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Jeff Park ZoomMeetings

Friends of Jefferson Park
Wednesday, Nov 18. 5:15pm

Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association
Wednesday, Nov 18, 6 PM
Proposed slate of 2021 officers will be presented

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Walk the Linear Trail
See all nine appreciation banners
Thank you neighbors who allowed the use of their walls!!
Thanks to all of the people who worked together to help the Linear Park become a reality: PAG, RTA,COT, TDOT, Ward III (Uhlich,Durham and Mahon), Jefferson Park neighborhood, the Grant Road Coalition of neighborhoods,Tucson Clean and Beautiful, Prop. 407, and City Parks and Recreation. During the four year process, we had many "starts and stops" with different entities involved, but due to the vision, efforts, and sheer perseverance of many individuals, it's almost finished!
... the stands for the history signage in progress
Jefferson Park neighbors are making their contribution to the Linear Trail. They are working to ready the historical information and fabricating the stands upon which the signs will be mounted. Most importantly, they will be placed along the trail, telling visitors how Grant, Fremont, and Campbell got their names, what Tucson looked like in 1939 and 1943, and a bit about Annie Lester, the 1901 homesteader of Jefferson Park.
Proposed Construction by UA
Potential parking issues for JP Residents
Facilities Management Building looking north from Drachman and Vine
Facilities Management Building looking south on Vine
SW side of Applied Research Building with new bike/pedestrian path north of the Highland Underpass
Jefferson Park members of the CCRC (Campus Community Relations Committee) met with UA to learn about proposed new construction north of Speedway. Jefferson Park expressed concerns about parking issues for the workers. UA assured them that they would address that issue. Jefferson Park suggested that we be proactive on the issue of worker parking as many neighbors felt the overflow from the Banner construction in 2017-2019. Capital projects at the U of A are now on hold, but stay tuned for updates.
Recycle your E- Waste
E- Waste

Do you have Electronic-Waste you no longer need? Working or not, Environmental Services will collect it at the America Recycles Day Kickoff Event on November 14th. There is no fee to drop off electronic waste.

What to bring: computers, audio equipment, cable and wire, camera equipment, cell phones, hard drives, electric motors, fax machines, keyboards, LCD monitors, power supplies, and more.

They will not collect CRT TVs at this event, but feel free to take them to Suburban Miners for a $25 fee. For more information, go to: Suburban Miners

This Environmental Services event is Saturday, Nov. 14 from 9 to 1 at 4004 S. Park. (Thanks, Garden District)
Building Permit Applications now on-line
FROM CITY OF TUCSON: New online application
This new process is part of a phased approach to help automate the intake of permits. It aims to reduce the time from application submission to permit initialization and allow for more immediate tracking of permit progress.   

As of Monday, October 26, 2020, all building permits, except for Residential Model Plans and Development Packages, will be processed through the Online Building Permit Application. Residential Model Plans and Development Packages are planned for the next phase to be implemented in the coming weeks, and in the meantime will continue to be submitted through the Filedrop

The new Online Building Permit Application went live on Monday, October 26 at this page: Please visit this page for information on submitting building permits, including what is needed to apply and a link to the new application.
Continue to make your concerns known
Update - There is a movement underway by a 7 neighborhood coalition to request TEP place all urban areas lines underground. Recent November 4 Mayor and Council study session discussed the issue with TEP CEO, Sara Gray. To view the segment, go to: Go to time stop 4:19:58.
Jeff Park's CWG Representatives suggested strategy: Continue to flood the TEP website, with our concerns. Await the November announcement of final three line siting routes which will be sent to the ACC.
See the 1080 pages of comments posted to the TEP website at Click the "Comments" link at the right side of the page .
Jefferson Park E-newsletters chronicle the development of the TEP project
If you wish to see all the information provided by TEP, go to:
End of Year Donations
Consider these 501c3 's
Neighborhood School: The International School of Tucson needs your support. Information on how to make a donation is on the school website at complete with links to make your tax credit donation on-line.
LEND A HAND: This 501(c)3 assists elders in Jefferson Park and seven other neighborhoods. Lend A Hand Senior Assistance
PO Box 41323
Tucson, AZ 85717-1323

Friends of Jefferson Park, Inc - the 501(c) 3 non-profit for the neighborhood that is purposed to preserve the historic district and improve the quality of life of its residents. Checks can be sent to Friends, PO Box 41243, Tucson 85717.
Halloween Distance Celebration
The International School had their Halloween celebration decorating fences and decorating cars. Fun was had by all - at a distance. Lots of time and effort invested in the decorations!!!
IST hosts an on-line book sale
Find literary holiday gifts!
IST earns 50% in free books from all sales !
WHO: ALL IST Families and Friends
WHERE: Online at
WHEN: November 1st-15th
WHY: build your home library, donate books to a class, BOOKraise for IST, and/or buy holiday gifts!
HOW: Online ordering is available November 1st through the night of November 15th at  All orders will ship straight to your address. 
Please contact the IST Usborne Books & More Educational Services Representative with any questions or if you need assistance in selecting books, at: 
Lend a Hand - Needs Volunteers
Lend a Hand needs volunteers to deliver food boxes, get folks to doctor appointments, and check on folks. You may receive mileage for your volunteer time.
CONTACT US (520) 248-6882
Lend A Hand Senior Assistance
 PO Box 41323, Tucson, AZ 85717-1323
Illegal Signs in Neighborhood ?????
This sign in any R-1 neighborhood is not legal. The owner has been cited for such signs before but continues to use them. To report sign violations:..

You must report these signs as the Code Enforcement will not act without a registered complaint. Even if they see it!

Red Tags, Complaints, etc.
In partnership, neighborhood assn's, the Ward Offices, Pima County District 5, and the University’s Community Relations Office are now responding directly to neighborhood homes. When they receive complaints or messages of concern, the group makes a visit to the home. If a residence receives a red tag, no meeting occurs because the details of the citation goes directly to the UA.

October - 4 red tags and 3 loud party calls
1) Loud party/Loud music calls should go to 911.
2) Additionally, if student- related, contact the UA Neighborhood Hotline to report concerns at 520-282-3649.
Safety Committee - recommended news article
JP Neighbors recommend service providers
Need recommendations for lawn service, bee removal, plumbers, even cat groomers, etc.? JP website has lists and references. Go to
EDISON Parklet (Edison and Campbell)
Back to in-person with social distancing
3rd Saturday of the month, 8:00 am, in the parklet at the end of Edison at Campbell Avenue. Many thanks to the neighbors who have been doing "pick-up" during these last 7-8 months!
We will begin again in November, and it takes very little time if several people work together. We can easily socially distance, and it really is an enjoyable way to spend an early morning. Garbage bags and tools supplied. Hoping for a big turn-out "Many hands make light work". If you do pick up trash during the week, or just prefer to pick it up at your time of choice, please contact Joanne Osuna at and your time will count. We report our hours to Tucson Clean and Beautiful as part of the Adopt-a-Park Program.
TPD Crime protection pamphlet
TPD has provided a Crime Prevention pamphlet with great tips your reading pleasure. You can find it at:
HOT-Homeless Outreach Team pamphlet
Mental Illness, homeless, drug addiction
CLICK HERE to access the recent pamphlet from TPD with information on resources for the homeless, the mentally ill, and the drug addicted.
TPD Contacts for Jefferson Park
New JP Lead Officer: Ofc. Joclyn Avilez. Her email is Phone: 520-307-1252.

JP Community Resource Officer is Erin Peters - Phone: 520-965-7670

You, also may contact our division at or phone: (520) 791-4467.
Symptoms: Flu vs Covid
From Councilmember Steve Kozachik's newsletter this past week:
"You know the symptoms of the flu – you’ve had it. But how do they compare with COVID-19? I poached this table from a USA Today article. It’s pretty clear that many of the symptoms are common to both viruses. The recommendation is that you get a COVID test if you feel any of them, just to be sure which one you may be coming down with. And in all cases, stay home!" (Thank you Garden District E-news for bringing this to our attention)
COVID-19 Reliable sources of information
COVID-19 Testing Available. More than 400 COVID-19 testing sites are available across Arizona. View the list with details on locations, hours of operation and more on the Arizona Department of Health Services website:
A COVID-19 hotline has been set up to answer any questions from the public and healthcare providers about testing, symptoms, and any other questions you have about the virus. Call 1-844-542-8201 to reach a health care professional.

Southwest GasTucson Electric Power, and Tucson Water are all suspending service disconnections until further notice.

If you are healthy and able, please help by volunteering to pack emergency food boxes. The Community Food Bank URGENTLY needs volunteers to keep operations running. Email to get started.

The City of Tucson has a homeless protocol which brings TPD out to offer people options. How to report is described at
If Emergency: 911
Non-emergency: 520-791-4467;
City Services "Cheat Sheet"  has links, emails, and phone numbers
to make it easier to reach anyone in the City
based on your need.
Recycling list

to read what can/cannot be recycled
Roach Control Hotline
Automated line, please provide requested information and staff will return the call
(520) 724-3401

Report Sewer Odors
(520) 724-3400

SOS (Low Income bill assistance
(520) 791-5443
Dirty bus stop
Call (520) 792-9222 to report the location. You may also email 
Include pictures if you wish. All requests will be documented by Sun Tran to ensure proper follow-up takes place.
Sun Tran:
Neighborhood Contacts & Resources
Area Representatives

Area #1 - Mary Worthen,323-1777 

Area #2 - Jon Heine,321-4343

Area #3 - Laurel-Heather Milden,

Area #5 - Joanne Osuna, 798-3602

Area #6 - Lisa Jones,622-1682
Emergency 24/7 (520) 268-9575
Helicopter Noise/ Banner Hospital contact BUMC Security at 694-6533.

24/7 available (520) 282-3649

Neighborhood Resources:
Recommended service Providers

TPD Lead Officer for our area: Ofc. Joclyn Avilez. Her email is

non-emergency crime: 
emergency crime:   911

See the latest crimes in Jeff Park:

See code violations in Jeff Park:  

Report an unruly gathering: Call 911  CLICK HERE to see Flow Chart 

See historic photos of Jefferson Park:
The Ward offices publish weekly updates. Jefferson Park is in Ward 3; however, Ward 6 also puts out an informative newsletter, so both are worth a read!

1510 E Grant*
Ward III, See Paul's e-news at:

Another newsletter chock full of information!
Ward VI, Steve Kozachik's newsletter:

Our Pima County Contact, District 5
Amanda Monroy, Special Staff Assistant to Supervisor Betty Villegas
Pima County Board of Supervisors,
520-724-8126 ■
Paul Durham, Ward III
Get on the List Serve! To sign up for the neighborhood list serve, send a blank email to 
or send a request for an invitation to

Facebook: Jefferson Park Pet Lost animals, found animals etc 

Facebook: Jefferson Park: Interactive communications and neighborhood friendly posts

Report Transportation Concerns: Is there a pothole you'd like to see fixed? Is a street sign missing? Is a tree limb hanging too close over a roadway or sidewalk?You can report these issues to the Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT), (520) 791-3154, or email the exact location to

What is a code violation?And whom do I call? Download an information sheet approved by the City Code Enforcement Division
Editors' Note: This Constant Contact is sent only upon request and with permission. The editors, Joan Daniels, Erin Posthumus, Joanne Osuna , Colleen Nichols invite your comments.
Thanks to the editors who check and recheck the information we send out to our neighbors. If you see an error or have an addition, let one of us know.