Michael Wenger , an experimental and mathematical psychologist at the University of Oklahoma, began working in neuroscience 15 years ago. He was studying the basic aspects of visual perception and memory at Pennsylvania State University when a colleague approached him with a proposal. 

In August of 2010 Wenger joined OU, where he was awarded a grant to study behavior and brain measurements, as well as metabolic measurements.

Today, Wenger’s research continues, and recently two undergraduate students who have been assisting him were able to attend the 2019 Neuroscience Conference in Chicago. While there, Ayesha Sajid and Trace Lawson had the opportunity to network with other people in their field and present their research in poster form.  

Currently, Wenger and his team are focused on multiple projects, including research on iron deficiency tests in the eye and two projects with the OU Health Sciences Center – the first of which examines the role of iron deficiency in smoking cessation, and the other which explores the hypotheses that accumulation of iron on the brain is one of the bases for neurodegenerative disease.