Alberta Health Services Public Health has asked the ACFP to support regular updates to family physicians in Alberta regarding the potential outbreak of novel coronavirus.

AHS, ACFP, and CPSA, will continue to share the latest information through our communication channels as it becomes available. All channels will direct you to the same source of truth on the AHS website .
Mar 17: COVID-19 Update - PPE for Non-PCN Physicians
Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services are pleased to confirm distribution process of personal protective equipment (PPE) has been finalized and approved for primary care physician clinics who are not members of a Primary Care Network (PCN). PPE was distributed to PCN clinics on
March 12. As critical partners in the management of COVID-19, your role in Alberta’s response is well-recognized and understood. We appreciate your patience as we confirmed this process.

Please read this memo in its entirety and share it broadly with your networks.

  • There is a limited amount of PPE for use across the system and tight controls and standardized provincial level processes must be used to ensure equity and appropriateness.
  • Primary care PPE distribution will be organized and streamlined provincially and operationalized zonally.
  • A PCN hub and spoke model has been developed that will be used to support distribution of PPE to primary care clinics.
  • Although AHS is confident in its PPE supply, there is a limited amount and we must ensure highest risk areas are supplied.
  • The plan is subject to change at any time based on system needs and supply availability.
  • PPE must be closely monitored in clinics and must not be left out in waiting or exam rooms.
  • Alberta Health, AHS (multi department), AMA, ACFP and CPSA are well aligned to ensure consistent, timely information sharing with physicians and agree to use common provincial messages, resources, and approaches.

Non-PCN Primary Care Providers (NPPCP) role
  • The role of NPPCP is the same as that of PCN member clinic providers: to support the provincial response to COVID-19 through assessment and testing when they have appropriate PPE and nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs.
  • When possible, encourage patients concerned about COVID-19 to complete the online assessment tool here:
  • If necessary, in clinics with PPE and swabs, it may be appropriate to assess and test COVID-19 symptomatic patients in primary care.
  • If the primary care clinic does not have appropriate PPE, they should direct patients with influenza-like-illness (ILI) symptomatic to complete the online assessment tool for assessment and triage.

Download the complete memo . Check here for frequent updates:

Non-PCN Physicians: Who to Call for PPE
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