Volume 46 | November 18th, 2020
Reuniting with Family Before the Holidays
Carol W. came into the Brian Garcia Welcome Center extremely anxious and was crying due to being afraid of recently becoming homeless. HSC Staff were able to get her a bed at CASS for the night, and discussed the possibility of reconnecting with family or friends in order to end her homelessness.  HSC Staff spoke with her family in Davenport, IA and confirmed that Carol would be welcomed back home with open arms. Carol was so grateful to be having a safe place to live with family where she would have much more support than she did in Arizona. As part of our diversion program, HSC Staff obtained a Greyhound bus ticket for her trip, and a Community Bridges staff member provided her transportation to the bus station. Carol stated "your staff saved my life" with the services and diversion program. The HSC is thankful that diversion is an option to help people end homelessness through connecting to natural supports. This client is a perfect representation of the efficacy of the diversion program and is a testimony to perseverance and what resilience looks like in action. 
New Flags Raised on Campus for Veteran's Day
Employees and Clients volunteered together to raise the U.S., State of Arizona and HSC flags on Veteran's Day. The HSC is very appreciative of the financial contributions from Veterans who helped purchase the flags.

Nearly 10% of Clients experiencing homelessness at the Human Services Campus are U.S. Military Veterans.

Sending gratitude to all who took the oath of service and to their family members and loved ones. Thank you for all you do.
Homelessness is not a choice. The reasons men and women experience homelessness are as diverse as they are. To address the challenge, the Human Services Campus and our collaborating partners are seeking Phoenix City Council approval to add more shelter beds.
We are not expanding the Campus. We need permission to use our existing space for those men and women already at and near the Campus, so that more people can sleep inside. Our next important milestone is at the December 3rd City of Phoenix Planning Commission meeting. Please follow us or ‘get involved’ on the web site for updates.

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