November 5, 2017
We will remember those in our church and those family members and friends who have died in the previous year.
Our members:
Willie Brinkmeyer (December 2016)
Laverna Landua
Jodie Vaughn
Laura Winkelmann Jones
Esther Neumann
Larry Schulz

Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday, November 5.  Remember to set your clocks BACK one hour before going to bed Saturday, November 4th.
To the congregation of Christ Lutheran Church                                                          
(Following 9:15am worship)
Items for Review and Approval:
Election and approval of Council, Day School and Foundation Board Nominees
  •  Election and approval of Nominating Committee for 2017
  •  Election and approval of Synod Assembly Delegates
  •  Approval of 2018 Budget

The quarterly meeting of Ministry Teams was held on Monday, October 9 @ 5:30 pm in the fellowship hall.  This meeting was an opportunity
  •  To refresh on the Vision Roadmap, team alignment and team responsibilities.
  •  For each team to meet and discuss plans along with cross team communications.
  •  To provide direction and answer questions from the teams
To hear a report out from each team on progress and future plans and solicit feedback from all in attendance
Out of 14 teams, most were represented with several members in attendance.  A few teams may need additional members and some teams are still forming.  Although there's always hope for full participation, there was no shortage of enthusiasm as we continue to move forward toward full engagement of the Christ Lutheran Vision.
The next collective Ministry Team meeting will be held in January 2018.  Watch for date and time.

A Blessing of the Caps will be held later this year; check the Heartline Desk for the patterns and  start now on yours.
Canned and non perishable food donations in November will be donated to Faith Mission. Please help by bringing your canned and non-perishable food items to the food table located in the narthex.

As a part of our Veterans' Day celebration on Sunday, November 12th, we'll be taking a special offering to purchase small MP4 players with the entire Bible on them. Our ministry partner provides these Bibles on a Stick to our men and women serving in the military...there are literally thousands of troops on the waiting list, so be generous!

Once again we'll celebrate this Advent season with a Mission Tree decorated with ornaments holding opportunities for you to bless the lives of those in need. Because some of the ministries (Brenham Police Department and Adam's Angels) need their gifts in early December to distribute to area children, we'll actually have the Mission Tree up in mid-November. Look for the tree and sign-up list to be in the narthex in the coming weeks.
Wednesdays        6:30 pm    Wiggle & Worship
Sundays               9:15 am    Wiggle & Worship  
Sundays             10:30 am    Fresh Coffee Adult Conversation - Fellowship Hall
Sundays             10:30 am    Word and Wonder - Adult study - Conf. Rm.      
1st Saturday        8:00 am     Men In Mission - Resumes in September
2nd Tuesday        7:00 pm    Mary Martha Ruth Circle Bible Study - Conf. Rm.
Your call to serve is always welcomed,encouraged and needed.
November 28, 9:00 am Conference Rm

Grounds Committee #1(Ron Kuecker, Lisa Wellmann, Daryl Ganske, Ronald Bentke, Philip Zander) will be maintaining the routine tasks at the church  during November.
Men in Mission meets the first Saturday of the month at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast.  We'll offer breakfast, a brief devotion and then we will try to complete a few small jobs around the Day School or the Church, none lasting more than an hour.  So, bring a few tools just in case, an appetite for breakfast and a servant's heart. 

Thank you Clarence Eben for taking the recycling in October.  The Loza family has volunteered for the recycling duties in November.           

  • Gluten free host and grape juice are available for Holy Commuion
  • Portals of Prayer for October - December are available at the Heartline Desk.
  • Living Lutheran magazine is available for anyone who would a copy at the Heartline Desk.
IN OUR PRAYERS                                    

Our Christ Family:
Richard Baker, Shirley Beckermann, Terry Brieden, Patt Crabtree, Sterling Crabtree, Bonnie Demuth, Verna Mae Druckhammer, Conrad Goeth, Charles Heller, Shannon Heller, Laverna Jacob, Ora Nell Kuretsch, Terry Logan, Laura Metheny, Jack Rhine, Nicole Schulz Carr, Allen and Jeanie Stepan, and the family of Phil Engelke
Our Personal Concerns:           
Donnie Appling, Christina Ashorn, Betty Boeker, Hadrian Brown, Betty Bryant, Dane Bybee, Lyrik Campbell, Jessica Chatham, Betty Crain, Ms. Curry, Gary Devlin, Rita Diamond, Andrew Dietz, Brandy Dillard, Don Dolson, Scooter Dillard, Wanda DuBose, Allen Gene Eckermann, Isabella Edmondson, John Exter, Jr., Anna Finke, Rob Fleming, Angela Gentry, Debbie Giammalva, Larry Glenz, Dorothy Goodlett, Gary Grantham, Cassie Green, Teresa Gutierrez, Beatrice Helwig, Michael Hendricks, Cris Hernandez, Jamie Hobson, Lee Horak, Bubba Jurries, Amber Kirschke, Harry Kluttz, J. Frank Lamp III, Baily Lantz, David Lawrence, Tara Limmer, Mark Lundquist, Allene Machet, Marilyn Miertschin, John Meadows, Shirley Mueller ( Renee's mother), Naomi Naper, Michael Parker, Lucas Paul, Rita Perkins, Donna & Marshall Paulk, Spencer Ramirez, Matthew Rotter, Bobby Schlabach, Amanda Sebastian, Kyree Koehne Shaver, Jeff Smith, Erin Stavros, Noelle Stokes, BrWade Thoron, Renee Turner, Ginger Vaudrey, James Vaughn, Robert (Bobby) Wagner, Lisa Wise, Brian White, Zachery Wilke, Deloise Wright, Richie Zoch 
Those in Military Service: 
Kyle Babbitt, David Crabtree, Spenser Ganske, Danny Hart, Johnathon LeBoeuf, Colton Logan, Kim & Elijah Nemeir.
If you see one that is missing, please let us know.

November Birthdays
Doris Beach
Kellie Fontenot
Pat Lueckemeyer
Amanda Roeske
Aubrey Perry
Kathy Steffen
Parker Atkins
Roger Buro
Daryl Ganske
Marian Eckert
Dottie Herrmann
Kyle Curlee
Austin Allie
Andrew Schwartz
Emily Fairman
Craig Stickley
Craig Kirschke
Justin Herms
Glenn Kovar
Melissa Winkler
Sydney Moore
Tanya Rosenbaum
Leon Roberts
Peggy Lampe
Jessica Wellmann Bozon
Keith Brinkman
Billie Beckers
Bonnie Demuth
Jamie Schwartz
Debbie Groves
Butch Bugaj
Linda Priesmeyer
Jack Rhine
Ronald Bentke
Kourtney Hajek
Evan Curtis
Kathy Winkler
Eddy Jezisek
Kay Ochsner

November Anniversaries 
Nov. 8
Allen & Jeanie Stepan
Nov. 10
Richard & Peggy Peterson
Nov. 13
Jamie & Sharon Schwartz
Nov. 14
Robert & Janet Mantey
Nov. 15
Robert & Brandi Schwartz
Nov. 20
Vernon & Katherine Wellmann
Nov. 21
Todd & Darlene Hertel
Nov. 22
Brandon & Jessica Wellmann Bozon
Nov. 28
Phil & Lydia Engelke
October 17, 2017
  • Approved minutes.
  • Christ Lutheran Day School reported that their chicken spaghetti drive thru fundraiser will be November 9, water fountain is being installed in the education wing; Moran family and HEB donated the pumpkins for the Pumpkin Patch.
  • Letters and pledge cards for 2018 went out the first week in October.
  • To date $1,070 raised toward Pastor's Birthday challenge.
  • Mission Tree will again be held this year.
  • Reformation lunch (stew) will be held Oct. 29
  • Next joint ministry team meeting will be in Jan. 2018
  • Painting needs to be done in narthex as well as some repair work sustained by the water leaks.
  • Stewardship committee encouraged the purchase of an App which will in part replace the current website.  The cost will be split with the Day School.  The App can be used to pay Day School tuition and church members will be able to use for offerings.
  • Re-configuration of confirmation program is going well.
  • Budget process started this week.
  • Congregational Meeting set for December 10
  • Audit members approved:  Pat Lueckemeyer, Katie Brinkman, Darrell Winkelmann, Suzanne Hannath, David Beckendorf, Diana Markwardt, Mary Stolz. Audit of Day School and Church financial s will be completed before the January annual meeting.
  • CLDS will pay for half the cost of the new fire alarm in education wing ($250).
  • Replacement needed for resigning council member.
October 16, 2017
  • Approved minutes and treasurer's report.
  • Approved Investment Committee recommendation to move all Foundation funds to Vanguard Wellington Admiral Fund.
  • Approved Investment Committee recommendation to restore the 2017-18 distribution rate of the Foundation to 5%.
  • Received/approved the 2017-18 Calculation of Funds available for Distribution - $200,621.00 40% - Christ Lutheran Church  ($80,248.00)                     7.5% - Christ Lutheran Day School Endowment
  •                     ($15,047.00)
             7.5% - Christ Lutheran Day School Budget
             10% -  World Hunger ($20,062.00
             35% - Grants ($70,217.00)                 
  • Approved Grant Awards for 2017-18 (Grant award recipients for 2017-18 are posted on Foundation Bulletin Board in church hallway)
  • Nominees for Board terms ending Dec. 2017 will be voted on by email & then brought forward for vote at Dec. Congregational meeting. Committee positions will be approved by the Foundation Board at the Jan., 2018 Board meeting.
  • Thank you to Vic Fair and Diana Markwardt for their service to the Foundation Board.
  • Approved 2018 Foundation Budget
  • Confirmed audit firm of Jaynes, Reitmeier, Boyd & Terrell, P.C. for the Agreed Upon Procedures for Foundation's accounting system.
day schoo letterhead

As we turn the corner from Summer to Fall, we prepare for some our favorite things. Pumpkins are always at the top of the list!  Our pumpkin patch will have a new look this year.  The company we have collaborated with for many years will not be involved, but we have a family who has made it their mission to "save the pumpkin patch"!  The pumpkins will be   donated by these dedicated folks and sold October 16-28 th from 7:30am - 5:30pm, Monday thru Friday. Bring your family and friends for a special photo opportunity in the patch! Proceeds will benefit our parent organization, CLASS.  As always, our children will reap the benefits of having the pumpkin patch right at our front door, with opportunities for activities, story circles and snack times! 
Don't miss our Fall Family Festival on October 28 th from 2-6pm.  Come enjoy food, games, rides, glow room, costume contest and silent auction.  We are thrilled to add a "Walk Through the Bible", a meaningful way to trick or treat through Bible scenes set up in classrooms.  CLASS, parents, and church members will work side by side to make this event a memorable time for families with children.

Happy Fall!
Ginny Gaskamp


Children's Ministry
Wiggle and Worship:  Sundays 9:15 am; Wednesdays 6:30 pm
K-6th grade: Thanksgiving homebound visits - November 5, 11am-3pm, Haven

Confirmation: Wednesdays, 3:30-5:30pm
Sixth grade Bible Orientation - November 1, 3:30-5:30pm
Service Opportunity: CLDS Drive -thru dinner , November 9, 4-6:30 pm
High School Youth
Service opportunity -  CLDS Drive Thru, November 9, 4-6:30 pm, Jackson St. Park
Youth Night - November 12, 5-7 pm

Silent Auction
Silent Auction benefiting our youth activities will be held November 19-December 10. Check out all the great items to purchase in the church hallway.  Great Christmas gifts!
Upcoming Activities:
Advent Elementary Retreat @ Lutherhill - December 1-2
Christmas program - December 17

Popcorn Sales
Cub Scouts are still selling popcorn until November 13 for December delivery.  Thank you Christ Lutheran Church for all your support

Seafarers Christmas Box Program
Scouts are collecting items for the Seafarers Christmas Box program.  A list of items for the gift box is on the Heartline. Scouts will pack donated items on November 5.  These Christmas gift boxes are handed out by Port Chaplains at the Port of Houston to seafarers beginning at Thanksgiving. 
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