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November 1st, 2022

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Making it real

Mike Wankum WCVB 

Article from Facebook Post ·

I apologize for not updating you on Olga. Many of you have reached out to me for news from her in Ukraine. She has been struggling with personal issues lately and Clair has been helping her work through those difficulties. I can share a few things with you. Here is her latest note.

The news in Ukraine is different, now everyone is watching videos and reading what to do in case of a nuclear explosion. I hope that this will not happen. It is very cold here. It is 14 degrees in the house. I send YOU my LOVE!!!!! Hugs!!

It happened last night. The town next to us, Bila Tserkva, Russian kamikaze drones did this... which they bought from Iran... Rockets were falling between our cities, too. When there's an air raid, all the stores, pharmacies, and even the hospital close. As Zhora and I approached the hospital, the siren started. We stood outside with 40 patients for more than two hours.... Then we went home. It's very scary right now. If something happens, even the pharmacies close! When there is an air raid, nothing works. Alert days....

we have a real golden autumn!!! The sky is bright blue, everything is golden!!!!! I love you so much, I ask God that you don't get sick! Praying for YOU!!! You are wonderful people, and you deserve all the best in the world! Hugs!!!! Love you!!!!

Thanks to the generosity of a grant from Case House Trust, we have new stage curtains!

The curtains is just step one in a multi-step plan.  The electrical wiring of our ancient lighting on the stage is being brought up to code and will allow us to really "shine", pun intended. We are looking forward to the many uses of our stage for us and our community at large. Start practicing your Shakespeare!

All Saint's Day

Look how wonderful our Baptismal area is with the new curtains. Just like the stage curtains, they follow fire-retardant protocols. But more than that, they are stunning. Sunday, Nov 6th will be our first time they will be used at Baptism.

If you or a family member is interested in our next Baptism date, please contact the office.


OCT 1. Leaf blower Bob Stasiowski. Swansea

OCT 2. Air fryer. Roger Thivierge. Warren

OCT 3. $25 Sheas. $25 Stop & Shop Ted Yates

OCT 4. $50 Sop & Shop. Jen Valiente Somerset

OCT 5 $30 I hop Flag/pole. Holly Dunham Swansea

OCT 6 $50 gas card June Rodriques

OCT 7 Patriots throw. Judy Fardig Warren

OCT 8. $25 Olive Garden Bob Stasiowski Swansea

OCT 9. $50 Gas card. Shirley Stasiowski Swansea

Thank you, Judy Fardig

Thoughts from a Parishioner

In the blink of an eye

Sue Carvalho


           When I see the saying “in the blink of an eye your life can change” you never really know what it means until it happens to you. September 28,2022, Hurricane Ian , a category 4 hurricane, hit Southwest Florida and we were directly impacted in Punta Gorda where we have a home in a 55 plus community. All the homes are manufactured so it is prone to damage in a hurricane. It was hit hard previously by Hurricane Charlie. We had a pretty stressful twenty-four hours, as we waited to see how we were going to fair the storm. Our park posted on Facebook videos and pictures as the hurricane eye passed through and once the hurricane went through, they posted pictures of the final devastation. We have been through hurricanes, snow storms and other forces of nature but nothing like this. We lost our car port and lanai but thankfully we had no leaks inside the home. We were stressed to the max waiting to drive down to truly assess the damage. Debris everywhere...everywhere, and when we first took a look, we felt sad and happy at the same time. Happy we had a home to live in but sad that the two seasons of work we did we now had to redo part of it.

           Through this process one of the things that I kept saying to myself was “What would Shirley do?”. Shirley and her husband Bob lost their home and all its contents to a house fire several years ago. They had to rebuild from scratch and in doing so they lived in a trailer that was parked on their property. I always admired how they handled the situation. They embraced the community that wanted to help them and learned to accept help. I never heard Shirley or Bob say “Why did this happen to me?”. That is why during the rebuilding after Hurricane Ian, I ask myself “What would Shirley do?” The community where we have our manufactured home in is amazing. They constantly kept us updated on the progress of the storm and when we arrived back a couple weeks ago the first thing we received were hugs from our neighbors. The following morning when we went outside to start cutting away the debris, within minutes, our neighbors were there to help. Within hours the clean-up was done. My brother and sister-in-law had delivered dinner so I didn't have to cook or shop for dinner. The power of community.

           It has been a couple of weeks and I am amazed at the resiliency of our community and the people in Southwest Florida. Neighbor helping neighbor, stranger helping neighbor. In a blink of an eye your life can change forever. We get up every day and try to be productive searching for reputable contractors and taking care of minor repairs. We also make sure not to stay isolated. We reach out to our neighbors and ask them if they are OK…. they aren’t, we aren’t, but every day gets a little better. What would Shirley do? Shirley would keep going forward, she would still help her community, she would be thankful for what she does have, and most importantly she would know it will turn out OK.

           God only gives us burdens we can bear, a statement I always thought was ludicrous. I have seen others go through burdens that I know God didn’t want them to bear, but they did. I don’t really know the hand God plays when something like Ian happens but I do know that I feel better when I go to church, stay connected to my community and give thanks for all that I do have. What will Shirley do, what will Sue do and what will you do? Amen.

Italian Dinner October 8, 2022

Thank you to the Outreach Committee who made this night come together! Special thanks to our Outreach Committee chairperson,Terry R. Monies will go to assist local support groups.

Veterans will be honored on Sunday, November 13th with the reading of the necrology.

Please post the name of your departed loved ones who served our country on the flyer in the back of the church to be read aloud.

Daylight Savings Time Again, November 6th

Don't forget to "Fall Back" Saturday night before going to bed bed. 


[Episcopal News Service] Nearly a week after Hurricane Ian became one of the most powerful storms ever to hit Florida, the extent of the damage is becoming clearer, with communities across the southeastern United States affected to varying degrees and catastrophic destruction concentrated in the coastal area around Fort Myers. Episcopalians from the Diocese of Southwest Florida and beyond are banding together to begin the long process of recovery, starting with meeting the immediate needs of people whose homes were destroyed or rendered uninhabitable.

Christ Church Swansea will be hosting a Holiday Concert featuring Jordan Paiva

December 4th at 3 pm in the church

with a reception to follow in the Parish Hall.

Tickets are going fast! $18 at the door but

ONLY $15 in advance by contacting the church office at 508-678-0923

Vestry Members

Jennifer Valiente, Co-Warden

David McCarthy, Co-Warden

Sue Sheppard, Treasurer

Susan McMullen, Clerk

Julie Baker


Susanna Baker

Joan Padrenoss

Leslie Burrell

Shirley Stasiowski

Be on the look-out for the Outreach Committee Opportunities to help those in need this Holiday season. tba


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