48th Edition
November & December 2020
Welcome back and Happy New Year!
As expected, 2020 brought many uncertainties and challenges to A is for Africa...from cancelled fundraisers and service trips to schedule changes at Matim and new considerations for the health and safety of the students. But we are so grateful for your continued generosity and support, especially in these trying times. This support led to another successful year; be sure to check out our 2020 Annual Report next week!
Asante sana!
Primary School Leaving Exam Standard 7 2020 Results
Matim PS has excelled again this year. Since AIFA began in 2008/2009, the Matim students have steadily improved their performance at school and evidenced by overall ranking of all schools in the Arusha District. In 2012, only 52% of Matim students passed the Std 7 National Exam. The school was ranked in the lowest quartile of all schools in Tanzania. In 2020, 88 of 90 students (99.7%) passed this Exam and the best news is, all 88 plan to continue their studies at Mukulat Secondary School. In 2020, Matim scores ranked 13th of 92 primary schools in the Arusha District. If private schools are excluded from this ranking, Matim ranked 4th. Now Matim is ranked in the highest quartile in the entire country of 16,000 primary schools; an amazing accomplishment for the students, Headmaster Mr. Lang’o and their teachers.
Paying it Forward
An anonymous donor suggested the creation of an annual award for a member of the Matim PS faculty or a member of the community who has contributed greatly to the success of these students. This year’s recipient is Mr. Meshack Masore (pictured to the right) who for almost three years has volunteered in a village clinic to provide pediatric and OB/GYN services to families in the Lemanyata Valley. This award was presented to Mr. Masore with a stipend by Headmaster Mr. Lang’o.
Special Request for Assistance
We received a special request from the Arusha District Council Executive Director and the Arusha District Education Director for a contribution to the construction of a new primary school. Although plans have been drawn and approved, much construction still remains to be completed before the first term, January 2021. AIFA made a donation of 800 building blocks to assist in the construction of one classroom. The Council was extremely pleased with our donation. All organizations similar to AIFA are being contacted and requests for assistance. AIFA was the first to respond and donate.
Giving Tuesday Results
We are so excited to tell you that more than $6,000 was donated on Giving Tuesday 2020. We will not know until mid-January 2021 if any of your donations will be matched by Facebook but we are cautiously optimist that even more funds will be coming.  
As always we sincerely thank all who have been so generous in supporting AIFA’s work: Jacquie & Steve Tennant, Ted Ziegler, Sharon Wilson, Tom & Kathleen Crow, Ellena & Steve Vasquez, Carol & Joe Dupree, Alison & Frank Dennis, Carol & Alan Dellapenna, David Wallace & Betsy Frick, Kelley Clements, Naomi Aronson, William Pearson, Bruce Etchison, Heart Legacy Team (Walt, Fran & Erica), Kathy O’Malley & Ed Mallon, Glee & Bill Butts, Heather Kauffman, Laurie Mombay, Marsha McCauley & Jack Christy, John & Val Smith, Dawn & Doug Stull, Jill and Dren Sopa, Kelly Taylor, Loretta & Sid Hall, John Steward, Steve Suettinger, Ben Schmeil, Tom & Sharon Walker, Dorothy & Alex Rubin, Dan & Jeri Warner, Anna & Ken Berger, Molly Smith & Mike Schroeder, Robin & Brian Camarote, Rick & Susan Barror, Diane and Rudy DeAtley, Tom Neff, John & Jenny Bennett, Ben Berger, Jake Berger, Karen Smid & Ali Saidi, Roshana, David, Mira & Ben Cohen, Carol Lite & Ken Cantor, Gary & Janet Hartz, Peter Swanson, Lammot du Pont, Brenda Pawlak, Danielle Schroeder & Kevin Foster
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