We continue to ask the youth of Emmanuel a set of questions, to check in with them and help our congregation get to know them and to hold them in prayer. Here are Naomi's responses:

1. Tell us about how you spend your time and your favorite hobbies:
I spend my time with my bestie Kaily and my hobbies are to play games and hang out outside.

2. Tell us what you have learned about God and your faith in the last year:
I've learned about God that he sacrifice himself to save us and that faith doesn’t make life easy, it makes it possible.

3. Tell us one way God can work through us during this pandemic: 
God can help us through this time with hope and faith that we will all stay healthy and it will end soon.

4. Tell us one reason you’re thankful about your family
I'm thankful that my family is all healthy and safe and care so much about me.

5. Tell us what you miss the most about not being able to gather as a youth group or church because of COVID-19:
I miss not being able to learn about God and eating and gathering together.