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November 2010 Shiki Kukai

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Shiki Monthly Kukai!

Our guest poet this month is Carole MacRury, an award-winning poet and avid photographer based in Point Roberts, Washington. She is involved in the arts community on both sides of the U.S./Canadian border, having acted as one of the organizers and haiku judges for the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, and coordinator and workshop leader of Haiku Garden, which sponsors a series of haiku workshops for elementary-middle-school classes.

Please find below the topics for the November 2010 edition.


Submission deadline -- Noon, EST, (UTC-5) Saturday, November 13.

Voting deadline -- Noon, EST, (UTC-5) Saturday, November 20.

Results will be posted no later than the following Friday, November 26.

Participants may submit an entry for one or both sections of the kukai. Please do NOT enter any haiku previously published, work-shopped or shared. The haiku entries remain anonymous until results are posted.

Participants may vote in both sections of the kukai so long as they have submitted an entry to at least one section of the kukai.


1) Address all Kukai correspondence to: st-kukai@haikuworld.org


we have been receiving several complaints about not being able to send through that address. If you do not hear from us within two days' time, please email directly to George Hawkins at eriegarden@gmail.com or Jennie Townsend at townsend56str@gmail.com

2) PLEASE use the exact subject KIGO ENTRY or FREE FORMAT ENTRY for the subject line of each submission.

3) You must send entries in PLAIN TEXT FORMAT, and SIGNED. Plain text reduces formatting changes and the inevitable clarifications required.

4) Please align your poem to the left margin. "Concrete" or "visual" haiku do not present well in an email format. Plain text, tied-to-the-left ensures that each haiku may be judged on content. One line, two, three, even four line haiku are accepted though final formatting on the web version may change line lengths. We can denote correct formatting with an (*) explanation.

5) Please send each entry separately.

SIGNATURE REMINDER: The name you use to sign your haiku will be the name listed when the vote tallies are revealed and in the archives. Please sign with the name you wish to be known by. We have several poets with the same first name. Please help us avoid confusion by not using a common first name as your only signature.

Further guidelines are available on our website:



The KIGO SECTION requires haiku using the designated seasonal subject or keyword. used with seasonal reference.

Our kigo subject for November 2010 is Geese and must be stated or strongly imaged or implied in all accepted haiku.

To: st-kukai@haikuworld.org
Subject: Kigo Entry

arriving geese-

the shifting ears

of the field horse

Carole MacRury


Free Format Section

The Free Format Section requires a haiku/senryu on a particular object, theme or setting that may occur at any time within a given year. This is a free format poem, in which the writer can compose and include a season word or submit a poem without seasonal reference.

Our Free Format theme for November 2010 is Weaving.

To: st-kukai@haikuworld.org

Subject: Free Format Entry

snow quilt

the moon weaves

through cottonwoods

George Hawkins

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

If this is your first time, please feel free to browse the archives and see how the competition works.


If you have any questions write to us at st-kukai@haikuworld.org

We, as kukai secretaries, reserve the right to withdraw any submission when deemed necessary.

Thank you!

The Shiki Kukai Team