Dear PTA Advocates of Duval County:

Many of us will gather this month and celebrate the traditions of gratitude. Our loved ones may be far away this season and the circumstances of a global pandemic have definitely worn us down, but there is still so much to be thankful for. 

It’s a good time to think about those with whom we can share our abundance. Whether we can do a little or do a lot… giving, donating and volunteering helps make our communities better and sets an example for our children that will go forward with them and spread into more communities. 

I hope for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving for all of you, our Duval community and beyond as we keep up the good work to build a bridge together.

Theresa Rogers
President, Duval County Council of PTAs and PTSAs
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Thursday, November 19
9:30am via Zoom

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Florida PTA: Data for Good Presentation

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Join us for a virtual evening program Thursday, December 3 at 6pm presented by Wolfson Children’s Hospital on Covid-19 and children including complications related to vaping. 

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Submissions for winning artwork to be judged at the county level are due November 30. 
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This initiative was put on “pause” this year due to our being virtual. However, we would like to announce a project for our County Council and Duval PTAs during this holiday season. We will be supporting the Hubbard House Toy Store which provides toys to children living in a shelter and may be their only opportunity to receive a present. 
Participation is voluntary but we would like to encourage anyone interested in helping to support this cause. Please go here: for requested gift items, drop off locations and dates. 

In addition, remember there are so many wonderful charities supporting children. Here are a few to keep in mind during this season and beyond including some spotlighted and supported last year through the Duval PTAs Have Heart Initiative--
Feeding Northeast Florida:
Family Support Services:
Ronald McDonald House Charities:
Hunger Fight:
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Congrats to the schools who received the DCCPTA Right Foot Award for the 2020-2021 school year! These schools have made sure they are off to a great start this school year by staying in compliance with DCCPTA, attending monthly meeting and keeping up-to-date on officer trainings. 
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