November 11th:
Veteran's Day (OPEN)

November 27-29th:
Thanksgiving Break (CLOSED, OPEN ON SUNDAY)

December 14th: Winter Concert (CLOSED)

December 22nd-January 3rd: Winter Break (CLOSED)
Proof that we inform you of all holiday closures.

Our teachers are avid performers in the San Francisco Bay Area (and across the world)! Check them out live with their bands/ensembles at these upcoming gigs.

Tuesday, November 11th: YAPs Fife & Drum Corps (Anna) @ Stoneridge Creek Retirement Community in Pleasanton
Friday, November 14th: Fast & Vengefully (Tim & Belinda) @ Johnny Foley's in San Francisco

Friday, November 21st: Rupa & The April Fishes (Mario) @ 33rd Encuentro del Canto Popular 2014 at the Brava Theater in San Francisco 

Saturday, November 22nd: American Nomad (Adam) @ Viracocha in San Francisco

Saturday, November 22nd: The UnOriginals (Tim) @ Meenar's in Danville

Saturday, November 22nd: Rupa & The April Fishes (Mario) @ 33rd Encuentro del Canto Popular 2014 at the Brava Theater in San Francisco 

Sunday, November 23rd: Radiokeys (Nick Montes) @ Empress Theater in Vallejo

Friday, November 28th: Pellejo Seco (Mario) @ Cana in Oakland

Saturday, November 29th: American Nomad (Adam) @ Lake Merritt Farmer's Market in Oakland

Saturday, November 29th: The UnOriginals (Tim) @ Johnny Foley's in San Francisco

Friday, December 6th: American Nomad (Adam) at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz

Saturday, December 6th: YAPs Fife & Drum Corps (Anna) @ Pleasanton Tree Lighting Parade

Saturday, December 6th: The UnOriginals (Tim) at Maggie McGarry's in San Francisco

Every Thursday: Dueling Guitars (Tim) at Tiki Tom's in Walnut Creek 

Every Sunday: Alex's Funk & Soul Jam at 50 Mason Social House in San Francisco
(Tim & Belinda)

(Anna, drums)

(Tim, guitar/vocals)

(Judy, violin)

(Xavier, guitar/vocals)

(Xavier & Nick, vocals & guitar)

(Alex, saxophone)
(Anna, drums)

(Judy, violin)

(Xavier, guitar/vocals)

(Mario, trumpet)

(Mario, trumpet)

(Anna, drums)


(Adam, bass)

(Stewart, guitar/vocals)

(Adam, bass)

(Andrew, guitar/vocals)

(Judy, violin)

(Mario, trumpet)
(Dave Lockhart, bass)
(Chris Mahon, guitar)

Friends, this could be our most exciting and informative newsletter yet, stocked full of vital information for your life! 

As much as I love to ramble on with these greetings, I am going to do my absolute best to keep it short and sweet so that you can save your energy for the good how YOU could win a FREE iPad Mini, or 6 months of FREE music lessons...

But first, a couple of brief announcements:



Once again, the concert will be held at the Bothwell Arts Center in Livermore on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14th. CLICK HERE for the announcement that includes all relevant information. 

If you are interested in being part of an ensemble (duo, trio, etc.), please let us know, as we are hoping for an unprecedented amount of collaborations between students. Why? Because it is good for you to play music with others. Now, speaking of being good for you, go grab some kale, coconut oil, raw almonds and greek yogurt and read on...
Are you ready for your first "gig"? 

Our friends at the Livermore Area Recreation & Park District (LARPD) have called upon our talented student population for a special performance at their Breakfast with Santa event on Saturday, December 13th. The event starts at 9 a.m. This will be a brief performance (approximately 5 minutes) from 9:15 to 9:20 to help set the cheerful Holiday mood. Any instrument/voice is welcome.and there is a piano on-site! 

Would anyone like a chance to "warm-up" for our big concert by doing an extra performance?
Please email if interested.

If you need an extra incentive, we'll offer 10 RAFFLE TICKETS to the performer. But wait, what raffle?!? Oh, do read on, my friends, read on...
Get ready for the first EVER epic Music Time Academy Concert Raffle!


- Apple iPad Mini
- FREE Music Lesson Tuition (1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months)
- FUN Instruments (Ukulele, Harmonica, Percussion, etc.)
- Gift Certificates to Local Businesses
- And more!

As if raffles are not already enough fun, we decided to make this one unlike any raffle you have ever experienced. How so? First off, you cannot buy tickets. Nope. Can't. Sorry. Don't Ask. K, thanks. :)

Great. Then how do you get tickets? THAT'S the fun part. All students registered for the concert will receive one ticket. It is up to you how many you can get after that. Here is the score:

- Show up for your lesson on time = 1 Ticket (per week)
- Keep a signed & dated practice log listing what you accomplished during practice = 1 Ticket per daily signature
- Memorize your concert piece in its entirety (must demonstrate to teacher) = 10 Tickets
- Perform your piece in front of an audience (Must show photos) = 1 Ticket per audience member present (Repeat performances OK - play it for your parents every night and earn 14 tickets per week!)
- Teach your piece to someone else (Must show signed note from your "student") = 10 Tickets
- Watch another student perform his or her piece live (Must show photo) = 1 Ticket
- Find a completely different interpretation or way to play your piece (must show teacher) = 5-20 Tickets (Sliding scale based on creativity)
- Learn to play your piece on a different instrument (voice OK, Must show teacher) = 8 Tickets
- Make an audio recording of you playing your piece (must show teacher) = 5 Tickets per week (new weekly recordings OK) BONUS: Play it with another musician and get DOUBLE the Tickets! (10)
- Record a video of you playing your piece (must show teacher) = 12 Tickets per week (new weekly recordings OK) BONUS: Play it with another musician and get DOUBLE the Tickets! (24)
- Build an online playlist (YouTube, Spotify, etc.) of different versions of your piece (must show teacher) = 1 Tickets per item on playlist
Student of the Month
Congratulations to Dayton Tuan Nguyen!
Dayton will receive (along with priceless glory and endle
ss bragging rights) a $30 Gift Certificate to Music Time Academy, as well as a $20 gift card to the Cinema West Theater in Livermore!
Instrument: Piano
Teacher: Michael Solomon
Age: 7
Grade: 2nd
School: Green Elementary
Student Since: October 2013
Hobbies (besides practicing): Playing Computer Games
Whizzing his way through several method books already (in just one short year of piano lessons), Dayton has shined bright to our staff as an exceptionally worthy candidate for joining the highly elite ranks of Music Time Academy's Student of the Month honorees. Although Dayton's natural aptitude for music is clearly evident to his instructor, Michael, Dayton has shown to be a model student for hard work and dedication as well. 

"[He is] very consistent in practicing, 30 minutes everyday, and more on the weekends." Dayton's parents continue, "always eager to learn new songs and have a very good memory on the previous songs."


Dayton Nguyen - a true inspiration to students of any age! Oh, the many, many things we can learn from seven-year-olds...


Do you know a current Music Time Academy student with a newsworthy musical story or accomplishment from the past month that should be featured? If so, please fill out our online nomination form by following this link:  STUDENT OF THE MONTH NOMINATION FORM
Teacher Feature
For November, we are highlighting a very familiar face at Music Time Academy, Miss Judy Cruces. If you have ever been to the studio on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday (yep, that's 5 days a week!), then you have most likely encountered Judy's smiling face as she cheerfully greets student after student (after student after student...) into lessons on Violin, Voice and Piano.

Judy began teaching at Music Time back in 2011 with just one lone student - today she currently works with nearly 50! In addition to being one of our busiest private lesson instructors, Judy will also be leading our brand new strings program for 4th at 5th graders at Joe Mitchell School in Livermore starting this week. This will not be her first time leading a group strings program, as last school year she led the orchestra at Ygnacio Valley High School in Concord. Not simply an accomplished (and clearly very popular) educator, Judy has also earned her Bachelor's Degree in Violin Studies from California State University, East Bay. 

Outside of the classroom, Judy is an avid performer, actively gigging in the Bay Area music scene with several groups including Amaris (Symphonic Metal), Whistlin' Past the Graveyard (Tom Waits Tribute), and Hellaphant (Folk Rock). Her bands are rapidly gaining popularity through recent performances at notorious local venues including Yoshi's in Oakland, Konservatory Speakeasy in San Francisco, and an upcoming event at Fireside in Alameda's "She Rocks" Festival on January 9th. 

For more information about our many talented and interesting instructors, please CLICK HERE!

Thank you for your continued support in music education! 


Anna Cucciardo (Director) & Monica Lind (Manager)

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