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One of the greatest charms in our community is the constant beauty of the changing seasons.
Time Change = Battery Change!
By now, we all should have changed our clocks; but did you change the batteries in your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarms? This should be done every 6 months. Just a friendly reminder from your Amberley Village Police-Fire Department!
Amberley Village Offices Open on November 11
65,000 Veterans Have Recorded Their Personal War Stories

A program by The Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress American Folklife Center has recorded over 65,000 individual veteran war stories in an attempt to preserve and make accessible for future generations. This collection includes thousands of audio and videotapes, personal memoirs, visual materials and letters from service members dating back to WWI. Thanks to all who served from all of us at Amberley Village!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Amberley Village Administration and Maintenance offices will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday, November 26 and 27, 2020.

Trash and recycling collection remain on schedule.

Maintenance crews will be conducting leaf collection and light brush pickup throughout the month. Check out the handy video below to learn more about how to expedite your leaf collection!
Stay Current with Calendar & Video
New Remote Meeting Security Protocols
To further increase security, protect our time and ensure our meetings can remain open to the public, Amberley Village will now require that all participants register for some meetings prior to logging in. The registration process takes just a couple of seconds the first time you use it, and will AutoFill for subsequent meetings.

Once registered, an email confirmation of your registration will be sent containing a password to sign in. This process will ensure the Village has information about who has registered.

It is recommended that attendees register in advance and login to our meetings a few minutes early until familiarized with the new process. We regret the need for these extra measures, but preserving the security and integrity of Village business is paramount. Please be sure to read instructions for meeting protocols in each notice, as there are varying sign-in instructions based on meeting type and host.

Please contact Clerk of Council Tammy Reasoner at or 531-8675 with any questions regarding this new process.
Reminder: Please Don't Rake Leaves Into Street!
As the leaves fall and you continue to take care of your yard, we'd like to remind you to rake your leaves to the curb and not into the street! Leaf pollution in our streets can cause an array of issues, including flooded storm drains, bacteria growth in our streams and natural water systems, and potential hazards for drivers and pedestrians. There are numerous environmental benefits to properly disposing of your leaves and yard waste. Questions? Call us at the Administration Office at 531-8675 for additional information.
Thanks in advance for helping us help you!
Holiday Package Program Expanded to Accommodate COVID-19 Precautions
The Amberley Village Police Department would like to again offer residents peace of mind this holiday shopping season by having their packages delivered to the Police Department. Instances of burglaries increase around the holidays, including theft of delivered packages from front porches. The Department is expanding the regular service dates to accommodate earlier and increased online shopping patterns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Holiday Package Delivery Service will be available from November 1 - December 31.
Amberley Village Hosts Groundbreaking Ceremony for Lewis Animal Hospital at the North Site
Amberley Village Hosts MVK Halloween Event
On October 24, 2020, Amberley Village Police-Fire Department hosted a drive-thru Halloween celebration for local, non-profit Most Valuable Kids (MVK), which serves inner-city children. The event included themed Trunk or Treat stations, a fresh produce giveaway courtesy of Freestore Foodbank, decorations in the firehouse, take-home pumpkins and decorating kits, and flash drives and earbuds for remote learning.

Take a look at our one-minute video and check it out for yourself - IF YOU DARE! From all of us at Amberley Village, we hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!
From the Program Coordinator at MVK:

Where do we even begin thanking you guys and your team! We truly could not have made Saturday possible without your help all along the way. 

As always you were the most incredible hosts. Thank you for allowing us to use your space for this special event. Your decorations were top notch, and I know all of the kids were so appreciative of the USB drives, earbuds, and pumpkins. You truly went above and beyond for the kids we serve, and we can't thank you enough!

With your support, we were able to provide 135 kids from 12 different MVK non-profit partner agencies with a special experience on Saturday! We truly couldn’t have created these smiles without you! I know I saw A LOT of smiling faces from car windows. In fact, we actually had two cars come back to registration after they went through, just to let us know what an incredible time they had and how much they appreciated the event. Additionally, we had at least two foster families come through with brand new foster kids. This event will be one of the first memories they share together! 

Thank you for your support of MVK. Your help bringing smiles to the faces of underserved kids during these crazy times truly means the world!
Public Hearings on Amberley Green
Zoning Code Text and Property Maintenance Code Changes Scheduled for November 9, 2020
Amberley Green is also home to the Amberley Village Community Garden, a popular attraction for organic growers and community events.
Amberley Village Council will hold a third reading of proposed zoning text changes for Amberley Green at its November 9 council meeting. Then, a public hearing will follow to allow Council to receive additional public feedback regarding Amberley Green zoning code text.

Residents are invited to attend in person or online on Monday, November 9 at 6:30 p.m. Details are available on the Village website calendar.

Special Meeting of Council:
November 16 at 5 p.m. via Zoom
A Special Meeting of Council has also been scheduled for November 16, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. via Zoom to allow time for council to review and discuss feedback from the Planning Commission and residents of Amberley Village. Information for this meeting will be available on the website calendar. Please note this meeting will require advance registration. The session will also be available via live stream on the Village website under News/Public Hearings.

Learn More
If you haven't already, take a moment to check out the tools for residents to learn more about proposed zoning text for Amberley Green, what it means, how it works, and ways to provide input via the Learn More button below.

The proposed Amberley Green Zoning Code Text is an important first step for opening up possibilities for development of this key property in our Village, and your opinion matters. We look forward to hearing from you!
Property Maintenance Spotlight:
Why Property Maintenance Matters
Property maintenance in Amberley Village is an integral part of maintaining the aesthetic of a well-kept community. Maintaining one’s property adds value and character to the community where we live and it’s in everyone’s best interest to preserve property values and remain a clean and attractive community.

As stated in our Code, the purpose of the exterior property maintenance code is to protect the public health, safety and general welfare. The purpose goes further with its ability to:

• conserve and promote the value of properties
• improve aesthetic aspects of all structures, whether residential or non-residential
• provide for protection against public nuisances
• enhance property values and quality living
• keep crime down
• instill a sense of pride in our community which adds to our distinctiveness
• encourage investment in property which complements our higher quality of life
• brings pride and encourages interaction between neighbors
• protect public convenience, comfort, and prosperity
• enforce the character of properties within the Village

When properties are not maintained, it affects the value of nearby properties and if widespread, can affect the prices of entire communities. Property maintenance impacts the property values of neighborhoods and the Village as a whole. The value of properties, however, is just one aspect. The enforcement of maintenance standards for property owners assures neighbors that all residents are expected to keep their property up to those standards. Simple, timely maintenance can prevent major problems and ensure compliance with the code.
Thanks for doing your part to keep Amberley Village beautiful!
The Effects of Vehicle Speed in an Accident
Let’s talk speed…

We’re all aware of the potential repercussions of speeding—loss of control, increased impact of crashes and, of course, the dreaded speeding ticket—but do you ever wonder how much just a few miles-per-hour (MPH) over the speed limit really matters?

Those few MPHs can impact things A LOT… they could be the difference between life and death. 
The fatality rate of pedestrians struck by a vehicle traveling 20 MPH is less than 10%, but at 30 MPH that fatality rate jumps to 45%. The rate leaps to a tragic 80% when speeds reach 40 MPH. Lower speeds not only decrease the severity of impact if you collide with a pedestrian, but it can help to avoid a crash all together. For safety's sake, Amberley Village Police Department asks residents to slow down and observe the speed limit. 
Clear Your Windshield - It's the Law!
While the photo above is clearly meant to be humorous, Amberley Village Police Department reminds residents that driving with a frosty windshield is not only NOT funny - it's against the law. Driving with frost on the windshield impairs visibility and endangers you, your passengers and other automobiles on the road.

Please take the extra few minutes to clear your windshield before backing out of your driveway on frosty mornings, or invest in a removable windshield cover to prevent frost from gathering to begin with. Please remove snow and ice from your headlights and license plates as well. Removing snow from the roof of your vehicle keeps snow from blowing on drivers behind you and it will not slide down on your windshield in the case of a sudden stop. Just a little extra effort can save lives!
How should I get rid of unwanted latex paint?
This is one of the most frequent questions that comes through the Hamilton County Recycling Hotline (513-946-7766) on a weekly basis. Luckily for all of us, there are a couple outlets locally that can put it to good use.  
Consider dropping off useable (still liquid and never been frozen) latex paint to:
11060 Kenwood Rd.
Blue Ash, Ohio 45242
Monday-Friday | 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
**Paint must be in its original container with the label**
1530 Tremont Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45214
Monday - Friday | 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday | 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
**Will accept latex paint for a fee of $2 a gallon**

Learn more about Matthew 25 Ministries or the Cincinnati ReUse Center
and what they do with your donated paint.
If neither of the above options work, latex paint when dried properly can be placed in your regular garbage. The paint needs to be completely solidified and without its lid. Check out the surprisingly fun video below for instructions on how to dry your own paint!
Tree + Bench Donation Program
Amberley Village's new Tree + Bench Donation Program offers a unique opportunity for residents and neighbors to commemorate a loved one, organization or special event. The Tree + Bench program not only provides public recognition for a person or event near to your heart, but also enhances the Village by strengthening its park-like assets.

For more information, visit our website via the link below - opportunities are limited, so be sure and reserve your tree and/or bench today!
Webinar Series on Environmental Sustainability
Ever wondered how to cut landscaping costs, meet your lawn care needs, and be a bit more sustainable around your community? With a growing interest in conservation practices in communities around our country, the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky Regional Storm Water Collaborative is hosting a series of webinars for homeowners’ associations (HOAs) to review and discuss green practices that can help make our communities sustainable and livable for our future generations.

​The webinar series, which will run in November and December, is designed to demystify green practices and infrastructure for leaders of HOAs and subdivision residents, or for anyone interested in learning more about these practices. Expert panelists will present webinar attendees with information and resources needed to understand and make decisions regarding such topics as storm water management, composting, solar and geothermal energy, and sustainable landscaping. 
COVID-19 - Ohio Update
Graphic depicts record-breaking numbers from November 3, 2020
Emphasis on Stopping the Spread at the Local Level
Governor DeWine recently met with the Ohio Municipal League’s Board of Trustees recently to discuss how local government leaders can address the continued spread of COVID-19. The Governor is calling on Ohio's local leaders to impress upon their communities the importance of wearing masks, social distancing and limiting gatherings. Ohio last week set an all-time record high in new cases of coronavirus at 3,590. Ohio had previously not reached the 3,000 cases-per-day threshold. Ohio's local leaders must work to amplify the significance and urgency of this message on the local level in order to ensure Ohioans work together to stem the spread of the coronavirus and recover more quickly from the ongoing pandemic, both economically and physically.

Questions? Check out some of these handy resources for more information:
Team Creed Apparel Line Expanded!
Our K9 unit was established in 2016 with its first K9, Creed. As a dual purpose K9, Creed is certified in narcotic detection and patrol operations (human odor detection, handler protection). K9 Creed is originally from Europe and responds to commands in Dutch, German and English. K9 Creed and Officer Alt are both state and nationally certified as a K9 team. K9 Creed not only assists Amberley in the deterrent and arrests of drug and theft related crimes, but also aids several agencies in Hamilton and Clermont counties.

Since Creed’s date of service, he has assisted in locating 24 people (two of whom were reported as critical missing, and 22 who were serious criminal offenders). Creed has assisted in the recovery of over 6,150 grams (roughly 14lbs) of illegal narcotics, 125 items of drug paraphernalia and 5 illegal hand guns.

Funds raised for the K9 unit will go towards training, everyday equipment (collars, leashes, harnesses, food supplies, kennel equipment, Cruiser equipment), K9 safety/protection equipment, handler protection equipment, and unexpected expenses such as emergency vet visits and procedures.

Shirts $20
Sweatshirts $40
Challenge Coins $10
Hats $25
Shipping (Optional for shirts & sweatshirts) $5

All merchandise can be ordered via the button below. Questions? Contact Officer Andrea Alt at or Amberley Village Dispatch at 513-531-2040.
Show Your Amberley Village Pride!
Amberley Village Fall Apparel Now Available in the Spirit Shop!
The Amberley Village Online Spirit Shop offers a wide variety of fleece, outerwear and accessories. Show your Amberley Village pride with high-quality, branded gear - perfect for all seasons!

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Amberley Village is committed to keeping lines of communication open and accessible between residents and government officials. In this spirit, Amberley Village has incorporated Village-issued email addresses for Councilmembers into its digital communications protocol.

These measures unify the format, making it easier for residents to send a message when an issue comes to mind. The member's first initial followed by last name (no space) will get your message on its way to members of the Amberley Village Council.

Amberley Village Council meets on the second Monday of each month.
The next scheduled meeting also includes a public hearing regarding
zoning code text for Amberley Green, and will be held
Monday, November 9 at 6:30 pm in Council Chambers and online.

Information to watch online is available on our website at

Residents may call in or attend in person to participate.
To speak at the meeting or submit written comments, please contact Clerk of Council Tammy Reasoner
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