The Union Church in Waban               
Friday, November 16, 2018
Community Thanksgiving Dinner 
Tomorrow, Nov. 17 at 1:30 p.m.
All are Welcome. Details    Here

A Word in Remembrance of Libby Dell 

Dear Congregation, 

A year ago today, our beloved Libby Dell passed from this life into the hand of God.  Throughout this past year, I do not think I would be mistaken to say that a Sunday did not gone by when we did not think of her. 

In this season when we remember the Saints among us and give thanks for all that we have received, will you join me in giving thanks for Libby?   

And it just so happens, that in that wonderful way of the Spirit, the Scripture assigned to this Sunday just so happens to be one of Libby's favorite passages.  I include it here below.  

Libby your light still shines and we are grateful. 
                                                                                   With peace and gratitude, Stacy 

Matthew 5:14-16
"You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid. No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lamp stand, and it gives light to all in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.

This Sunday 

8:00 - Prayer Group: Practices of Prayer

Starting this Sunday, we are continuing our journey to discover more about the practices of prayer. However, we are expanding the offering this year even further to include prayer discussions from nearly any faith tradition. So, if you are interested in a certain type of prayer please bring your inquiries, and let us understand the practice together. This Christian / Interfaith formation will be from 8-9 am on the stage in  lieu of the Sunday Bible study. We will continue through the end of the calendar year.  The hope is that in our journey together as a community devoted to mindful prayer, we may each discover a daily prayer practice, adding to our spiritual wholeness. I will lead the discussion in a similar pattern to last year's offering: each practice will be explained on one week; then, we will explore together how this form of prayer from rejuvenates our spirit, or if the practice does not help you reach God. This offering is a multigenerational exploration into the communal and individual prayer practices of humankind. Please join us as we seek new ways to encounter God, together.

Prayer group will continue through Advent. 
We will meet with Brian on the stage.  All are welcome!

9:00 -  Choir Rehearsal 
10:00 - Worship with a special Thanksgiving Collection

This season we give thanks for family, a warm home and food on the table. Unfortunately, many displaced people have left the only home they've known and some have been separated from their families. This year's special Thanksgiving offering recipient will be Church World Service, a faith-based organization that welcomes and supports immigrants and refugees. Their reach is global, but also includes providing support for U.S. immigrants through teams of attorneys to assist in obtaining legal status and helping to keep families together. To learn more about Church World Service go here .  
11:30 in the Sanctuary No Other Gods - Rev. Anne Robertson 

Please plan on staying after worship for what will be a remarkable conversation with Rev. Anne Robertson. Anne lifts up the first three of the Ten Commandments and sees in them a methodology for making our way through these confusing times. She writes "Idols are not just relics of a pagan past. They are the things that trick us into putting them above all else in our lives, taking for themselves the power and authority that rightly belong to authentic faith and loving community. From naked partisanship to gun control, our divisions are stoked by undue influence from shadowy players. Come, help us pull back the curtain to see the pretenders." For more information please be in touch with Pastor Stacy (

Child care will be available
From the Pews -- A reflection on our partnership with GBIO
                       by Rev. Brita Gill-Austern 

Like many of you, I am deeply concerned about the increasing polarization and divides in American society and culture which undercut a sense of common identity and purpose.  To move toward a healthy democracy and society that honors difference, while also seeking the common good, requires that we find ways to place ourselves in the intersection of differences.  This is one of the reasons I am such an enthusiastic and ardent supporter of the work of GBIO, the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, and so deeply grateful that our church is one of its supporting members.  I know I am not alone in my support.  Just two weeks ago, we had 25 members of our congregation gather as delegates to its important annual meeting at the Roxbury Mosque with over 100 other congregations.  This is a huge turnout for a relatively small congregation, part of the excellent work Mark Smith and Kathleen Hobson have done as our GBIO liaisons in galvanizing support in our congregation.

                                                                                    .......continue reading 
Kids, Youth and Families
Growing in Faith and Community 

High School Youth Group 
This Sunday, 6:30-8:30 p.m., in the Reception Room
Our High School Youth Group will meet tonight for dinner, fun, and service. We'll share a Thanksgiving-themed dinner, a time for reflection and fun, and then work on a service project together as we prepare for our Mitten Tree to support Project Care & Concern. Hope to see you there!

Community Advent Wreath-Making 
After Worship, December 2nd
Following our beloved Hanging of the Greens worship service, as we prepare our sanctuary for Advent, all are invited to come downstairs to the stage to create a beautiful Advent wreath for your home. These wreaths are a meaningful way for your family to mark the weeks of Advent together, and to remember and connect with the season's Hope, Love, Peace and Joy in the midst of otherwise busy days. We'll provide the materials, you provide the creativity and love. Donations appreciated. If you have an Advent wreath frame from past years, please feel free to bring it and decorate it together!

Newton Early Release Day Family Fun: Holiday Crafts and Games 
Wednesday, Dec. 5th
Looking for a warm, fun place to go on the December Newton public school early release day? Swing by the Littlehale room for winter crafts and games, snacks and hot cocoa! We'll have a great time together and share Christmas cheer in this first week of December. Kids should be accompanied by an adult, and all are welcome! Bring a friend or two!

Mission & Outreach



It's that time of year again! On December 2 rd, 2018, we will welcome the
Advent season  by  decorating the sanctuary with greens, wreaths and poinsettias.

The greens sale is an annual fundraiser that supports our mission and outreach work in the church.  Wreathes, poinsettias, sprigs and other festive decorations may be purchased to prepare our homes and our sanctuary for Advent and the celebration of Christmas.
Download an Order Form HERE
Pick up an Order Form at the Church

Sunday November 25

Please help us continue our good works by purchasing poinsettias for the sanctuary or trees and greens to decorate your home!  Do not forget to offer an order form to family, friends, coworkers and neighbors to help 2018 be our most successful sale yet!

Community Thanksgiving Dinner 2018
TOMORROW, Saturday, November 17
th  at 1:30 p.m.

The UCW Community Thanksgiving Dinner brings together local seniors and families who sit down together for a relaxing meal and time of fellowship. All are Welcome!.
This year's dinner will take place on Saturday, November 17th at 1:30 p.m.

Even if you cannot attend the actual dinner,there are tasks you can do to help. Please go HERE  to sign-up. (We are in particular need of additional volunteers to help with clean-up tasks between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m.) 

T hanks for supporting this wonderful event.

Education, Spiritual Formation and Fellowship
Stepping out of the Boat

Would you consider contributing something to our Advent Reflection Booklet? In our Advent book we will be reflecting on what "stepping out" for (or in) Hope, Peace, Joy and Love looks like (or could look like) in our lives and in our world. Do you have a story, poem, picture, thought or wondering that you'd be willing to share? The Advent Booklet is a much beloved tradition where we get to hear from each other what is on our hearts and minds. If you'd be willing to contribute a piece to the Booklet, please be in touch with Pastor Stacy. 

The deadline for contributions is Sunday, November 25

For a complete listing, and details of all upcoming events,  please 
visit our website, 
Note : Material for inclusion in the Friday e-Blast newsletter should be e-mailed to the office at , by 9:00 a.m. on the previous Wednesday morning.  
From the Wider Community 
THE CMM FALL FUNDRAISER (see below) is an opportunity, in this terrible time of division and even hatred, to see examples of responses to injustices.