Happy Thanksgiving from Animal Hospital of North Asheville 

Thanksgiving is a great holiday! It gives us an opportunity to gather for a wonderful meal with our family and friends, but it also is a wonderful occasion to reflect on all of the blessings that we are grateful for. In addition to our individual gratitude, all of us at Animal Hospital of North Asheville are grateful for....

YOU - our wonderful clients! You love your pets as part of your family, and you entrust their care to us. Whether you're a new member of our family or you've been coming here since we opened in 1977, we couldn't do what we do without you.

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Welcome to our Family, Dr. Frye!  

Dr. Morgan Frye grew up loving his pets in West Virginia, but it was the care and concern the veterinarian showed while splinting his pet quail's broken leg that sparked Dr. Frye's interest in veterinary medicine. After majoring in biology at Marshall University (Go Herd!), Dr. Frye attended veterinary school at the University of Georgia and graduated in 2014. Since graduating from veterinary school, Dr. Frye has continued to learn through taking advanced classes in ultrasound and orthopedic surgery, and becoming Fear Free certified. He feels lucky to be a veterinarian because he especially values the relationships that he develops with his patients and their families. The only thing he enjoys more about his job is helping sick pets recover to full function so that they can enjoy their lives with the people they love. Dr. Frye's special interests include caring for cats, ultrasound, soft tissue surgery, and orthopedic surgery.

Contribute to Our Annual  
Holiday Pet Food Drive! 

Please help us as we once again hold our annual Holiday Pet Food Drive to help needy dogs and cats in our community. A great many dogs and cats will need food and warmth this winter, so please donate to help them! There is nothing that we appreciate as much at holiday time as gifts of pet food for our pet food drive. Animal Hospital of North Asheville will match the first 2,000 pounds of food donated, so bring those bags and cans in. Donations will be distributed to Asheville Humane Society, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, and Meals on Wheels Pet Food Program.

Drop any canned or dry pet food, blankets, pet toys and/or monetary donations off at Animal Hospital of North Asheville during normal business hours between Thanksgiving and January 1st. We are open from 7:30 AM until 8:30 PM Monday through Friday and from 8:00 until 5:00 on Saturday. Drop food or other items off anytime! All donations by check must be made out to the organization of your choice (not to Animal Hospital of North Asheville). We will distribute all the donations to the three organizations after the first of the year.

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Keeping Your Pet Stress Free  
Over the Holiday     

Thanksgiving through New Year's Day can be a joyous time of the year, but our pets, just like us, can become overwhelmed and stressed. One of the best gifts we can give to our pets is a stress free holiday! It is important to think about the festivities through their eyes; everything we love about the holidays can be scary for them. So what can we do to help them?


A sudden change in appearance to a pet's surroundings can be stressful, so decorate gradually over a week or so. Be sure not to change the locations of litter boxes, bedding, feeding stations and such for your pets. Sudden change can cause unwanted destructive or urination behaviors, especially in cats.

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Taste of Compassion:  
The Animals Thank You!

Animal Hospital of North Asheville was proud to present the 14th Annual Taste of Compassion benefiting the animal of the Asheville Humane Society.

It was a night of glamour, great music, wonderful food, craft beverages and a community coming together to help local animals in need.

All together, $147,500 was raised! Thank you to all of the attendees, bidders, sponsors and auction donors! The Asheville Humane Society and the Animal Hospital of North Asheville are so thankful for all the generosity and support!

Our 2017 Holiday Hours 


  • Wednesday, Nov. 22nd 7:30am-5pm
  • Thursday, Nov. 23rd CLOSED
  • Friday, Nov. 24th normal hours 7:30am-8:30pm
  • Saturday 12/23 open as usual
  • Sunday 12/24 closed (no urgent care)
  • Monday 12/25 closed
  • Saturday 12/30 open as usual
  • Sunday 12/31 closed (no urgent care)
  • Monday 1/1 closed
AHNA is Always Learning     

At the Animal Hospital of North Asheville, we are always learning! Throughout the year, our veterinarians, management, client care and patient care team members spend countless hours learning via in-house, online and off-site continuing education opportunities and veterinary conferences. October was no exception as several of our veterinarians attended national veterinary conferences throughout the United States.

In early October, Doctors Paul Duncan and Susan Wootten attended the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference in New Jersey. This week-long educational conference offered lectures and hand-on workshops for topics like oncology, feline medicine, behavior, toxicology, pain management and dermatology. Dr. Wootten and Dr. Duncan attended lectures on several topics, including Fear Free Initiatives, feline infectious disease and pain management.

Upcoming Pet Help Sessions
& Classes at AHNA
Free classes are for people only. Please leave your pet at home.

WOOF! I Can't Stop Barking!
  • Tuesday, November 28th, 7:00PM
  • Location: Animal Hospital of North Asheville Education Room
  • Presented by Jenny White, CPDT-KA of Dog-Ed
  • People Only
  • No Registration required. No fee to attend. Everyone welcome!
Do you need some peace and quiet? Have neighbors ever complained or has animal control been at your door? Do you feel like you've tried everything and nothing has worked? This session is for you. Learn the different reasons that dogs may bark excessively, how to assess what is motivating your dog's vocalization, and what training techniques will work best for your dog's type of barking.

UNLEASH THE POSSIBILITIES: Discover the keys to a wonderful canine companion
  • Saturday, December 2nd, 4:30-6:30pm
  • Location: at the Asheville Humane Society
  • Presented by Jenny White, CPDT-KA of Dog-Ed
  • People Only
  • No Registration required. No fee to attend. Everyone welcome!
In this class you will discover how dogs learn, how provide appropriate outlets for natural behaviors to keep your dog behaviorally healthy, and prevent problem behaviors from developing. Learn how to read your dog's body language for clues that tell you if he is relaxed, stressed, threatened, or afraid. This class is open to the public. It is a must for any dog guardian or someone thinking about sharing their life with a dog and a requirement for joining many of the Dog-Ed training classes. These classes are for humans only, please leave your dogs at home. No registration required. If you plan on enrolling Training Games series you must be present for whole class.
Our classes fill up fast! Check our website and Facebook Events Calendar for available Saturday Training Classes.  

Concentration: Learn How to Achieve Focus by Your Dog, Despite Distractions.
  • Saturdays: Dec. 9th and Dec. 16th 4:00PM-5:00PM
  • Presented by Jenny White, CPDT-KA of Dog-Ed
  • Location: Animal Hospital of North Asheville Education Room
  • Cost: $100
New environments, people, and other dogs can be challenging and stimulating for your dog. In this 2-week class, you will learn how to build focus and shift your dog's attention from distractions back to you. This SERIES also includes a 4-week class of coming when called (Red Rover), loose leash walking (Follow Me), stationary training (Red Light-Green Light) or polite greetings (Mother May I?) class. It is your choice! For a total of 6-week fun and skill building learning! This "Concentration" class is a prerequisite for the other classes in the Training Games Series.

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Mission Statement:
By embracing new knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, our mission at AHNA is to provide the highest level of medical, dental and surgical care possible; to deliver it with integrity and compassion for our clients, but most importantly, to constantly see ourselves through the eyes of our voiceless patients who understand only that we are gentle and kind; to have as our first priority, relief and prevention of their fear, pain and discomfort and to strive to minimize separation from the people they love.
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