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                                            JUNE 7, 2017
Welcome to our 6th Newsletter! 
We hope that you're enjoying reading about our plans and will to join us June 17th from 4-7PM when we meet in Terra Linda at the Muller residence.
RSVP to or 415-827-2073 for address.
Is Cohousing a Co-op, Homeowners' Association, Commune? 
"20 Questions and Answers About Cohousing" article, AARP Jan. 2016  

Co-owners say their living arrangement is technically a homeowners' association because it's a condominium and is legally governed by a board and condominium documents. But more to the point, cohousing is an intentional community.

A balcony view of the common house great room, which includes a kitchen and dining area. - Photo by article author Ellen Ryan.

"We live together because we want to know our neighbors and interact with our neighbors," says one Takoma Village cohousing owner. "It's like the old-fashioned neighborhood of the future," says another. Adds another: "We have common meals when we want to, although we have our own places too. [A common meal] saves me a lot of work." 

Residents Chatting in Liberty Village Cohousing, Frederick MD

Typically, cohousing features two rows of privately owned condos and/or townhouses that face each other across a green. The rows are connected by a 3,000+-square-foot common house, which is a structure where meetings, parties and other gatherings take place. The common house can have community mailboxes, a kitchen, a great room with dining tables and a fireplace, a playroom, a TV room, workshop, exercise room, two guestrooms, an office, a laundry room and reading nook. Outside features may
include a hot tub, garden, playground, piazza and backyard hammock. The grounds and parking lot are common space as well.

Upcoming Meetings  
We start with a 1-hour newcomers intro, then a potluck, followed by a general meeting. 

Summer Gathering 
Satur day, June 17, 4-7pm 
Terra Linda, San Rafael 
Meetings are announced on Meetup: Please RSVP to receive address.
Novato Cohousing Now Meetup

Alternatively, RSVP to or call
John Caye at (415) 827-2073.

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Photo by Nick Fullerton
Momentum is Building for Cohousing in Marin, Join Us! 
Contact us at and come to our next meeting on June 17th. You can also follow us at Novato Cohousing Now ( and find further info on our website here. 

Though growing awareness is essential, what we need most are future neighbors seeking to live in cohousing in the 2019 time frame. Join us for an upcoming meeting as we build momentum toward securing our site and designing our community!

We are in discussions with a land owner and hope to have a signed memorandum of understanding soon to secure the site for cohousing. Stay tuned for more details.
To see what is sometimes required to attain access to a desired site, read below the testimonial to the Novato City Council from member Judy Slater.
Testimony: Novato Council Meeting Held at the End of March    

Good evening Mayor and Council members.
My name is Judy Slater and I live in Hamilton in Lanham Village.
I am asking you to vote in favor of authorizing the City Manager to issue Requests for Proposals for the Town Center parcel and the Commissary parcel.
I see this decision as an opportunity for the next generation to have a multi-use site that enhances what Hamilton has to offer, re-affirms the existing land use designations, restores the Theater to community use and generates much needed revenue for the City.
I want to affirm the desire for an innovative public/private/non-profit partnership and process that allows the community to have input into the proposals to ensure that all ideas are explored with a win-win outcome.
My father worked on the old Hamilton Base, I live in Hamilton as I said and Hamilton has a special place in my heart as a model for what the future of Novato can be.
So again, I ask you to vote in favor of authorizing the City Manager to issues RFP's with a 90 day period for the Town Center and Commissary parcels.
Thank you for listening .
Meet Two of Our Core Group: ROBERTO and ROSA

Rob and Rosa are Northern California natives who have come to appreciate what Marin has to offer. When not working or caring for their infant daughter, they enjoy hiking, trail running, camping, backpacking, and other outdoor pursuits. They also enjoy travel, cooking, and working on projects. Rob is a cynical idealist and Rosa is a idealistic realist, and both have experience with cooperative living. Both are looking forward to putting down deeper roots in the North Bay.

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