Peabody School is extremely grateful for the generosity of the Dengel family and their support of the 2020 Capital Campaign for the new north wing at Peabody. Specifically, the Dengels have chosen to name the new technology lab in the north wing the ENIAC 6 Lab. We asked the Dengels to share the historical background and significance of this naming selection.  

“The ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was the world’s first programmable, electronic, general-purpose digital computer,” Mr. Dengel said. “I became interested in the project while studying at the University of Pennsylvania, where it was formally dedicated in 1946 and on display in the building where I took many engineering classes. It was truly inspirational to be in the same building where something so historic had happened.”

The early days of computing were quite gender diverse, “in contrast to the current state of the field,” Mr. Dengel said. “In fact, in 1945, Grace Hopper at Harvard was working on a computing device and found a moth on an electronic panel that was shorting out a circuit - she invented the terms “bug” and “debugging,” which are with us to this day.” Mr. Dengel added that, while students know from photographs that many of the programmers of the ENIAC at Penn were female, these women were not acknowledged in the official histories of the program.

Kay McNulty, Betty Jennings, Betty Snyder, Marlyn Meltzer, Fran Bilas, and Ruth Lichterman - all women - were the first programmers of the ENIAC. However, many did not receive recognition for their work on the ENIAC in their lifetimes. Mr. Dengel noted that from its gender-diverse beginnings, the high tech industry “has become markedly less diverse in the ensuing decades. In 1986, 37% of Computer Science degrees went to women (source), whereas in 2019, it was only 18% (source).” Mr. Dengel added that “it is absolutely critical that we reverse both this trend as well as the extreme under-representation of minority researchers in tech.”

In a world where technology will infuse every professional and academic field, “the Peabody maker space is designed to inspire our next generation of technology leaders,” Mr. Dengel said. “The story of the women of ENIAC 6, shows that computer science, from its very beginnings, was pioneered by diverse voices and is a field where all students can excel and make a difference. Researchers have proven that creativity, invention and innovation have superior outcomes when contributions are made from diverse points of view – and that all starts with inspiring a deep interest in technology across all our children.”  

We appreciate the generosity and thoughtfulness behind the Dengel family's gift to Peabody, and we look forward to the opportunities it will provide all Peabody students!

Virtual Talent Show!

We are happy to showcase the many talents of our K-5 students. Congratulations to all the students who performed this year! Enjoy!

Grade 4 Candy Election

The 4th-grade students participated in a mock primary debate for their Candy Election on Thursday. The six candy-dates, five moderators, and party members were prepared and engaged with convincing platforms! The general election debate will be held next Thursday. Special thanks to Mr. Herrin for hosting the debate and Ms. Ahmad for photographing. 
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School Portraits

School portrait prints have arrived! Thank you all so much for your orders. I hope you will enjoy your photos for years to come. All prints will go home with your oldest Peabody child on Monday, November 16th. Please keep an eye out for them in your child’s backpack. 

Note: the wallet size prints came individually this year (not as an 8 x 10 sheet), so they are packed in a small separate envelope. If you have any questions, please contact susan@susanparmar.com
2020-21 Annual Fund Kick-Off

The 2020-21 Annual Fund is now officially underway! 

Your participation in the Peabody Annual Fund provides essential operating support to Peabody. The generosity of our community supports almost everything that keeps Peabody running, from salaries and classroom technology to arts and supplies. This year, we are also faced with increased expenses for items such as technology infrastructure upgrades, outdoor learning spaces, additional cleaning supplies and protective equipment, and additional aid to Peabody students and families who felt the financial impact of COVID-19. We hope that you will support Peabody in this area and that you will keep in mind that your Annual Fund gift, of any size, really matters to the school. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration of a gift to Peabody School for the 2020-21 year and for being such strong supporters of our wonderful school!
Original Works

It is time for Original Works! This is a creative opportunity to support your child and the Peabody art program through the Original Works organization. Capture a moment in time by ordering custom keepsakes featuring your child’s very own masterpiece! This year we are offering the option of online ordering and direct shipping to your home making the process simple, safe, and convenient. Original Works offers mugs, magnets, tote bags, ornaments, and this year they have added facemasks to their products! Ordering will be open the week following Thanksgiving break. More information will be available soon.
Holiday Shopping at the Peabody School Store!

New this year, we are offering long-sleeve Peabody Panther t-shirts (in blue only) for $20! Click the link below to place your order before November 16, 2020. T-shirts will arrive in early December before the holidays!

SALE!: We are also having a SALE on our current supply of short-sleeve Panther t-shirts! They are $10 each, available in both orange and blue (see photo) while supplies last. Please email diane.krehmeyer@peabodyschool.org to check size availability in stock!
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Parent Information Center

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  • Virginia also launched a new application called COVIDWISE. It is the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) COVID-19 exposure notification app to facilitate contact tracing in response to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

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