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Thank you to everyone who attended the Fall Forum.  Now, look forward to December and save the date for upcoming holiday parties.  

My IIDA Story/Member Spotlight
Name: Angela Burns
Current Employer: Stevens & Wilkinson
Position: Associate, Senior Interior Designer
Member of IIDA for 10 years
Educational background: Clemson University, BS Design (Architecture)

Defining moment in your career:
Interior Design Internship.  In my 3rd y ear of architecture school, I began to get the sense that I might be more interested in the inner-workings of a building and how its inhabitants live.  I did an internship that summer in interior design and saw a variety of commercial projects in the various phases of design.  It was those first experiences and introductions to an interior design office experience that sold me on my future in the profession.  I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to mentor a college student, especially one trying to make a similar decision, to take the time to show them our world.  You may have an impact you would never realize possible.
Something about you that would surprise people:    In high school my dream was to become a fighter pilot for the US Air Force.  However, in discussing my goals with recruiters, I learned that my poor vision would likely make that dream an impossible one to achieve.

Iconic Object (furniture, art?) include picture:  As much as we might try to separate ourselves from it now, one thing we likely all have in common as designers is our hate (and hidden love, as well) for this scratchy icon from our past.  Whether we know it from our grandparents' living room or family lake house, we all have some "love it/hate it" memory of this jewel from history.  I remember fondly taking some great long (and HOT!!) naps on a sofa much like this one in my childhood days.  (And no that is not me napping - but someone else from the internet with the same memory)
What do you do for fun?  Trips to the beach, spending time with family (kid's sporting & school events), home improvement (surprise, surprise), and I love cutting the grass!!

Ideal time and place to work:  As early as I can make it to my computer and wherever I have Wi-Fi.  I like the flexibility our profession provides for nurturing my family but I love the opportunity to be in the office and brainstorm with my colleagues.  Work/life balance is truly the future of successful businesses.
Must read blogs, including link:  Although being an interior designer has turned out to be a career that I love, my most important job is being a mother.  A blog that helps me to remember that although technology can be an amazing asset for success in our profession, it can also be a huge distraction from our parenting role.  This blog, Hands-Free Mama, seeks to remind us to remember our priorities.

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Members on the Move

If you have an announcement (birth, wedding, new job, passed the NCIDQ, graduated, etc.) send this information to  Please include your City Center and name with this information.

Our Chapter is Seeking CEU Presentations

Are you an IIDA Carolinas Industry Partner or Industry Member with a fantastic CEU that you'd like to present? If so, we are looking for you! Please contact Emma Maltba with presentation credentials for consideration for one of our future city center events across the Carolinas.

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Amanda Wade, IIDA, LEED AP ID+C
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