The Chimes Newsletter of Christ Church
November 20, 2021
2021 Diocesan Convention takes up climate crisis, racial injustice & renewed mission strategy

The climate crisis, racial justice and a renewed mission strategy were among the top agenda items at the annual Diocesan Convention, held online Nov. 12-13 under the theme “Members One of Another,” taken from Romans 12:5 and an invitation to celebrate and explore interdependence as members of the Body of Christ.

In his annual address to the convention, Bishop Alan M. Gates said the convention theme was an affirmation "as old as Paul's letter to the Romans" and "also fresh and new as any way in which we defy our illusions of separateness, and bind ourselves together in community. We are members one of another when we gather, even virtually; when we offer our common prayers, even in our separate churches; when we expand collaboration with our Western Massachusetts companions; when we wear those infernal masks; when we sacrifice our comfort for the security of another; when we commit to our common-share assessments; when together we face our past, for the sake of our future; when together we are agents in the search for our humanity."

Because you asked;
Stewardship Witness given at Christ Church

See me and be the light
--Sue Carvalho

When asked to talk about stewardship the first words that came to mind were see me…..Fr. Alan had just given a wonderful sermon about how sometimes we just don’t want to see what is there in front of us...such as a homeless man on the side of the road. We hope that someone else will step in and see and help. Being a good steward means seeing and doing.

It’s giving your gifts of time, talent and treasures to Christ Church. My girlfriend recently said to me “ you are a spiritual person, do you believe you need to go to church to be spiritual?” I answered “yes, I believe it is important for me(for us) to go to church. Church, especially this church is one of my communities, a part of my family. Just as I feel it is important for me to stay connected to my family I feel as an important need to stay connected to my Christ Church family. I want to be able to worship in this church for a very long time so I do what I
can to continue to be a good steward, to see what needs to be done and be a part of what makes Christ Church continue. How do I do that? As a family we pledge, and we make sure
that we continue to pledge and for a number of years we were able to increase our pledge. Steve and I volunteer and do what we can where we can. Eucharistic minister, choir, decorating tables, Harvest Festival, writing postcards to stay in touch, vestry, and finance committee are just a few of the things we do. Because I attend church and choose to be a part of this community I hope you know I see you. I have seen your joy with a new grandchild and seen your heartache when you’ve lost a child and I have seen your struggle as you battle cancer. This church, our church is a source of solace and joy and hope.

We need to “ be the light” as I once heard another priest say. Instead of thinking “oh someone else can do that, or I’’ll help next time” we can say, how can I be a light? How can I help,
what can I do? We each have talents we can share…..Judy will tell you “I know a guy” and Shirley will sort the “trashy treasures every year” and Sue B like the energizer bunny will knit baby blankets and my new friend Andrew will help drag tables out for the Harvest Festival.

My new friend Gail will bake the best cream puffs and Peggy will put together a concert and Jen will make sure the live stream goes smooth and Betty will make sure to set us all
straight. Al will lead us in song and Alan will serve as Eucharistic minister. As I look in the congregation I see you, each and every one of you...This is not my congregation but our congregation… remember I see you and be the light……………

Baking with Nancy!
Bakers ages 11-14 will learn to bake pumpkin and cranberry breads in the Parish House Kitchen 9am on Saturday December 11th
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