Dear Parishioners,

A new parish website is under construction. I will let you know when it is published.  We have been refining it so it is easy to get the information you want and to make it more attractive as you look at it.  Hopefully, you will find it attractive and easy to read.  If you have any suggestions, send them to us. If you are reading this Newsletter, you can respond through this Newsletter.  (At least I think you can.)  We are realizing how important our communication to you is.  Since we cannot all be in church as we once were, and since we cannot communicate to you via a bulletin, we are really trying to communicate in whatever ways are more effective.  This Newsletter is one of the ways we are trying to stay in touch with you.  Of course, if you do not read the Newsletter or look at the Website, we are failing to connect with you and letting you know how things are going.  We also want to know how you are doing.  If you have some concerns, or if you have some needs and we can help, then please let us know.  You are important to us.  We do not want you to get lost out there with no contact with us or anyone else.  Let us know how we can help.  

Stay safe. Stay in touch.  

In the Peace of Jesus, 

Fr. Dick Hayatsu