Healthcare Professionals, Residents and Medical Students

First place:   Fitwits Intervention for Children ages 6-9 years and Parents: Brief Office Based Tool for BMI Discussion  - Elizabeth Meck MD, Ann McGaffey MD, Katherine Wilhelmy MD,   Frank D'Amico PhD, Kristen Huges

Second Place:  Development and Validation of an Affordable Phanton for Ultrasound-Guided Injection of the Knee - Jason Spicher BS, Jason Moore PhD, Christopher Heron MD

Third Place:  A Systemic Analysis of Colorectal Cancer Screening in an Underserved Community Health Clinic - Mohamed Ahmen MD, Edwin Roberts MD, Mary Rose Puthiyamadam, MD 

Undergraduate Students

First Place:    Einstein Enrichment Program; Cultivating Future Health Care Practitioners: L isbel Guzman, Miriam Siyanbola, Ellasia Fantana, Alicia Martinez, Deborah Negron-Cardero MS - Albert Einstein College of Medicine 

Second Place: Fair Guides : Wonuola Obasa, Jordan Black, Michael Massey -Cleveland School of Science &  Medicine
Third Place:   Our Voices Matter: Empowering Youth through Civic Engagement: Kimberly Inthavong, Katarina Smiley - Americorps