) ($80) Ashley Wieland
  • 2 hrs of professional organizing (Placed With Grace) ($80) Minda Doyle
  • 2 hrs of professional organizing (Placed With Grace) ($80) Nancy Kinney
  • $50 gift card to Steel Bender BrewYard (Go For It Now Travel) ($50) Laura Michel
  • Gift bag (Momentum Pilates and Gyrotonic® Studio) ($65) Donna Gassner
  • 2 Gyrotonic® Sessions (Sandia Spirals) ($120) Aaron Krueger
  • 2 - 1 hr Training Sessions (Brewington Fitness & Performance) ($160) Tom Spahr
  • 2 hr Country Dance Intensive with Maryann Harvey ($200) Bill Beutel
  • $500 off a new roof or roofing repairs (Goodrich Roofing) ($500) Tim Borror
  • Gift Certificate (Basil Leaf Vietnamese Restaurant) ($10) Gwen Sun
  • Gift Certificate (The Paleta Bar) ($10) Herb Skipp
  • Mary Kay consult + 25% discount (Gwen Bugg consultant) ($50) Kevin Barone
  • $50 Woman's bag (What Goes Around Consignment) ($50) Warren Kinney
  • 4 - 30 min online training & free weights (My Mobile Fitness Tucson) Shellie Sims
  • Float session x 2 (True Rest ABQ) ($70) Rachelle Chowaniec
  • One -month membership (Stone Age Climbing Gym) Hubert Montroy
  • Bottle of Gray Goose w/ Shaker Kit (Edward Jones) ($40) Sequoia Rae Zuniga
  • Classic Pair of dance shoes & shoe brush ($90) William Dryer
  • 2 hr Dance Intensive with Patti Smith ($200) 
  • 2 hr Dance Intensive with Frances Burch ($200)
Join Maryann Harvey 
in a Night Club 
Online Video Series

Maryann Harvey, UCWDC Masters Grand Champion and Classic Open Division I World Grand Champion, is your guide through an exciting ONLINE video experience sponsored by CSP Dance Studios!

This 6 week series, that features 5 weeks of instruction, from either the leader or follower perspective, plus a final 
Live Q & A session coming Sunday at 6:00 pm!  

Those who purchase this series receive emailed links each week of four measures of novice nightclub patterns. These patterns are presented, explained and demonstrated. The fifth week in the series provides review and combines the material into a sequence.

Just purchase the package, receive the Leader or Follower links , and enjoy. You may purchase this series until Nov 1st. 
Get it now before it goes away.

Updated Group Class Policies and 
New Group Class Dances in November 
CALL to register 505-883-9521!