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Cross Cultural Collaboration with Pura Vibra, Monterrey Mexico
The Carpetbag Brigade 

 November 2014


APAP lecture with Jay Ruby- NYC
'Callings' 2015
GLOBAL STILT CONGRESS - dates revealed

The Consequence of Balance

Balance is such a critical element in our acrobatic stilt craft. It is a fundamental aspect of our physical training. Practicing extreme balance puts one in precarious situations that lead to new discoveries. The repeated practical action in the moment becomes an ongoing attitude in consciousness. Practicing acrobatic stilts has increased the capacity of the individuals in the company to take bigger risks with their life path. We step into the unknown with more confidence. At the end of every season of work, very fine threads of intention hold us together as the company members continue to grow in unique situations of their choosing. 

November is often a time of the unknown for us as the events that will shape our pathway in the next year are still forming. Making art is the practice of faith as we must commit to a path that is unknown. 

Our activities in 2015 could take us to three continents. We look forward to sharing them with you.

NYC Stiltasana is scheduled for January 2015
...see below for details.

and we will be hosting a 

Mark the dates for 
October 3rd through October 18th 2015 
at Arocsanti. 
More opportunities, more activities, if you have joined us before it is going to be the best yet, if you still haven't made it to do not want to miss out on 2015.

Jay Ruby
The Carpetbag Brigade

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'The Robes of St Anne' - PEI (Photo Credit Jay Ruby)

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January 16 & 17
Soundance Studio - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Cost $125/day 
$195 if you register for both days by December 15th
Come and advance yourself in stilt acrobatics with Carpetbag Brigade members Jay Ruby, Alicia Gerstein and Helen Goodrum 

Experience the mix of yoga, stilt acrobatics and release based dance work through contact improvisation and butoh dance through an evolving performance modality.

There is a limit of 10 people
Please contact us to register by replying to this email
for more info vist our facebook event page

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 New York City
January 2015

Every Year we come to New York City in January to put a red garter belt on our leg and host a booth at APAP conference. In addition to our booth presence at APAP we will also host a presentation about Spectacle Based Drama as an Emerging Platform for Community Engagement and we will conduct a Stiltasana in NYC

APAP - Rheinlander Hall
January 10th - 12th
Booth #100

Spectacle Based Drama: An Emerging Platform for Community Engagement

Saturday January 10th 

3:30 - 5:00 pm 

Hilton Hotel Room Concord D

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A panel discussion hosted by Jay Ruby with artists Laura Anderson Barbata of Transcommunalidad, Nick Slie of Mondo Bizarro and Nadia Hagen of Flam Chen and the All Souls Procession.

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If the Ocean were ill...
Would she weep?
If Clouds were riddles...
Would we listen?
If a Sailor survived a Siren's song...
Would words adorn the saline tongue?

"Callings" is a poetic homage to the sirens of the sea. Inspired by the challenge of climate change it speaks in transformational metaphors using the craft of 
acrobatic stiltwalking. 

Expanded and elaborated in 2014 it returns as our touring repertory performance. For more information please see our new Electronic Press Kit

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October 3rd through October 18th
  at Arcosanti Arizona

Registration Opens in January
Don't miss it! It's gonna be the best yet!!!

Global Stilt Congress 2014 Summary
Global Stilt Congress 2014 Video


"[GSC was] Inspirational, community building, skill building and a super awesome time!" Alessandra Ogren - WiseFool

"My experience of GSC 2014 was explosive and magically enlightening... a mentally, spiritually and physically healing environment". 
Najja Codrington- Brooklyn Jumbies 

Global Stilt Congress synthesizes diverse styles and approaches to stilting and operates as a nexus for an emerging transnational community of performing artists. In 2014 the 2nd annual Global Stilt Congress passed "The Legislation" at Arcosanti.  

The exchange of techniques facilitated by acro, afro-carribean, aerial, butoh and contact stilts culminated in a site specific ambulant performance in the stimulating architecture of the world's premiere urban desert laboratory. The buoyant energy and deep energetic engagement of the Global Stilt Congress enriched our network.


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A two part essay on CarpetBlog from Director Jay Ruby : 
"Crafting the Robes of St. Anne"
An Essay about our summer work process in New Brunswick

Who is St. Anne? The question remained as we built a tapestry of possibility with our response to it. We had a river. We had pilgrims. We had a village. The village, like the chapel was obviously on the river. The village needed to be fed and St. Anne was the matron saint of fishermen.

"The Robes of St. Anne" Photographer: Lagrab


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Jay Ruby and

The Carpetbag Brigade 





The Carpetbag Brigade is a 501-c-3 organization without annual granting support. Our ability to continue depends on performance contracts, conducting workshops and donations.
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