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featured1   Targeted Recruitment: illegal, immoral, unfair?
By Larry Sagen, FIRE 20/20 

Is there anything illegal, immoral or unfair about targeted recruitment in the fire service?  We had an opportunity to pose this question to 46 webinar participants from across the U.S. and Canada last month. 

 Taking Recruiting & Retaining Diversity to the Next Level of Engagement

By FIRE 20/20


I know it's a cliche; diversity and inclusion are a journey, not a destination.  Workshop participants have often come back with questions, requests for more information and a desire to network with other departments.  With your input, FIRE 20/20 is committed to providing relevant support in new and innovative ways.    READ MORE>>


 Larry Sagen

As we move toward Thanksgiving and the December holidays, I want to express how thankful Odessa, Kami and I are to be in service to the U.S. and Canadian fire services.


A special thanks to our immediate past Board President, retired Madison Fire Chief Debra Amesqua.  Debra stepped down after serving two, two-year terms.  She has moved back to Florida to enjoy and support her family and to pursue her passion of building world-class mandolins.  If you want to contact Chief Amesqua for speaking opportunities or counsel, you can reach her through FIRE 20/20.


Chief Amesqua leaves an amazing legacy, bringing 'caring and compassion' to FIRE 20/20, the Madison Fire Department, the fire service and all who were fortunate enough to work with her.  Personally, Chief Amesqua has taught me about courage and strength through both her actions and counsel.  Deb, we will miss you are appreciative for your continued support.

At FIRE 20/20, as in life, when one chapter ends, a new one begins. I want to welcome and introduce you to our newly elected Board President, retired Phoenix (AZ) and Redmond (WA) Deputy Chief Bob Oliver. Chief Oliver, like Chief Amesqua not only supports and advocates, but lives FIRE 20/20's mission, vision and values.
For those of you that haven't met Bob, he has served on FIRE 20/20's board for the last five years and has helped to continually improve our Recruiting & Retaining Diversity workshops, as a trainer, as a content specialist and as an evangelist. Bob was one of the first African American firefighters and the first Black company and chief officer in the Phoenix Fire Department. We're excited about Bob's hands-on leadership as we continue to grow and innovate in 2013.
Larry Sagen
Executive Director
Board President Checking In
The "Passing of Command" is a term used in the fire service, to designate  an official change in leadership (commander) on the fire-ground. This change of leadership is usually transmitted via radio. The goal is to make the transition 'seamless" in both tactics and strategy. 
During my 40 years of firefighting, I've been asked more than a couple of times, "What is it like to take command of a working fire?" In my effort to answer, I searched the shallow pool of my vocabulary. I found the use of any singular word insufficient, falling short in translating the intensity and weight of the experience. I resorted to the use of a combination of words in the charade to share the experience of being in the 'hot seat'.
My recent undertaking of serving as the new board president of Fire 20/20 exhumed the question of what's it like to assume the Chair. My feelings are similar to a call I once responded to... 
What combination of words would you use to accurately describe the feelings of being "passed command" on a working fire on the seventeenth floor of a downtown hi-rise building? Would words like 'excitedly challenged' fit the occasion? Would 'at stake' accurately describe the feeling? How about 'weighted responsibility', or 'center stage', 'purpose-serving', 'exposed', or 'power pumped', or 'a moment in time'?
I courageously accept the hand-off (thanks, Debra). It's an honor to be on the scene with a full assignment of passionately committed people (board members). I am proud to lead a team with people who are victorious in resisting the gravitational pull from the self-interest of 'the me' and continue to take a stand for what is 'right and just' for 'the us'. I am confident that I am with the right people to find and define barriers and values of diversity and inclusion within the National Fire Service. 
Standby, for the report from the 17th.
Robert "Bob" Oliver



Recruiting & Retaining Diversity ONLINE Training Series Sponsored by SCOTT SAFETY, LION, Motorola Solutions Foundation, TenCate, PBI Performance Products, Inc., and AMKUS.


The December webinar, LGBT Recruitment and Retention: welcoming untapped sources of qualified, inclusive, diverse and safety-conscious firefighters, will be on December 5, 2012 at 10am-11am PST.  Our engaging panel will include Fire Chief of the year jona olsson from Latir, NM Volunteer Fire Department; Captain Lana Moore from Columbus Division of Fire, and Broward County Firefighter and author of American Heroes Coming Out from Behind the Badge, Brett Dunckel.   Click here to register.


November's webinar, Fire Cadet and Explorer Programs: growing the next generation will be on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 10am-11:30am PST.  Panel members include: Joshua Parish Milwaukee Captain and Founder of the Milwaukee Explorer Program; Brent Burton, LA County Fire Department Captain and Founder of the Junior Fire Cadet Program and Future Firefighter Program; Darren Hyson, Austin Firefighter and Explorer Post 370 Coordinator; and LBJ Cadet Program graduate Melody Liao.  Click here to register.


In October, our Fire Camps for Young Women: An Experiential Recruitment Strategy webinar was a great success.  Forty-six people from across the U.S. and Canada attended.  Thanks to our amazing panelists: Laura Baker, Deputy Chief, iWomen President and Co-founder of Camp Fury; Andr´┐Ża Speranza, Halifax Acting Lieutenant and Founder of Camp Courage; Ali Warren, State College Volunteer Firefighter and author of Where Hope Lives and Justine Shackleton, fire camp participant at Camp FITT and Camp Fully Involved.


Recruiting & Retaining Diversity Workshops

Sponsored by SCOTT SAFETY    


The Connecticut Fire Chiefs hosted FIRE 20/20's final 2012 workshop at the University of New Haven.  Twelve teams participated with a total of 51 attendees.  74.3% rated the workshop as outstanding or highly effective and 25.7% said the workshop was effective.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the workshop and made it a great success!




This month's tips and tools feature two great resources for people who are interested in starting a girls' fire camp: Camp Courage Tips for a Successful Camp  and the Camp Fury Start-up Handbook.




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Thank you to LION for continuing their support to FIRE 20/20 into 2013.  Without support from our sponsors, FIRE 20/20 would not be able to provide our services to to the fire service.  

NEWS: Where is FIRE 20/20 going NEXT?


Recruiting & Retaining Diversity ONLINE: 

  - Fire Cadet and Explorer Programs: growing the next generation

          - November 14, 2012 (10am-11:30am PST)


 - LGBT Recruitment and Retention: welcoming untapped sources of qualified, inclusive, diverse and safety-conscious firefighters

          - December 5, 2012 (10am-11am PST)


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