When we speak with BTI Consortium students, we often hear that it’s hard to get to events and/or classes at other schools, especially without a car. I can relate to that since I have been (happily) car-less by choice for the past 6 years. That said, if you look at the newsletter a couple of times or read about the latest events as published on our website ( http://bostontheological.org/), I think you’ll be seriously tempted to visit another campus at least once or twice a semester.

In the past month, I attended the weekend Imago Dei in the Arts student conference held at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, a fascinating midday presentation entitled Exploring the Changing Religious Landscape on emerging patterns of community and spirituality at HDS, and the evening launch of Words to Live By: Sacred Sources for Interrelligious Engagement at Hebrew College - all via the world-famous MBTA buses and trains. (Hah!) Other ways are to find a friend with a car, ask a few friends to share a Lyft or Uber, or even take the commuter rail. It is absolutely fascinating to experience an event at a different school to see what’s going on in this area so rich in religious and theological studies.
The BTI Consortium Spring 2019 catalogue is now up on our website. This semester we are trying a new way of organizing it – by school rather than by course area. Please let us know what you think.

And in the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving!
Ann McClenahan, Executive Director
Events Around the BTI Consortium

Between 1925-1950,  Chinese  Christians competed visually for the hearts and minds of the  Chinese  nation. They produced hundreds of propaganda posters that hung alongside, and challenged, Nationalist and Communist visions of how to save the nation.

Supported by the Luce Foundation, the Center for Global Christianity and Mission has collaborated with fifteen institutions on three continents to digitize these, now, rare posters. This will be the first opportunity to showcase these amazing images to the public.

Torah Godly Play © is an accredited Torah-telling practice used in religious education throughout the world designed to enhance the spiritual lives of children. Teachers in Jewish Education settings are invited to participate to enhance their repertoire of teaching Torah. There will be an opportunity to practice the art of Torah Godly Play, experience newly written stories on Jewish holidays and Torah stories and to enroll in a community of practice designed to support practitioners of Torah Godly Play.
Happening This Month
Presented by Boston University Marsh Chapel
Tuesday, November 13, 7-9pm
Presented by the Center for Global Christianity & Mission, Boston University School of Theology
Wednesday, November 14, 4-5:30pm
Presented by Boston University Institute for Philosophy & Religion
Wednesday, November 14, 5-6:30pm
Presented by Boston College School of Theology and Ministry
Wednesday, November 14, 5:30-7pm
Presented by Religions and the Practice of Peace, Harvard Divinity School
Thursday, November 15, 6-8:30pm
Presented by Boston Area Patristics Group
Thursday, November 15, 7:30pm
Presented by Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries with True Story Theater
Saturday, November 17, 7:30-9pm
Presented by Harvard Divinity School
Monday, November 19, 7:30-9:30pm
Presented by Hebrew College
Monday, November 26, 9:30am-5:30pm
Presented by Boston College Theology Department & School of Theology and Ministry
Tuesday, November 27, 7-8:30pm
Presented by Boston University School of Theology
Wednesday, November 28, 9:30-11:45am
Presented by Boston College Center for Christian-Jewish Learning
Wednesday, November 28, 12-1:30pm
Presented by Religions and the Practice of Peace, Harvard Divinity School
Thursday, November 29, 6-8:30pm
Classifieds and Calls for Papers/Conferences
Religions and the Practice of Peace
Applications due November 21, 2018
PrayTell Blog
Submissions due December 15, 2018
Neighborly Faith
Applications due December 21, 2018
Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics
Applications due December 28, 2018
Journal of Interreligious Studies
Submissions due January 15, 2019
Theology and Pop Culture Series by Lexington Books / Fortress Academic
Submissions due January 15, 2019
Journal of Interreligious Studies
Submissions due January 15, 2019
International Catacombs Society
Applications due January 15, 2019
Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Submissions due May 1, 2019

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BTI Consortium Newsletter - Fall Publication Schedule
This fall we are distributing newsletters every two weeks on Monday morning. We'll be able to highlight more events and announcements more often on this new schedule. Deadlines for submission are at noon the Thursday prior to publication. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the deadline for the November 26 newsletter is noon on Tuesday, November 20. Email btinews@bostontheological.org to submit an event or announcement.
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