November 2015   Newsletter

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Hello from GAB! Thank you for taking a moment to stay involved in our vital cause to "change the culture of learning", only together can we make a difference.



Did You Know?
 If a "bystander" to bullying becomes an "upstander", in a non-violent way,  the bullying        will stop within 10  seconds,         85% of the time.

Over 3.2 million students are    victims of bullying each year.

1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong        with bullying and will only   intervene 4 percent of the time.

Harassment and bullying have            been linked to 75 percent of    school    shooting incidents.

What a wonderful day at                The Rock Sport Complex in Franklin, WI.! Generations     Against Bullying held a baseball instructional camp and      fundraiser, with guest Jean      Segura of the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club. Jean came from humble beginnings in the   Dominican Republic to rise to         be an All-Star as the shortstop of   the Milwaukee Brewers. Jean participated with Generations Against Bullying because of his interest to help young children   learn respect for each other, and      to help teach them the basic mechanics of baseball.

Joining Jean, were very        successful local baseball Coaches Brian Johnsen, Varsity Baseball Coach at Greendale, WI,           Lance Smith, Varsity Baseball   Coach at  Sheboygan Falls, WI.,  Nick Wycklendt, Varsity Baseball     Coach at Brookfield East, and Assistant Greendale Coaches,    Mark Bombien, and Brian   DeSalvo.  Also, donating their      time were Greendale Varsity baseball  players Bo Lee, Cam Anders,  Luke Stephenson, and Logan  Rezash who helped the coaches with the individual  breakout  groups emphasizing hitting, fielding, throwing, and     base running.  Follow GAB or contact GAB for information on  how to be a part of next year's    instructional camp. 

GAB is thrilled to share with you all that we have accomplished and what we have been up to! 

This newsletter includes:
  • William Henderson School Tour
  • Kenosha Community Movie Night Event
  • Jean Segura Training Camp
  • GAB's Awesome Accomplishments
  • GAB Speaks
  • GAB On-the-Air
  • GAB Peer Ambassadors Really Know How to Have Fun and Keep Busy!
  • Blogs from our Peer Ambassadors
  • Bullying in the News
  • Meet GAB's Peer Ambassa-dog, Sadie!

and much more! 


Be sure to follow GAB to learn how your children can be a part of this fantastic event next year!

Kenosha Community Movie       Night Event

Generations Against Bullying was chosen by the City of Kenosha to be the organization to host anti-bullying events during the month of October which is anti-bullying month.  On October 20, 2015, GAB and the City of Kenosha hosted a Community Movie Night at Journey Church in Kenosha where attendees included students, parents, teachers, school officials, Kenosha Police Department, Kenosha Fire Department, Kenosha Anti-bully Alderman Bob Johnson, local news, GAB's Ambassa-dog Sadie and her owner Joal, Miss High School Wisconsin Bailey Bennett, and many others.  Multiple local busi nesses had a presence at the event. 

The movie at this event was "Bully", a 54-minute riveting documentary with Anderson Cooper.  It is a real eye-opener to the reality of the bullying epidemic.  There was a raffle full of wonderful packages, delicious snacks, and a drawing
for a personalized signed Green Bay Packers jersey by William Henderson.  William Henderson and Bill Eisner, the President of Nonbox, were special guest speakers at the event. 

It was an amazing sight to see so many members of the community come together to learn more about the bullying epidemic and to help spread awareness.  This event was an opportunity for several adolescence and their families to learn how they can cope better with their personal bullying experiences and how to become upstanders.  Everyone had a wonderful and memorable time and can not wait until the next Movie Night Event! 

The night couldn't have ended any b
etter when Jesse won the drawing for William Henderson's personalized signed jersey but instead of keeping it for himself, he generously gave it to Luke! Way to go Jesse!  


William Henderson and Sadie School Tour 

Generations Against Bullying sponsored Green Bay Packer Super Bowl Champion William Henderson to speak at 8 different schools spread over two days in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  GAB's Peer Ambassa-dog, Sadie, was also at each school to inspire students to be an upstander.  Several other different special guests were at the each school throughout the tour. Some of the highlights are:

                                                Indian Trail High School

Nearly 300 students attended a school assembly to hear William Henderson describe his personal experiences with bullying when he was growing up in high school and beginnings in the NFL William spoke about the possible troubles of being different, shy, quiet, or wanting to be a good student.  These are just some reasons for unwanted attention from bullies.  William challenged the students to be supportive of others and to stand up to bullies by being an upstander when they witness bullying.  Special guest, Ed Kupka, the Coordinator of Student Support-KUSD, was present taking photos of William's inspirational presentation.


Bullen Middle School

William Henderson was thrilled to speak with a slightly younger group of students at Bullen Middle School.  William incorporated the three core values of Bullen's Bobcat Pride, which are Responsibility, Respect, and Safety, in his presentation.  His message centered on each student standing up for one another using these core values and by being an upstander. 

Harvey Elementary School

With a mission to develop an atmosphere of mutual respect that acknowledges the unique potential and diversity of all, the students at Harvey Elementary School were ecstatic to have William Henderson visit.  Harvey's mission fits perfectly with William's anti-bullying message.  William emphasized the importance of recognizing that we are all unique and to respect and celebrate everyone's differences and not to bully others due to their differences.  Miss High School Wisconsin, Bailey Bennett, spoke to the younger students about the importance of being kind to one another and that words can undoubtedly hurt.  Other guests who were in attendance were KUSD Superintendent Dr. Sue Savaglio-Jarvis and Coordinator of Special Education and Student Support, Jenny Schmidt.  Kenosha Anti-Bully Alderman Bob Johnson led the students with a pledge "I will be a buddy, not a bully".

GAB's Awesome Accomplishments

Activities were really "revin" August 11, 2015, at the Innovative Health and Fitness 5th Annual Classic Car Show benefit for Generations Against Bullying. Hundreds of people came to see the classic cars on display, compete in fitness challenges, zumba, enjoy camaraderie and conversation, and learn about a unique anti-bully organization headquartered in the Milwaukee area. Generations Against Bullying is truly grateful for the effort that Innovative put forth to make this eve nt a huge success. Innovative General Manager, Lisa Manz and Marketing Manager, Nicole Lepke presented James Dean, VP, Generations Against Bullying with a $1500.00 check. This money will be used to help fund the various outreach programs created by Generations Against Bullying. 

  September 4, 2015, was a great day for GAB! Frank Crivello of Phoenix Investors, a great friend and mentor for GAB, presented a $5000.00 check to GAB Program Coordinator, Linda Lee. His check was the matching stimulus for a fund raising challenge. The GAB volunteers worked very hard to earn this check. This money is used to help continue our outreach programs to communities and schools designed to accomplish our mission of creating "upstanders".  
On March 25, 2015, GAB was so honored to be asked to present Desiree, the boy's basketball team, and the cheerleading squad of Lincoln Middle School with medals of excellence for being Outstanding Upstanders of the community for standing up against bullying.  GAB could not be any prouder of everyone!

Team GAB was invited and honored to present to Power Test on August 13, 2015.  We informed them on what GAB is about and how we need help to put an end to this epidemic.  The employees, management, and executives of Power Test asked great questions and provided wonderful feedback.  GAB looks forward to its next presentation!

GAB is extremely proud to announce its official Kenosha Proclamation has chosen Generations Against Bullying as the organization to raise awareness of and execute events for Bullying Prevention Awareness Month in October.  GAB looks forward to working with the City of Kenosha to spread knowledge, raise awareness, educates families and schools, and work to facilitate a healthier, safer, and more comfortable environment for everyone.   Read the Executive Proclamation HERE 

Lauren Sturycz Fashion Show 2015

GAB was honored to be the recipient of proceeds from the Milwaukee Fall Fashion Show 2015, organized by Lauren Sturycz, Xo Lo Designs.  Lauren's fashion gala was held at The Point, Milwaukee, WI and featured Wes and Riggs of KISS FM 103.7 as MC's. Live models wowed the crowd modeling gowns, cocktail dresses, fall ensembles, and nightwear. The audience gave GAB speakers James Dean, Linda Lee, and Peer Ambassador Sidney Schacht, a heartwarming welcome.
Thank you Lauren, for giving GAB the opportunity to increase the awareness about the epidemic of bullying in our Country, and the scars it causes. Your generosity will help save the lives of children who would consider suicide as a solution to their bullying harassment.

GAB Speaks

 On October 27, 2015, GAB, Miss High School Wisconsin Bailey Bennett, and GAB's Peer Ambassa-dog Sadie, traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to speak to students at Marquette Elementary School.  Bailey Bennett spoke about the importance of having self-confidence and helping others to gain their own confidence.  Sadie and her owner Joal spoke about how crucial it is to be an upstander and to help give a voice to those who don't have one of their own or have challenges speaking up for themselves.  GAB was honored to be invited.

On July 22, 2015, Milwaukee Youth Health Service Corps invited GAB to make a presentation to members of the Janus College of Preparatory Arts Academy, at the Grand Avenue Mall in Milwaukee, WI. James Dean, VP of GAB, spoke about the importance of being an "upstander" when witnessing bullying incidents. James illustrated how you can be an "upstander" in your school, community, club, and even you own home. He emphasized that each and every one in the audience has the "power" to help stop bullying. The audience enthusiastically joined in the presentation of James with questions, and stories of bullying they have seen.

  Horace, Joal, and Linda Lee spoke to first graders about bullying at Kosciuszko Community Center on August 12, 2015.  The children were taught about differences and how to become upstanders, if someone is being bullied, and what to do to help that friend.
They also met Sadie as well and they loved petting her. It's never too early to teach our kids to be upstanders! 

On June 13, 2015, GAB spent the morning with the program My Home, Your Home where we met and spoke with wonderful parents and foster parents from the Milwaukee area. Many important topics were discussed, including gangs, how to spot gang members, and ways to keep our kids safe and away from gang activity. Thanks to Jose Rodriguez, Olusegun Sijuwade and Mike Turner for speaking!

   On June 8, 2015, GAB was invited to do a school assembly at Lincoln Avenue School in Milwaukee, WI.  The special guest speakers were Gilbert Brown, Jose A. Rodriguez, Robert Hanshi Serrano, GAB's Peer Ambassa-dog Sadie, her owner Joal Derse-Dauer, and Peer Ambassador Sydney Schacht.

On April 26, 2015, GAB was invited to present two 1-hour programs to students attending the
Wisconsin Association of Student Councils at the Marriott West Conference Center in Madison, WI. There were 50+ schools, and over 1000 kids represented at the conference. The message presented by GAB was about loving and respecting your fellow students, and to have the courage to be an upstander if someone is being bullied. Various skits were presented by GAB's student Peer Ambassadors, illustrating bullying situations and how to standup in a non-violent way to stop the bullying.  GAB brought various presenters along including, Bailey Bennett, Miss Wisconsin High School, Sadie the GAB Ambassa-dog, and special guest speaker, Jose Rodriguez. Jose has been a teacher for over a decade, and his experience and message really connected with the students. 
GAB On-the-Air

GAB has made on-air appearances on several media stations including: 
  • Wisconsin Public Radio with Joy Cardin on March 18, 2015 and July 28, 2015
  • Channel 18 with Andrea Williams on April 1, 2015
  • WCUB Manitowoc with Dean Lester on April 7, 2015
  • WNOV Radio with Floyd Montgomery on June 17, 2015

GAB Peer Ambassadors Know How to Have Fun and Keep Busy!

Making connections at the Peer Ambassador BBQ!

Marching in the Greendale Parade

Kenosha Church Festival

Making new friends and having a great time at the Bucks game

Fundraising by selling coupon books at local Boston Stores

Had group meetings to discuss how to run this year's Peer Ambassador meetings

Dancing and laughing at the Innovative Zumbathon along with GAB's Ambassa-dog Sadie.

Blogs from our Peer Ambassadors

Sydney talks about what it was like to present the boy's basketball team, cheerleading squad, and Desiree from Lincoln Middle School with medals for being Upstanders in the Community.  Read her blog HERE

Sheridan overcame her fears of dancing in front of a group of people at the GAB Zumba Fundraiser Event in April.  Read about how much of a good time she had

Jenna learned about how GAB's Ambassa-dog Sadie taught her the true meaning of strength and overcoming hardships and bullying.  Read her heart-felt experience HERE

There's no better way to meet new friends, have fun, and get to know one another than at an exciting basketball Buck's game!  Read Emily's blog on her time at the Buck's game Here



Meet GAB's Peer Ambassa-dog, Sadie!

GAB has asked Sadie to join in the fight against bullying due to her remarkable story.  Sadie is a true representation of strength, perseverance, and overcoming hardships and diversity.  Sadie, and her owner Joal, make various appearances at GAB events to help spread the message of anti-bullying and to inspire everyone to be kind and accepting of others.  If you'd like to read more about Sadie's story or find how you can meet Sadie in person, visit



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