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Seminar Day
November 10, 2015

The Toronto Section has put together an afternoon of speakers and have made it with an optional lunch. For details see below.  

Registration: 11:30 pm
Please send Toronto Section RSVP's to Ed Milanczak
  Lunch: 12:00 pm

 The Old Mill
21 The Old Mill, Toronto ON
Click HERE for a map and address

1:00 pm
N-Alkylalkanolamines and N-Alkylalkanolamine Derivatives for Metalworking

Speaker: Michael D. Gernon & Bill Rouse
Bill Rouse, Eastman Chemical Company
Taminco US Inc., A subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company
Sales Manager, North America

A number of the alkanolamines and alkanolamine derivatives used in metalworking fluids offer significant peripheral benefits in areas like corrosion inhibition, coupling, biocide synergy, emulsification and lubricity.  Among the many derivatives of alkanolamines that can be easily produced, the amides, the tertiary alkanolamine-N-oxides and the N,N-dialkylhydroxylamines are particularly notable.  This talk will focus on secondary and tertiary alkylalkanolamines (AAA's) and related derivatives which are useful as biocontrol agents, boundary antioxidants and persistent long term fluid stabilizing additives.  The properties of some alkylalkanolamines will be reviewed, and the preparation of certain AAA derivatives, such as the tertiary AAA-N-oxides, will be described.  Most importantly, the utility of the N-alkylalkanoalmines and alkanolamine derivatives as metalworking fluid additives will be illustrated.

Research Activities, applications research and additive development related to metal finishing, coatings, formulated products and formulation additives. History: Senior R&D Scientist (Taminco, product & applications development), R&D Scientist (Arkema Inc. Process R&D, product & additive development), Scientist ( Technic Inc. (Cranston, RI), electroplating product development), PostDoc. (URI (Kingston, RI) - Organosulfur Lipids), PostDoc. (RPI Troy, NY - Onium Compounds), Ph.D. (SUNY @ Albany, Organosulfur Synthesis, 1989), M.S. (SUNY @ Albany, Physical Organic Chemistry, 1986) & B.S. (Long Island University, Chemistry, 1982). Over 75 patents, papers and publications related to formulated products, process technology and analytical methods.

1:45 pm
Airborne/ Structure Borne Ultrasound: 101

Speaker:  Sean Miller
Canadian Operations Manager
UE Systems Inc.

With all the various failure modes that can occur in rotating equipment, one stands out as the number one cause of bearing failure: Improper Lubrication! In this interactive presentation you will learn how Airborne/ Structure Borne Ultrasound can help reduce and possibly eliminate this particular Failure Mode, while continuing to monitor bearing wear in a predictive/ condition based program.
Along with various applications, we will discuss how Ultrasound can impact your energy programs to reduce energy costs to show a quick ROI, as many industries have discovered, even as quickly as one day. As we discover how ultrasound works, you will begin to understand the various areas that it can be applied to, which also includes electrical inspection, along with valve and steam trap inspection.

Certified Level II Ultrasound Inspector, Level 1 Steam Examiner, UE Systems, Inc. Sean has been involved with ultrasound technology since 2007. He has trained and lectured about the technology throughout Canada and has been instrumental in the program implementation of ultrasound for multiple companies. As a Certified Level II Ultrasound Inspector and Level 1 Steam Examiner, he travels extensively supporting the implementation and ongoing ultrasound programs for UE Systems operations in Canada.

2:30 pm
Formulating HD Engine Oils - 
Now and in the Future

Paul Sampson
Lubrizol Canada Ltd
Regional Manager - Canada

An overview of heavy duty engine oils (HDEO) additive chemistry and formulating requirements will be presented. At a high level we'll examine lubricants in general connecting formulating with the lubricants intended purpose. Having the right product to fit the specific application. Key focus will be examining differences between passenger car requirements and heavy duty trucks or Off-Hwy equipment. Formulations are quite different between (passenger car motor oils (PCMO) and HDEO.  The environments are unique and as a result the lubricants must be formulated in such a way as to properly address each one's specific requirements. We will look at the various additives used in HD engine oil formulations in combination with the right base oils at the right ratios etc. An overview of current HDEO requirements will be presented as well as that for the next API category, PC-11.

BSc University of Western Ontario. Chemistry. Regional Manager Canada -Lubrizol Corp. Background includes stints in QA, R&D, Tech Service, Manufacturing and Sales. All in the lubrication additives industry.

$90 for all 3 plus lunch
$100 for all 3 plus lunch
$20 per talk no lunch
$25 per talk no lunch
$35 for 2 talks
$45 for 2 talks
$50 for all 3 talks with no lunch 
$60 for all 3 talks with no lunch

*Please note that we now accept Visa, Mastercard 
and American Express

September Speaker
Ms. Solongo Wilson, Toronto Section Chair (Chemtura Canada) thanks our Sept speaker Mr. Brian Wilson           (Bijur Delimon) for his talk on lubrication systems.

Life Member
At the September meeting Mr. Ted Austin, Toronto Section Education Chair (Canoil Canada) is awarded his STLE Life Membership by Mr. Ken Brown, Publicity (Eco Fluid Center.. Mr Austin has been an active member of STLE for over 30 years including Section Chair and Power 
Generation Council Chair.

Hamilton Section Education Workshop
The Basics of Lubrication

Thursday, November 5, 7:30am - 5:00pm


The Scottish Rite Club of Hamilton, 4 Queen St. South Hamilton, Ontario L8P 3R3 ( map)
FEE: $295.00 per person $50.00 full time students


* Refreshments (AM and PM break) 
* Course Materials

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

 Please contact Kevin Ray to register: 

If you have any questions or would like to see anything specific in our monthly newsletters, please don't hesitate to contact Ken Brown, Eco Fluid Center Ltd, at 416-466-3144 or via email at .


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